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There are immoderate things Urbanista could person done better, but determination are besides respective things it's done right. The Urbanista Lisbon earbuds triumph successful fit, mic, artillery life, and portability. Plus, they look bully capable to eat.


  • +

    Long artillery life

  • +

    Impressive mic and telephone quality

  • +

    Snug fit

  • +

    Small and comes successful adorable colors


  • -

    Volume issues, wonky controls

  • -

    No bass

  • -

    No waterproofing oregon ANC

  • -

    Recessed mid-range

Urbanista Lisbon: One-minute reappraisal

The Urbanista Lisbon connection progressive users different affordable enactment to spot to their listening needs during workouts (or erstwhile they're navigating a engaged subway presumption during unreserved hour). At nether $50 / £50, these true wireless earbuds are surely an appealing choice, particularly successful this clip of rising inflation. 

They're besides a somewhat unsocial one. While galore fashionable wireless earbuds are competing for the champion audio Grammy oregon the champion ANC Oscar, these running headphones hone different (dare we say, arsenic important) aspects of workout headphones – namely, artillery life, fit, and telephone quality. Yes, telephone prime – anybody who's ever attended a Zoom gathering portion connected a treadmill oregon connected a hike volition agree. They past wrapper each those up successful a great-for-small-ears bundle that comes successful vibrant colors, due to the fact that it's 2022, people: modern minimalist and neutral colors are out, and large bold colors are in.

They mightiness not instrumentality location the champion successful dependable grant – oregon person ANC and waterproofing, for that matter. But, the Urbanista Lisbon, successful different aspects, inactive win. 

Urbanista Lisbon: Price and availability

  • How overmuch does it cost? $49 (£49, AU$89)
  • Where is it available? Available now
  • Where tin you get it? Available successful the US, the UK, and Australia

Urbanista Lisbon: SPECS

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
Battery life: 9 hours (27 hours with case)
Noise-cancellation? No
Water-resistance? No
Weight (earbuds): 4g each

Good, cheap headphones aren't intolerable to find, but successful a oversea of sub-par brands connected Amazon, they're surely rarer. Luckily, the Urbanista Lisbon marque them little truthful with a $49 (£49, AU$89) terms tag. 

To beryllium fair, determination are besides fantabulous options that are cheaper – though those are rarer still. The Jlab Go Air Sport volition acceptable you backmost adjacent little astatine $30 (£29, AU$69), and it boasts a amended dependable and immoderate waterproofing, albeit successful a bigger bundle and with a somewhat muffled mic. There's besides the cheaper-still Jlab Go Air Pop, a non-workout enactment that costs lone  $20 (£20, AU$49) and punches good supra its weight. 

The Urbanista Lisbon travel successful antithetic colors, 3 of which are agleam and a bully interruption from each the neutral options retired there: mint green, blush pink, and coral peach. And, they're present readily disposable successful the US, Australia, and the UK.

  • Value: 3.5 / 5

Urbanista Lisbon

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Urbanista Lisbon: Design

  • Controls not precise responsive oregon intuitive
  • Wings support them successful place, nary water-resistance
  • Small and comes successful antithetic colors

Small and lightweight, each Urbanista Lisbon earbud is nether an inch successful size, which does marque putting them connected a spot tricky astatine first. You rapidly get utilized to it, however, particularly if you person the removable silicone wings attached arsenic the wings tin service arsenic handles. 

The champion portion astir these earbuds being tiny is that they acceptable users with smaller ears better. This reviewer has ever had an contented with earbuds being conscionable a small excessively big, but that hasn’t been an contented here. In fact, these earbuds acceptable our ears perfectly, with the wings sitting comfortably wrong the concha portion of our ears to support them successful spot without putting undue unit connected the cartilage. 

Urbanista Lisbon

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

The Urbanista Lisbon, therefore, acceptable snugly and are comfy to deterioration for agelong periods. That’s 1 of the things that marque them large for moving out. 

If lone Urbanista bothered to hone their interaction controls. While having them is simply a nice, well, touch, they’re neither the astir responsive nor the astir intuitive. 

Urbanista Lisbon

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

For example, though we admit the information these earbuds travel with measurement power (and, having launched successful September 2021, they surely got determination mode earlier Apple), adjusting the measurement up oregon down takes a spot of patience. You person to pat erstwhile connected the close earbud to crook the measurement up a level and pat erstwhile connected the near earbud to crook it down a notch. Unfortunately, to play oregon pause, you person to pat connected either earbud twice, which means that if you’re adjusting the measurement excessively fast, you’ll apt extremity up pausing instead.

In addition, there’s nary enactment to spell backmost to the erstwhile track, truthful if you privation to play a opus each implicit again, you would person to usage your smartwatch oregon phone.

There’s nary dependable isolation, which isn’t needfully a atrocious thing. Folks who enactment retired astatine the gym mightiness similar having ANC oregon adjacent passive sound cancelation, but if you similar to tally outdoors, spell connected hikes, oregon cycle, not having dependable isolation is surely safer arsenic you’ll perceive what’s happening astir you.

The 1 diagnostic progressive users volition miss is waterproofing. Unfortunately, the Urbanista Lisbon don’t travel with adjacent the lowest IP standing truthful decidedly bash not tally successful the rainfall with them on. It is worthy mentioning, however, that we’ve worked retired with and profusely sweat connected these portion grooming outdoors connected excruciatingly blistery Southern California mid-summer days, and they haven’t crapped retired connected america yet.

  • Design: 3.5 / 5

Urbanista Lisbon successful  reviewer's hand

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Urbanista Lisbon: Performance

  • Not a batch of volume
  • You’ll travel retired large and wide during calls
  • Not a batch of bass response, mid-range recessed, beauteous bully precocious end

In presumption of performance, determination are 2 large things we request from our workout headphones, and those are large dependable and large telephone telephone clarity. Some headphones and earbuds absorption connected the erstwhile and not truthful overmuch the other. In fact, adjacent the likes of the AirPods Pro and the Beats Fit Pro aren’t that awesome erstwhile it comes to telephone quality.

For immoderate reason, the Urbanista Lisbon did the opposite. During our tests, we recovered that we came retired large and wide during telephone calls, and not successful the slightest spot muffled dissimilar pricier earbuds. In fact, the radical connected the different extremity of our calls couldn’t truly archer overmuch quality betwixt these and the iPhone successful presumption of dependable clarity and quality. 

Unfortunately, successful presumption of dependable quality, there’s a batch of country for improvement. Our biggest gripe is the volume. You’ll find that there’s a large driblet successful measurement erstwhile it’s acceptable beneath 75% – capable that you’ll really conflict to perceive immoderate older songs similar Bowie’s Life connected Mars and Queen’s Under Pressure. At 25%, you tin hardly perceive anything. The measurement astatine 75% is surely the saccharine spot here. Above 75%, there’s besides a large leap successful measurement and immoderate fatiguing distortion.

Urbanista Lisbon

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

The audio itself isn’t excessively shabby. There’s immoderate decent dependable imaging, the precocious extremity is beauteous good, and the precocious mids are good represented truthful higher-pitched voices travel retired wide and strong. However, the debased extremity is pulled backmost truthful there’s not a batch of bass response. Urbanista makes up for that by pushing the precocious borderline of the bass forward. The mid-range is besides recessed truthful it’s quieter. Finally, the wide audio sounds a small crowded truthful you mightiness miss retired connected immoderate instruments and deeper immersion.

Taylor Swift’s August sounds arsenic it should connected the Urbanista Lisbon, if possibly conscionable somewhat thinner. Exile sounds good arsenic well. Meanwhile, some Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine and Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill have capable clarity and bully bass presence. However, Hounds of Love sounds thinner than accustomed and Begin Again from the Sayonara Wild Hearts soundtrack is missing a batch of bass.

The bully news, though, is that if you’re not arsenic discerning astir dependable quality, the Urbanista Lisbon should beryllium much than capable to spot to your audio listening needs.

While overmuch pricier workout earbuds are struggling to adjacent scope that five-hour artillery beingness mark, the Urbanista Lisbon delivers up to 9 hours of playtime per afloat complaint – beating Jlab Go Air Sport’s awesome 8+ hours longevity. The charging lawsuit lone offers a full of 27 hours, but that’s inactive higher than the Beats Fit Pro’s 24-hour rating.

  • Performance: 3.5 / 5

Should I bargain the Urbanista Lisbon?

Urbanista Lisbon

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

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Urbanista Lisbon: Report card

ValueThe Urbanista Lisbon are nether $50 / £50, which marque them a large enactment for budget-minded progressive users.3.5 / 5
DesignThey’re large for smaller ears, person measurement control, acceptable snugly, and are conscionable adorable. However, they besides bash not person waterproofing and the interaction controls aren’t the astir intuitive.3.5 / 5
PerformanceThese are large for making calls portion moving out, person beauteous bully precocious end, and travel with a nine-hour artillery life. However, the measurement is weird and the bass effect is minimal.3 / 5
TotalThere are things that the Urbanista Lisbon bash well, but determination are conscionable arsenic galore things they conscionable don’t. Personally, we deliberation it’s a large fund option. But, it inactive boils down to your priorities.3.5 / 5
  • First reviewed September 2022

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