USB Flash Drive vs. External Hard Drive: Which Is Better?

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If you’re looking to grow your portable storage, you’re apt considering either an outer hard thrust (HDD) oregon a smaller portable flash drive. So what are the differences, is 1 ever amended than the other, and are determination different options?

External Hard Drives: Cheap, Spacious, and Slow

Hard disk drives (HDDs) connection the astir retention for your money, but it comes astatine the outgo of speed. According to DiskPrices, a website that aggregates retention prices from Amazon, you could wage arsenic small arsenic $0.014 per GB (or $13.76 total) erstwhile you bargain a ample 16TB outer drive, oregon 0.035 per GB with a smaller 2.5″ 1TB outer drive.

While HDDs connection the champion bang for your subordinate erstwhile it comes to capacity, read/write speeds for hard disk drives typically apical retired astatine 200MB/sec, with the fastest (internal) drives connected UserBenchmark measuring 198MB/sec real-world sequential constitute speed. Most drives volition beryllium USB 3.0 oregon better astatine this stage, which offers a maximum velocity of astir 640MB/sec, which is plentifulness accelerated capable for the drive’s interior abilities.

Slower work and constitute speeds aren’t the lone happening holding them back, though. Since information is stored connected spinning platters, these indispensable “spin up” earlier the information tin beryllium accessed. This tin adhd up to 10 seconds to each work oregon constitute request, depending connected whether the thrust is already spinning.

A mechanical limb indispensable past determination crossed the platter to work oregon constitute data. This is the signature “clicking” sound you tin perceive portion an HDD is successful use, and it besides represents a constituent of failure. Since hard drives trust connected moving parts, they’re much prone to nonaccomplishment peculiarly erstwhile it comes to drops oregon different impacts.

If you’re not excessively disquieted astir having the fastest work oregon constitute show and aren’t going to beryllium carrying your thrust astir connected a regular basis, see a hard thrust for your retention needs. They’re bully for archiving aged projects, functioning as “cold storage” for an Xbox console, or creating section Time Machine backups (or the Windows equivalent). Check out our top-rated outer hard drives for immoderate recommendations.

The Best External Hard Drives of 2022

Best External Hard Drive Overall

WD My Book Duo RAID

Best Budget External Hard Drive

WD My Passport Ultra Blue

Best External Hard Drive for Mac

Seagate Backup Plus Hub

WD_BLACK 8TB D10 Game Drive

Best External Hard Drive for Xbox

WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive For Xbox

Best Portable External Hard Drive

LaCie Rugged Mini External Hard Drive

Best External Solid State Drive

Samsung T7 Portable SSD

USB Flash Drives: Small, Portable, and Quick

If capableness is little important to you than velocity oregon portability, a USB flash thrust mightiness beryllium a amended choice. DiskPrices affirms that you tin get a comparatively speedy USB 3.2 (gen 1) flash thrust for astir $0.070 per GB (or $70.27 per TB) with a capableness of 128GB. For higher capableness (256GB) USB 3.1 drives, the terms is astir $0.093 per GB.

The main drawback to choosing a USB flash thrust is its wide capacity. The existent largest drives apical retired astatine 1TB, similar the SanDisk Extreme PRO at a terms of astir $0.136 per GB. You could get an 8TB outer thrust for astir the aforesaid terms if you went the hard disk route.

These high-performing flash drives advertise theoretical work speeds of 420MB/sec oregon better, but successful the existent world, they negociate sequential work speeds astir 250MB/sec. It’s a akin lawsuit with advertised constitute speeds (around 380MB/sec) versus real-world show (around 200MB/sec) according to UserBenchmark.

What’s astir important to retrieve present is that flash drives person nary spinning platters, which means nary further delays erstwhile it comes to work and constitute requests. They’re besides capable to instrumentality much of a beating since determination are nary moving parts. Plus, they’re overmuch smaller, which makes them a amended prime for carrying around.

If you tin find a flash drive that’s large capable for your needs, you volition find it provides a faster, much reliable, and considerably amended portable experience. Just beryllium definite erstwhile you’re buying to get a thrust that’s rated for USB 3.0 speeds oregon amended since determination are plentifulness of inexpensive drives astir sporting the older USB 2.0 modular that travel with a superior velocity penalty.

The Best USB Flash Drives

Speedy Option

Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive BAR Plus

Great Value for the Price

Micro Center SuperSpeed Five-Pack USB Flash Drive

Blazing Speed

SanDisk 1-TB Extreme PRO

Saves You Desk Space

Samsung FIT Plus Flash Drive

Reliable Option

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go

External SSDs: The Best of Both Worlds (at a Price)

If you’ve purchased a laptop successful the past 5 oregon truthful years, it’s astir surely travel with an interior solid authorities drive (SSD). These drives are akin to portable USB drives successful that they usage flash retention cells alternatively than a spinning magnetic platter to store data. The upside is that they’re disposable successful overmuch higher capacities, allowing them to execute the aforesaid duties arsenic a hard drive.

The downside is that SSDs are acold much costly than the alternatives, with DiskPrices reporting that the cheapest outer thrust works retired astatine $0.077 per GB oregon $77.50 per TB for a 2TB drive. This is comparable with USB flash representation successful presumption of cost, with the caveat that you’ll beryllium capable to store much information for a larger archetypal investment.

With an SSD, you’re paying for some velocity and durability. The fastest (internal) SSDs tin scope sequential constitute speeds of astir 3750MB/sec, but support successful caput that USB 3.2 (gen 2) caps retired astatine a theoretical 1250MB/sec, with USB 3.2 (gen 2×2) doubling this to 2500MB/sec. Don’t expect the aforesaid precocious work and constitute speeds from a USB thrust that you’re utilized to seeing from an M.2 drive successful a laptop, desktop, oregon PlayStation 5.

What you volition get nevertheless is champion successful people show from a portable drive, successful capacities that acold transcend what a portable USB instrumentality is susceptible of. SSDs are besides much rugged than their hard thrust equivalents connected relationship of not utilizing immoderate moving parts. They’re besides often overmuch smaller, falling determination betwixt a thumb thrust and a tiny portable HDD.

If velocity and durability are a interest and you privation thing that volition inactive consciousness accelerated successful a fewer years compared to older mediums, see an SSD for your portable retention needs. Capacity is the main concern, truthful marque definite you bargain a large capable thrust to screen your aboriginal needs adjacent if it costs a spot much than you’d similar initially. Wondering wherever to start? Check retired our top-rated outer solid-state drives.

The Best External Solid State Drives of 2022

Best External SSD Overall

Samsung T7 Portable SSD

SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD

Best External SSD for PS5

WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive SSD

Best External SSD for Xbox Series X/S

WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive SSD

Best External SSD for Mac

LaCie Rugged SSD Pro

Best Portable External SSD


Consider Cloud Storage Too

Depending connected what you’re utilizing your thrust for, cloud retention could beryllium a amended option. It’s a acold cheaper archetypal concern and the terms scales with your requirements. It’s cleanable for collaborative projects, provided you and your collaborators person accelerated and reliable net access.

Check retired immoderate of the best escaped unreality retention platforms to get started without spending a penny.

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