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For the astir up-to-date quality and accusation astir the coronavirus pandemic, sojourn the WHO and CDC websites.

Apple users tin present add their COVID-19 vaccine paper to their iPhone and Apple Watch to rapidly amusement impervious they got the shot. The caller diagnostic is simply a portion of Apple's latest iOS 15 update, which besides includes SharePlay successful FaceTime and ProRes video for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

Last month, Apple started letting users store verifiable wellness records successful the Health app and the diagnostic was included successful the beta of iOS 15.1 but not to each iPhone owners. But now, the quality to store yourCOVID-19 vaccination presumption means you tin permission your printed paper astatine home. That's a timely diagnostic for the ongoing pandemic

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But there's a catch. this diagnostic won't enactment if your vaccine supplier didn't springiness you a QR codification oregon a downloadable record of your vaccine record. We'll archer you everything you request to cognize astir the caller Apple Wallet diagnostic and more. Before you effort to adhd your card, marque definite your telephone is updated to the latest bundle update, iOS 15.1. Plus, here's however to add your vaccine paper to your Apple Watch. And immoderate states person COVID-19 vaccine apps, too. We've precocious updated this story. 

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Add your vaccine paper utilizing a QR code 

If your vaccine supplier gave you a QR codification erstwhile you got your shot, you tin scan it utilizing your iPhone's camera. Once your telephone recognizes the code, a Health app notification volition appear. You'll person the enactment to adhd it to your Apple Wallet and your Health app for casual access. 

Upload a record from your vaccine provider 

If you received a nexus to download your COVID-19 vaccine record, you'll beryllium capable to pat the nexus connected your iPhone to prevention the information. The nexus should springiness you the enactment to adhd your paper to Apple Wallet and the Health app.

Add your existing immunization grounds to Apple Wallet

If you connected your supplier successful the Health app to entree your aesculapian records you whitethorn spot your COVID-19 immunization grounds successful the app. You'll spot a notification nether vaccination Record in the app. Tap Add to Wallet and you're done. 

What to bash if you lone person a printed card 

As of now, Apple lone accepts verifiable records, which means you'll person to scope retired to your supplier to inquire for a QR codification oregon downloadable record to usage the Apple Wallet feature. If not, determination are different ways to store your vaccine presumption connected your phone. Some states person COVID-19 vaccine apps for residents but if not, a wide representation works conscionable fine, too. 

Other upcoming updates to Wallet successful iOS 15 see enactment for digital versions of government-issued IDs, including driver's licenses. One rumor suggests that Apple volition verify IDs similar those using facial recognition, akin to an attack already utilized by immoderate banking institutions to authenticate transactions connected the iPhone.

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The accusation contained successful this nonfiction is for acquisition and informational purposes lone and is not intended arsenic wellness oregon aesculapian advice. Always consult a doc oregon different qualified wellness supplier regarding immoderate questions you whitethorn person astir a aesculapian information oregon wellness objectives.

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