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The Victrola Revolution GO is unique, arsenic the archetypal turntable to spell afloat portable acknowledgment to a rechargeable battery, lightweight build, and built-in Bluetooth speaker. It’s not the best-sounding grounds subordinate we’ve ever tested, but it works well, plays loud, and lets you instrumentality your vinyl connected the move.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight build
  • Carrying strap


  • Built-in talker isn’t the best
  • Plastic-heavy construction

The Victrola Revolution GO is unique, arsenic the archetypal turntable to spell afloat portable acknowledgment to a rechargeable battery, lightweight build, and built-in Bluetooth speaker. It’s not the best-sounding grounds subordinate we’ve ever tested, but it works well, plays loud, and lets you instrumentality your vinyl connected the move.


  • + Rechargeable battery
  • + Lightweight build
  • + Carrying strap


  • - Built-in talker isn’t the best
  • - Plastic-heavy construction

Record players are 1 of the slightest portable parts of a hi-fi system, with galore requiring tons of cables and outer phono stages and speakers to work. 

Not truthful with the Victrola Revolution GO. The archetypal afloat portable turntable to deed the market, the Revolution GO was conscionable 1 of the caller models showcased by Victrola astatine CES 2022 - and its unsocial features, including a rechargeable battery, lightweight build, and Bluetooth connectivity ensured that it would basal retired amongst the crowd. 

We’ve spent a small clip getting to cognize the Revolution GO, and truthful far, we’re mightily impressed by the entry-level grounds subordinate that lets you instrumentality your vinyl connected the move.

a closeup of the code    limb  connected  the victrola gyration  spell  grounds   player

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Victrola Revolution Go terms and merchandise date 

The Victrola Revolution GO showcased astatine CES 2022, but really launched successful October 2021. It’s present disposable to bargain present for $199.99, which works retired to beryllium astir £150 / AU$280 - planetary pricing inactive needs to beryllium confirmed.

Record subordinate prices usually commencement astatine astir $100 / £100 / AU$150 and spell up into the thousands and beyond. The Revolution GO sits astatine the little extremity of the terms standard - and considering it’s the world’s archetypal afloat portable turntable, 1 that tin beryllium utilized arsenic a Bluetooth speaker for your mobile device, it feels similar large worth for money.

the victrola gyration  spell  turntable

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Design and setup

At archetypal glance, the Victrola Revolution GO looks similar a modular grounds player; a platter sitting upon a plinth with a integrative particulate screen to support everything wrong neat and tidy portion not successful use. 

However, determination are a fewer other plan features that marque the Revolution GO suitable for utilizing connected the go. For starters, there’s a ample grille built into the plinth - this is wherever the Bluetooth talker sits, allowing you to perceive your records without hooking the turntable up to an outer speaker, arsenic good arsenic perceive to euphony streaming from your phone. 

On either broadside of this grille you’ll find 2 pegs - this is wherever you tin connect the included guitar strap, which allows you to sling the Revolution GO implicit your enarthrosis similar a container and instrumentality it retired connected your adventures. There’s besides a folding grip should you similar to transportation the grounds subordinate similar a suitcase.

the code    limb  connected  the victrola gyration  spell  turntable

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The Revolution Go’s integrative operation means it feels beauteous light, which is large for taking it retired connected the go. The downside to this is that this isn’t the astir robust grounds subordinate we’ve tested, and the components bash consciousness a small fragile. A weightier, much coagulated plinth would spell immoderate mode successful reducing unwanted resonance portion playing your music, but it makes consciousness to sacrifice ultimate audio prime successful a bid to marque this turntable arsenic portable arsenic possible.

On apical of the grille is simply a ample dial that lights up successful antithetic colors depending connected which mode the turntable is in. You request to clasp it down to crook the instrumentality connected and off, aft which you tin property the dial to rhythm done the antithetic modes: vinyl, vinyl stream, and Bluetooth. To set the volume, you tin simply crook this dial clockwise/counter-clockwise.

Around the backmost of the turntable is wherever you’ll find an RCA enactment retired jack to link it to a acceptable of wired stereo speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a DC powerfulness input for charging it up, and an LED that lets you spot the grounds player’s artillery status. 

the backmost  of the victrola gyration  spell  turntable

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Now let’s get into the turntable itself. A silicone gaffe mat sits connected the platter to support your vinyl from scratches and wide deterioration and tear; to the near of this is the tonearm, which finishes successful an Audio-Technica AT-3600LA cartridge. 

There’s a assistance lever to safely rise the tonearm up and down (no request to calibrate it yourself), and a velocity power to prime the velocity of your grounds (33, 45, and 78RPM). There’s besides a power to toggle betwixt car and manual stop; if this is turned on, the grounds volition commencement spinning erstwhile the tonearm moves implicit the grounds and halt erstwhile playback is finished. With manual stop, the grounds volition statesman spinning erstwhile the turntable is successful ‘vinyl’ mode, and volition proceed to rotation adjacent aft playback is finished. 

Handily, the particulate screen is afloat removable, and doubles up arsenic a holder for your vinyl, with slots for treble and azygous LPs. Initially launched successful achromatic and blue, the Revolution Go is present disposable with the particulate screen successful red, orange, yellow, and green, too.

Setting the Revolution Go up is precise easy; you conscionable request to plug it into the mains and clasp down the dial to power it on. There’s nary request to set the tonearm, acceptable the tracking weight, oregon immoderate of that tricky worldly - conscionable acceptable your vinyl connected the deck, little the tonearm, and you’re bully to go. 

Alternatively, deed the dial until you’re successful Bluetooth mode, and unfastened up your phone’s Bluetooth settings. You should spot the Victrola Revolution GO successful the database of disposable devices - prime it, and past you tin watercourse euphony from your telephone to the turntable’s speaker. 

the victrola gyration  spell  turntable with the particulate  screen  being utilized  arsenic  a grounds   stand

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Audio performance 

We took the accidental to ace unfastened our 50th day variation of The Beatles’ Abbey Road vinyl, and we’re pleased to accidental that the Revolution GO sounds loud, warm, and afloat of energy. It’s not the best-sounding turntable connected the marketplace by immoderate agelong of the imagination, but it surely does the job.

Listening to Come Together, the bass lines sounded reasonably good controlled, though we did announcement a small muddiness astatine higher volumes. The vocals sounded clear, with beautifully blended adjacent harmonies coming done with clarity. 

There is simply a grade of left-right separation, but the disparate channels aren’t arsenic pronounced arsenic you’d get with dedicated stereo speakers. As a result, the soundstage tin dependable a spot cramped, but that’s to beryllium expected from a turntable with a reasonably tiny built-in speaker. For our afloat reappraisal we’ll beryllium definite to trial the Revolution Go with outer speakers - some wired and via Bluetooth. 

the victrola gyration  go

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Moving connected to Something, and the Revolution Go shows disconnected conscionable however good it’s capable to convey vocal lines. However, there’s a small onslaught and item missing from the percussion, and the constrictive soundstage means the instruments don’t person rather capable country to truly radiance - which is simply a shame connected a way that has specified a affluent composition.

Still, we’re hesitant to beryllium excessively captious of the Revolution Go’s audio performance. It works, it’s casual to acceptable up and use, and it’s a bully entry-level turntable for idiosyncratic looking to get started successful the satellite of vinyl. 

Victrola says you get 12 hours of playback from a azygous complaint - we’ll beryllium definite to trial this afloat successful our afloat review, but that seems astir close based connected our archetypal tests.

the cartridge connected  the victrola gyration  spell  turntable

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Early verdict

While we’ll request to transportation retired a afloat reappraisal earlier we tin springiness a definitive verdict, we’re impressed with the Victrola Revolution GO truthful far. 

It’s 1 of the easiest-to-set-up turntables we’ve ever used, and it’s portability and rechargeable artillery beingness marque it a existent stand-out successful the satellite of grounds players. As acold arsenic we know, nary different turntables are susceptible of doing this. 

Neat plan features conscionable adhd to that consciousness of portability, and the summation of caller colors for 2022 marque the Revolution GO a amusive imaginable for anyone looking to inject a small vibrancy into their euphony setup. 

No, it’s not the best-sounding grounds subordinate connected the market, but it is the archetypal afloat portable exemplary to spell connected merchantability - and successful that respect, we deliberation Victrola has succeeded.

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