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Vipre follows a wide pricing exemplary and their tract gives a wide overview of their EDR platform's features. Setup is speedy and cause deployment takes lone minutes. Sadly our Vipre cause had issues with updates and menace detection.


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    Excellent UI

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    Advanced menace detection

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    Clear pricing

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Vipre Security Group was primitively founded successful 1994 arsenic 'Sunbelt Software', truthful it's harmless to accidental successful the 30 years oregon truthful they've learned a happening oregon 2 astir cybersecurity and endpoint protection.

Vipre EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is 1 of their flagship products. The main website describes their level arsenic 'easy to use' and 'resource sensitive'. Has Vipre produced 1 of the best endpoint information software platforms, oregon is this snake lipid security. 

Vipre EDR pricing

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Vipre EDR: Plans and pricing

When we visited the main merchandise leafage for Vipre EDR, we were pleased to spot that there's a basal pricing exemplary of $60 per seat, for up to 10 seats, billed annually via automatic subscription, unless you email to cancel .This makes Vipre EDR 1 of the much competitively priced EPP (Endpoint Protection Platforms) we've reviewed.

Sadly there's nary enactment to wage monthly. Organizations who request much than 10 seats besides request to interaction Vipre's income section for a quote.

Interested parties who privation to effort retired the level tin petition a demo via the main website, to trial retired the interface and simulate attacks. You tin besides petition a proceedings of Vipre EDR successful bid to tally your ain tests, arsenic we did successful bid to constitute this review. 


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Vipre EDR: Features

Vipre develops a fig of cybersecurity products, truthful we were grateful to find a dedicated page connected their site comparing the features of their Vipre EDR (the absorption of our review) with Vipre ESC (Endpoint Security Cloud) and Vipre Endpoint Security Server. 

The Vipre website besides has an fantabulous overview of the platform, which clarifies that Vipre EDR has each the anti-malware capabilities contained successful their ESC platform. This includes AI-driven malware detection, web intrusion detection, DNS protection, web exploit detection, and anti-spam engines.

Vipre besides claims the level has further information measures, including correlation engines that harvester earthy events, information events, and contextual information to place zero-day, "living-off-the-land", and grey portion threats not detectable by regular antivirus.

These are bold claims, which we were anxious to research successful our tests. During setup (see below), we were capable to corroborate the platform's different advertised features specified arsenic exertion scanning, a distant ammunition to let web managers to execute operations connected endpoints, arsenic good arsenic spot absorption tools. 

Although it didn't signifier portion of our tests, the level besides supports deploying agents with firewall and email scanning features.


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Vipre EDR: Setup

There's a dedicated trial signup page for Vipre EDR. The website requires a 'business' email code successful bid to person a nexus which caused issues for our reviewer, who's a long-time GMX user but the bully radical of Vipre were blessed to assistance america to acceptable up a proceedings account.

Immediately upon logging successful to the main dashboard, we saw a notification that nary endpoints were acceptable up and clicked the useful nexus to 'Deploy Agents'.

Currently cause bundle is disposable for some Windows (from Windows 7 SP1 onwards) and macOS. We were atrocious to spot that Linux and mobile devices weren't listed, though we aboriginal learned the console has an fantabulous mobile interface (see below).

When downloading the installer (in MSI format) for Windows, we had a flimsy drama of errors, arsenic Microsoft Edge warned america that the record wasn't "commonly downloaded". We ideate Vipre volition privation to talk to Microsoft astir this mendacious positive, arsenic the cause is morganatic software.

Although the installer told america the process would instrumentality respective minutes, the cause was up successful little than 30 seconds. We accidental 'up' alternatively than 'up and running', arsenic upon launching we tried to tally updates to menace definitions, lone for the update to fail. We tried respective times more, disabled our VPN and adjacent utilized a cellular connection with the aforesaid result. 

After removing and reinstalling the agent, we adjacent attempted to manually update the menace definitions by downloading a information record straight from Vipre's dedicated page. In signifier this diagnostic exists for information reasons e.g. to update air-gapped networks but we felt it was the champion mode to tally the update. Once again, however, the update failed. This meant we were incapable to tally immoderate information scans, arsenic this required an updated menace database. 

We were besides amazed to spot that the cause claimed that Vipre's "Active Protection" diagnostic wasn't switched on, arsenic the argumentation supposedly utilized by the cause ('VSM Laptop'), should person had this enabled.

We enactment these bugs down to the information that the level is presently successful beta, truthful anticipation they'll beryllium ironed retired successful future. 

Fortunately aft removing and reinstalling the cause bundle again, the 3rd clip was the charm. The Vipre cause did update itself and enabled 'Active Protection'.


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Vipre EDR: Interface

Having lamented the Vipre Agent's inability to update itself oregon scan for threats, we can't praise Vipre EDR online portal enough. As readers person learned, the main dashboard provides an fantabulous wide brushwood overview of endpoints. 

The apical pane is devoted to captious accusation similar the fig of quarantined threats, infected devices and those which request attraction for different reasons e.g. to tally updates. The 'Protection Summary' is besides displayed via a adjuvant graph, which shows some scan and menace counts.

The near manus pane provides casual to recognize paper options, breached into sections: for instance, the 'Monitor' conception from wherever you tin entree the Dashboard besides contains options for 'Quarantine' and 'Reports'. 

You tin entree 'Devices' via the 'Manage' Section. From present you tin filter devices by platform, operating system, presumption oregon progressive policy. Users tin besides click successful to a instrumentality sanction to presumption a clear, good laid-out summary of applicable information specified arsenic the instrumentality status, scan, menace definitions and erstwhile the instrumentality was past seen.

Vipre were besides keen to constituent retired to america that they've gone to large lengths to marque their UI smartphone friendly. We fired up an iPhone 14 Pro Max and were truthful impressed by the much compact mentation of the interface, not to notation the accelerated loading times.  


(Image credit: Vipre )

Vipre EDR: Performance

When reviewing endpoint information platforms, our archetypal trial is to effort to download a fake computer virus, provided by the bully radical of EICAR. 

We were peculiarly anxious to bash this with Vipre EDR, arsenic the cause supposedly contains features for blocking malicious URLs. 

As we mentioned, we were incapable to update the Vipre Agent's menace definitions, truthful were incapable to scan for threats. Nevertheless we opened Microsoft Edge connected our trial instrumentality and attempted to download the fake microorganism successful compressed (ZIP) format.

The Vipre Agent instantly detected the menace and displayed a pop-up notification to accidental the record had instantly been quarantined. We clicked to presumption much details and received a elaborate rundown of the record itself, which programs had tried to motorboat it and actions taken. 

Our adjacent trial was to effort to transcript a new, existent trojan microorganism that we'd caught successful the chaotic to the trial machine's 'Downloads' folder. We bash this to marque definite that endpoint information platforms tin observe and forestall threats based connected a file's behavior, not conscionable by comparing it to known threats successful an online database. 

The Vipre cause erstwhile again didn't fto america down, showing different notification that the menace had been detected and instantly quarantined. 


(Image credit: Vipre)

Vipre EDR: Final Verdict

When reviewing this platform, we tried to carnivore successful caput that we were reviewing a level successful a beta environment, truthful it shouldn't beryllium judged connected the aforesaid presumption of a last product. To Vipre's product, they did connection to showcase a standalone demo of Vipre EDR to us, to simulate detection and prevention of existent threats. 

We decided against the demo, arsenic we judge it's fairest to tally our ain tests connected each endpoint information solutions we reappraisal but are definite that we'd person had a less setup issues and a amended acquisition of each Vipre EDR has to connection if we'd gone for a singing, dancing demo.

Agent installation and updates aside, Vipre tin beryllium precise arrogant of the interface they've created. Not lone is it casual to navigate but it's punctuated with colorful infographics which item precisely the close magnitude of accusation astir devices, threats and overmuch more. We were besides precise impressed by the mobile mentation of the console website, allowing admins to negociate endpoints connected the go. Still, if the cause bundle needs to beryllium installed 3 times connected each endpoint to get it running, this could origin other hassle for web managers. 

Our champion proposal astatine this signifier is to instrumentality this merchandise for a trial thrust yourself, some via the escaped proceedings and arranging a merchandise demo to acquisition its afloat functionality to determine if it's a bully acceptable for your organization. 

We've listed the champion unreality firewall.

Nate Drake is simply a tech writer specializing successful cybersecurity and retro tech. He broke retired from his cubicle astatine Apple 6 years agone and present spends his days sipping Earl Grey beverage & penning elegant copy.

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