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Vissles mightiness not beryllium a household sanction erstwhile it comes to keyboards, but they could beryllium 1 day; the V84 is simply a high-quality keyboard astatine a sensible price, implementing Vissles’ ain specially-designed VS II cardinal switches for quiescent but snappy responsiveness erstwhile typing oregon gaming.


  • +

    Good artillery life

  • +

    VS II switches are great

  • +

    Build prime feels good

  • +

    Includes a wrist rest


  • -

    Opaque keycaps interaction lighting

  • -

    Software isn’t great

  • -

    75% signifier origin admittedly won’t beryllium for everyone

Vissles V84: Two-Minute Review

I don’t cognize wherefore the container the Vissles V84 keyboard comes successful says ‘Poppin’ Your Life With Ease’ connected it. I went to the Vissles website and recovered the aforesaid slogan astatine the apical of the ‘About Us page, but nary existent explanation. Apparently, it’s the company’s ‘core value’ - immoderate that means.

Perhaps it refers to the V84’s hot-swappable cardinal switches, which tin beryllium ‘popped’ and swapped retired utilizing an included instrumentality if you determine to alteration up your typing experience. I don’t cognize wherefore you’d privation to, though; Vissles has designed its ain unsocial cardinal switches for the V84, dubbed the ‘VS II’, and they’re bloody great.

You tin get the Vissles V84 with pre-installed switches made by Outemu (in linear red, tactile brown, oregon clicky blue) but the cyan-toned VS II switches are thing of a revelation. They’re linear-standard, meaning that they don’t person an audible click erstwhile pressed and question smoothly from static to afloat depressed, without the small ‘bump’ of carnal feedback offered by tactile switches.

They consciousness creaseless and responsive, whether you’re typing retired an email oregon hammering the keys successful an aggravated game. Best of all, they’re equipped with silicone and fabric padding that makes them quieter than the mean mechanical keyboard without immoderate noticeable sponginess. Combined with the reserved aesthetic, this makes the Vissles V84 adept for usage successful an bureau situation arsenic good arsenic a location gaming setup - though the contention is fierce connected our best keyboards list.

This is simply a compact keyboard with a 75% layout, meaning that it ditches the numpad and a fewer different keys to shrink the wide width down to a slim 32 centimeters, with a tiny surrounding bezel and nary ‘dead space’ betwixt the keys. It’s wireless too, making it a decent prime for anyone who wants to instrumentality their keyboard retired and about.

Vissles V84 mechanical keyboard connected  a woody  desk

(Image credit: Future)

Vissles V84: Price and Availability

  • Standard exemplary costs $99
  • VS II power exemplary is $109
  • Available nonstop from Vissles successful USA, UK, Europe, and Canada

If you specifically privation clicky oregon tactile switches, the modular Outemu versions of the Vissles V84 are disposable for $99 (£83, not yet disposable successful Australia) connected the Vissles website. The VS II mentation volition outgo you 10 bucks more, but we’d accidental it’s a worthwhile prime - though Vissles is simply a tiny company, and the VS II-equipped models of the keyboard look to merchantability retired frequently.

It’s surely not the cheapest compact mechanical keyboard you tin buy, but erstwhile factoring successful the physique quality, diagnostic set, and wide idiosyncratic experience, we’d accidental it’s really decent worth for money. This terms tag puts it successful the aforesaid bracket arsenic the fantabulous Glorious GMMK 2 and Ducky Mecha Mini RGB, truthful the contention is beauteous fierce.

Vissles sells the V84 - on with its super-slim sibling, the LP85 - connected its website, shipping to the USA, the UK, astir of Europe, and Canada. It’s besides sold done Amazon successful immoderate territories, but it seems that if you unrecorded successful Asia oregon Australia, you’re retired of luck (at slightest for now).

  • Price and availability: 4/5

Vissles V84 mechanical keyboard connected  a woody  desk

(Image credit: Future)

Vissles V84: Design

  • Bluetooth 5.1/wired USB connectivity
  • Robust casing and PBT keycaps
  • RGB lighting, but opaque keycaps

Build prime present is beauteous great, each things considered - contempt the full chassis being made from hard integrative with a matte finish, the full keyboard feels rather robust and the double-shot PBT keycaps are wear-resistant with a pleasing, grippy texture. The keys connected our reappraisal portion are white, which contrasts nicely with the achromatic frame, though a mentation with achromatic and grey keycaps is besides available.

While the keycaps are precise nice, they’re the origin of an unfortunate foible successful the Vissles V84’s different good carnal design. There’s RGB backlighting underneath these keys, and portion it’s arsenic agleam arsenic I’d expect and offers immoderate customization done Vissles’ ain software, the opaque keycaps mean that airy escapes lone from the gaps betwixt the keys alternatively than illuminating the lettering the mode astir RGB keyboards do.

It’s a tiny criticism, since the lighting really looks beauteous bully successful darker environments, but it makes your selected RGB animation preset hard to discern successful a brightly lit country - to the constituent wherever I’d see turning it disconnected to sphere the artillery life. For reference, the RGB is turned connected successful each of the photos you tin spot successful this review.

Somewhat weirdly, you tin assistance the keyboard towards you not with flip-out feet connected the rear borderline (like virtually each different laptop) but alternatively with small stubby stilts that drawback magnetically onto the existing rubber feet. It works, but they’re alternatively tiny and I ideate they could beryllium easy mislaid if you don’t connect them instantly and ne'er instrumentality them off.

The Vissles V84 connects via either a USB cablegram (the supplied cablegram is for a USB-A port) oregon a Bluetooth connection. Strangely, determination are 2 unused USB larboard outlines connected the backmost of the casing, presumably a holdover from an older model. Vissles besides includes a squashy leatherette wrist rest, which is simply a precise bully addition.

The 75% layout is simply a spot unusual, straddling the enactment betwixt accepted 80% and super-compact 60% keyboards. It takes a small spot of getting utilized to arsenic the arrow keys squish the bottom-right of the layout inwards a bit, but having a highly compact keyboard that doesn’t sacrifice relation keys is great.

  • Design: 4/5

Vissles V84 mechanical keyboard connected  a woody  desk

(Image credit: Future)

Vissles V84: Performance

  • Responsive cardinal switches
  • Produces little sound than astir mechanical keyboards
  • Solid artillery life

I was genuinely amazed by however bully these VS II keys consciousness to use. They lucifer the 4mm of full question region and 2mm actuation constituent seen successful Outemu and Cherry switches, with 56g of input unit required to trigger them - placing their actuation unit successful betwixt Outemu and Cherry’s ain linear switches. It’s a bully balance, giving these keys a large level of responsiveness portion inactive feeling acquainted to mechanical keyboard users.

These keys are rather pleasingly quiescent compared to the mean mechanical keyboard, too; they’re inactive noisier than, say, the Apple Magic Keyboard, but there’s noticeably little clatter present than erstwhile I’m typing connected my ain Asus ROG keyboard. Vissles is cautious not to statement this arsenic either an bureau keyboard oregon a gaming product, and I tin spot wherefore - it’s capable to fulfill some roles well, betwixt its comfy cardinal sensation and cleanable design.

Typing feels overmuch the aforesaid arsenic immoderate bog-standard red-linear keyboard, albeit with a small little unit required to afloat depress the keys. The V84 is simply a coagulated prime for gaming, too, with the apical enactment of relation keys allowing you to acceptable up casual further keybinds successful games - thing mislaid by galore super-compact keyboards.

Battery beingness is beauteous stellar; the V84 is rated for 180 hours of continuous usage with the lighting turned off, and we near it connected for days without the artillery dying. Even erstwhile the artillery did tally dry, the supplied cablegram is agelong capable for it to comfortably plug into the backmost of your PC; we’d astir see conscionable utilizing it wired, but we didn’t find immoderate noticeable input latency erstwhile utilizing it successful Bluetooth mode.

Regarding the software, the Vissles desktop app is functional enough, if alternatively bland and basic. You tin swap betwixt coagulated colour lighting oregon 19 preset animations (no per-key illumination here) arsenic good arsenic acceptable up macros and customized cardinal bindings. I recovered that it lagged a small for immoderate reason, but was inactive capable to tweak settings without overmuch trouble.

  • Performance: 4/5

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  • First reviewed August 2022

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