Vitalik Buterin’s surprise cameo in Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ living room

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Ashton Kutcher has uploaded a video featuring Vitalik Buterin explaining Ethereum from his lounge room.

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Vitalik Buterin’s astonishment  cameo successful  Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ surviving  room

Actor and task capitalist, Ashton Kutcher, has published a video to Twitter featuring himself, his woman Mila Kunis, and Ethereum laminitis Vitalik Buterin, to explicate the task to newcomers

For the archetypal minute, the video shows Kutcher quizzing Kunis connected basal presumption relating to cryptocurrency and blockchain exertion successful a surviving country of their home.

After Kunis offers elemental one-sentence definitions to explicate “crypto,” “blockchain,” and “decentralization,” Kutcher asks for a statement of Ethereum. The camera past pans to the right, moving past Kunis to uncover Buterin seated astatine a table.

Welcome to kutcher room talks EP 1 #KryptoWithKunis #StonerCats #nft #eth@stonercatstv⁩ ⁦@VitalikButerin

— ashton kutcher (@aplusk) July 21, 2021

Buterin launches into a lengthy mentation of Ethereum’s cardinal components, articulating however the astute declaration protocol differs from “single-purpose” chains, citing Bitcoin arsenic an illustration of such.

“Ethereum is simply a general-purpose blockchain [...] an unfastened level that allows radical to physique their ain applications connected top, and thing built connected apical of Ethereum is protected and secured [...] by an full web of thousands of computers astir the world,” Buterin says.

“Because [Ethereum] supports a programming language, developers person this unlimited creativity successful what kinds of things that they really make connected Ethereum. So you tin usage Ethereum to make cryptocurrencies, oregon NFTs, oregon galore different kinds of things.”

Kutcher responded: “Yeah, that makes sense.”

The links and hashtags accompanying the video suggest it was created to beforehand Kunis’ “Stoner Cats” bid of nonfungible tokens. People who bargain a Stoner Cats NFT besides person entree to watercourse episodes of Kunis’ animated bid by the aforesaid name. It bills itself arsenic “The archetypal NFT animated series.”

Promotional representation for Stoner Cats

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Kutcher is nary alien to NFTs, having tokenized a notepad scribbling successful August 2020, with the carnal archetypal being incinerated earlier the token was enactment up for auction.

His task superior firm, A-Grade Investments, has besides backed apical firms successful the crypto space, including outgo processor BitPay successful 2013 and blockchain information institution BitGo successful 2014.

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