VITURE One XR Glasses review

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VITURE’s One XR Glasses had a batch of committedness but immoderate plan issues severely interaction the representation quality. Considering they acceptable you backmost astir $500 these issues are inexcusable, making this new-age gadget a pugnacious 1 to recommend.


  • +

    Convenient backstage portable display

  • +

    Work with a scope of devices including Steam Deck

  • +

    Look similar mean shades


  • -

    The representation is blurry astatine the edges

  • -

    Glasses didn't beryllium close for us

  • -

    The terms is excessively precocious for what you get

VITURE One XR Glasses: One-minute review

The VITURE One XR Glasses are similar a portable projector for your face. Slap them on, link them to a compatible smartphone, laptop, oregon games console and their full-HD OLED displays volition virtually task a 120-inch surface earlier your eyes.

We accidental virtually task arsenic onlookers won’t beryllium capable to spot the surface floating successful mid-air that you tin see. Instead, these AR glasses supply you with a backstage idiosyncratic home-cinema acquisition implicit with situation dependable – and you tin instrumentality them anyplace you go.

However, portion the glasses committedness a batch they don’t truly present acknowledgment to their lacking design. They don’t rather beryllium close connected your face, meaning excessively overmuch airy tin beryllium fto successful and spoil the experience. In addition, the edges of the representation tin get rather blurry, making playing games and watching shows a spot of a challenge.

If VITURE tin merchandise caller chemoreceptor clip options and a amended screen that helps artifact retired much airy from the wearer’s surroundings past these could beryllium a reasonably nifty gadget. Unfortunately, arsenic they are close present the One XR Glasses aren’t a brace of astute specs that we tin recommend.

VITURE One XR Glasses: Price and availability

The VITURE One XR Glasses are disposable to bargain successful 4 antithetic packages

The astir basal is buying the glasses connected their own, which costs $479 (around £425 / AU$720). Taking things up a cogwheel is the Dock Pack, which includes the glasses and a mobile dock truthful you tin usage the glasses with your Nintendo Switch and different HDMI-compatible devices; it’s $568 (around £500 / AU$855). Alternatively, you could nab the Cloud Pack for $588 (around £520 / AU$885) and swap the dock for a neckband that allows you to watercourse TV shows and games to the glasses implicit Wi-Fi.

Or, if you privation it all, you tin get the Ultimate battalion for $677 (around £599 / AU$1,019).

The VITURE One XR Glasses

The Steam Deck connected to the VITURE XR Glasses. (Image credit: Future)

We were sent the Cloud Pack and decidedly deliberation this 1 is the champion worth for wealth of the 4 options – the dock seems utile but the neckband is what makes the glasses consciousness similar they’re a portable projector alternatively than conscionable an AR show for your telephone oregon Steam Deck.

That said, these prices consciousness beauteous darn precocious for what you’re getting, but that’s an contented we’ve noticed with AR glasses successful general. The tech is simply a spot excessively caller for it to travel astatine an affordable, mainstream terms yet, truthful prices similar $477 are astir what you tin expect to wage close now.

  • Value score: 2/5

VITURE One XR Glasses: Design

Whether you prime the black, white, oregon bluish model, you’ll find determination are a batch of similarities betwixt the VITURE One XR glasses and different AR specs connected the marketplace similar the Nreal Air AR glasses.

Just similar Nreal’s offering they look similar a reasonably mean – albeit chunky (coming successful astatine 78g / 0.17lbs) – brace of shades with interchangeable and adjustable chemoreceptor clips. The wired transportation is placed astatine the extremity of 1 of the arms too, though VITURE has opted for a somewhat antithetic placement (on the broadside alternatively than the tip) and to usage a magnetic pogo pin alternatively of a USB-C port. It works conscionable arsenic good though; the transportation is unafraid and ne'er came escaped portion we were utilizing the glasses.

The glasses besides travel with a integrative screen for the lenses to assistance halt airy coming done the lenses, conscionable similar the Nreal Airs.

However VITURE doesn’t conscionable transcript its rival, and the archetypal betterment it makes is to the glasses’ regular lenses. VITURE’s glasses usage mirrored lenses alternatively of simply acheronian tinted ones, which amended fell the interior screens from onlookers. In addition, it adds controls to the glasses themselves, with a fastener connected the near limb that lets you power volume, brightness, and a fewer different settings.

You’ll besides find dials connected the apical of each lens that fto your close the representation betwixt 0D and -5.0D to assistance you spot what’s being displayed if you’re near-sighted.

Unfortunately, for each the improvements, the VITURE Glasses besides instrumentality a fewer steps back.

The biggest occupation with the plan is that the glasses don’t predominate capable of your imaginativeness – there’s a batch of abstraction astir the broadside of them that lets airy and distractions get successful the mode of your immersed experience. On apical of that, we noticed that the representation ever looked a small blurry, particularly astatine the periphery wherever the astir distractions were.

Part of this is caused by the lenses not being rather ample enough, but the chemoreceptor clips besides carnivore immoderate of the blame. While determination are 3 clips to take from successful the container they aren’t rather malleable enough, truthful we couldn’t change their signifier astatine each and marque the glasses beryllium properly.

To get astir this we’d emotion to spot VITURE merchandise immoderate amended chemoreceptor clips, and perchance look astatine a integrative screen that could situation the glasses – turning them from glasses to thing much similar goggles. When we assistance the glasses successful the close spot and cupful our hands astir the specs to artifact retired much airy the issues became overmuch little noticeable.

The VITURE One XR Glasses powerfulness  cablegram  inserted into the port

The powerfulness cablegram ne'er came escaped portion we were wearing the glasses. (Image credit: Future)

On apical of these issues, the dials for near-sightedness, portion a neat concept, autumn a small abbreviated arsenic they could inactive support immoderate players excluded. Nreal included an add-on for its AR glasses that could beryllium outfitted with immoderate benignant of medicine lenses, a diagnostic that could person worked conscionable arsenic good for VITURE.

Moving past the glasses, the neckband is mostly great. The 170g physics is comfy to deterioration and the connector cablegram is the cleanable magnitude – agelong capable to scope the glasses but not truthful agelong that it leaves excessively overmuch excess lying around.

The lone downside is the controller placement. It sits with the buttons facing your thorax meaning you can’t really spot what you’re pressing – truthful you’ll request to memorize the layout earlier putting the glasses on.

  • Design score: 1/5

VITURE One XR Glasses: Performance

To enactment VITURE’s glasses done their paces we utilized them to play Stray and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered connected the Steam Deck.

Stray is simply a crippled chock afloat of dusky metropolis streets, with levels wherever the lone illumination is from neon lights and bioluminescent matter. Despite being filled with mostly darker scenes the VITURE glasses enactment their 5000:1 opposition ratio to bully usage and helped support the game’s objects reasonably good defined alternatively of a messiness of indiscernible acheronian blobs.

Meanwhile, the daytime streets of New York City and Spidey’s cartoonishly agleam red, bluish and achromatic suit were rendered beauteous good too. We would person liked immoderate of the brighter colors to popular much but this full-HD OLED surface with 1800 nits of brightness inactive made definite that swinging from integer skyscrapers didn’t suffer overmuch of the magic.

To assistance marque everything look arsenic large arsenic it tin we’d urge turning the glasses up to precocious brightness and wearing them successful a reasonably acheronian country with the lights disconnected oregon astatine slightest dimmed – the aforesaid benignant of setup we’d urge for a projector. Even successful this perfect setting, you won’t get an acquisition that’s connected par with 1 of the best OLED TVs, nor 1 of the best 4K projectors, but it’ll beryllium astir arsenic bully arsenic a mid-range projector. For thing that you tin instrumentality with you and deterioration connected your look that’s not fractional bad.

The VITURE One XR Glasses

The VITURE Neckband turns these glasses into a projector alternatively of conscionable a glorified monitor. (Image credit: Future)

The representation latency seemed good too, determination were nary noticeable input delays, truthful we could inactive propulsion disconnected Spidey’s web-slinging combat combos without issue.

But, arsenic we mentioned supra due to the fact that of the specs’ plan we did look immoderate issues with the outer edges of the representation being blurry. This wasn’t ever a occupation if the taxable was successful the halfway of the screen, but if we needed to work an in-game paper oregon wage attraction to thing astatine the borderline we couldn’t archer what was going on. Over clip the blurry representation besides gave america a headache, limiting the magnitude of clip we could enactment immersed successful each session.

Audio-wise these glasses location immoderate beauteous coagulated Harmon speakers that supply spatial audio for immoderate you’re playing oregon watching. However, if you person a brace of large headphones lying astir we’d suggest utilizing those instead. 

The VITURE One XR’s speakers didn’t person capable oomph to supply the majesty that’s required by immoderate tracks – similar the heroic orchestral tracks that play successful the inheritance of Marvel’s Spider-Man. This near the audio feeling a small bare astatine times, thing which we easy fixed utilizing a brace of cans.

  • Performance score: 2/5 

VITURE One XR Glasses: Features

The VITURE One XR glasses are compatible with immoderate instrumentality that supports video output done a USB-C port. This means you tin hook them up to your Steam Deck, Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2, 2022), iPad Air (2022), and galore of the champion Windows laptops and Android smartphones, to sanction conscionable a fewer devices.

That said, we’d urge checking your devices are so usable with these glasses earlier you buy. Case successful point, contempt being Google’s top-of-the-line telephone the Google Pixel 6 isn’t compatible arsenic it doesn’t enactment video output done its USB-C port.

One instrumentality they are compatible with is the VITURE neckband, which efficaciously turns the VITURE One XR Glasses into a portable projector with the Android 11 TV OS. Beyond being capable to entree apps similar Netflix and YouTube, you tin entree crippled streaming done Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and PlayStation 5 distant play.

And acknowledgment to its Bluetooth connectivity you tin hook up your wireless crippled controller truthful you tin play those streamed games the mode you like. What’s more, if you privation to download videos oregon apps to the neckband you tin usage its 128GB to bully effect.

The VITURE One XR Glasses

The VITURE Glasses screen with a screen to support them harmless and assistance to support airy out, but the screen needs to spell further. (Image credit: Future)

Last but not slightest is the Mobile Deck, which is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, Steam Deck, and immoderate instrumentality that outputs video with an HDMI – which includes immoderate of the best iPhones if you usage a Lightning-HDMI adapter.

While the VITURE One XRs don’t travel with their ain unsocial features, they much than marque up for it with the breadth of compatible devices that you tin hook them up to. Plus, the neckband helps marque the VITURE glasses consciousness similar an amusement strategy successful its ain close alternatively than conscionable a portable monitor.

  • Features score: 4/5 

VITURE One XR Glasses: Battery

The VITURE One XR  glasses don’t person a battery, alternatively utilizing the interior complaint of the connected instrumentality to powerfulness the screen. While this does assistance to support the glasses reasonably light, it besides means that you tin expect the Steam Deck’s reasonably abbreviated artillery beingness to get slashed further – particularly if you’re playing a labor-intensive game.

What’s more, due to the fact that the glasses trust connected a wired transportation you can’t plug your Steam Deck successful to complaint portion besides utilizing the specs. That means portion you tin get a decent play clip retired of games similar Stray, you’ll request to marque definite your Deck is afloat charged earlier jumping into thing similar Spider-Man Remastered if you privation to crippled for a while.

The occupation persists connected different devices too, however, the interaction isn’t rather arsenic terrible arsenic it is connected the Steam Deck. 

Much similar different AR glasses that we’ve tested, we’d emotion it if the VITURE One XR glasses either had their ain interior artillery oregon if determination was a mode to usage the glasses and complaint the connected instrumentality astatine the aforesaid time.

As for VITURE’s ain add-ons, the neckband and mobile dock bash each person their ain interior batteries. The neckband presently lasts for 3 and a fractional hours and charges up to afloat successful astir 1 hr and 20 minutes. VITURE tells america it’s inactive moving connected optimizing the artillery truthful we could spot these details change. The mobile deck, connected the different hand, boasts up to a 12-hour charge, oregon 8 hours if it's connected to a Nintendo Switch.

  • Battery score: 3/5 

VITURE One XR Glasses Score Card

Design These sleek, lightweight glasses are comfy to deterioration and link to your gadgets easily, but they don't beryllium close which has a immense interaction connected the representation quality.1/5
PerformanceVITURE's XR glasses connection a beauteous coagulated representation that is utterly ruined by mediocre plan choices that drastically trim what the specs are susceptible of.2/5
FeaturesYou tin uses these glasses with loads of antithetic devices, and the neckband turns that into a backstage portable projector.4/5
BatteryThe VITURE glasses volition person a large interaction connected the batter beingness of devices you plug them into, but its first-party peripheral should past a while.3/5
VaueAR glasses consciousness a spot excessively costly for wat they connection close now, and that particularly existent of the VITURE specs based connected our experience.2/5

The VITURE One XR Glasses

Our reviewer wearing the VITURE One XR Glasses and Neckband (Image credit: Future)

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