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So you privation a bully representation but you can't walk the wealth connected thing similar an OLED TV oregon a mini-LED-equipped LCD similar the TCL 6-series. The adjacent measurement down the ladder of representation prime and terms is simply a TV similar the Vizio M-Series. It occupies what I'll telephone the little extremity of the midrange TV bracket, and offers arsenic bully of a representation arsenic I've seen for this benignant of money.

The cardinal to that representation is full-array section dimming, which allows the MQ7 bid I reviewed to really present connected the brighter highlights and superior opposition of high dynamic scope (HDR) TV shows and movies. Numerous TVs successful this terms bracket and immoderate that outgo more, similar the Samsung Q60A, deficiency full-array section dimming and truthful can't get arsenic agleam (or arsenic dark).

The MQ7 doesn't person the gaming chops of higher-end TVs but does enactment with adaptable refresh rate, which successful my tests helped immoderate games connected compatible devices, similar the Xbox Series X, so look smoother. On the different manus Vizio's astute TV strategy can't clasp a candle to Roku, Google TV oregon Samsung, but you tin ever adhd an affordable 4K streaming device to flooded that issue. 

Overall I'd urge redeeming up a spot much for thing similar the TCL 6-Series oregon Sony X90J, some of which are superior for movies, TV and gaming, but if you'd alternatively support that currency oregon walk it connected thing other -- like, you know, worldly to ticker oregon games to play -- the MQ7 is simply a superb value. 

Series and size information: I performed a hands-on valuation of the 65-inch Vizio MQ7-J series, but this reappraisal besides applies to the different surface sizes successful the series. 

  • Vizio M75Q7-J03, 75-inch
  • Vizio M70Q7-J03, 70-inch
  • Vizio M65Q7-J01, 65-inch
  • Vizio M58Q7-J01, 58-inch
  • Vizio M55Q7-J01, 55-inch
  • Vizio M50Q7-J01, 50-inch

Vizio says that the J03 and J01 suffixes successful the exemplary names are "internal and person nary utile lawsuit information," but determination are immoderate different differences among the antithetic sizes. Larger sizes person much section dimming zones, and the sizes beneath 65 inches are somewhat dimmer than the larger models. The 65-inch and larger models besides person an innovative soundbar-friendly adjustable basal legs. See beneath for details.

Here's wherever I notation that Vizio has another, less-expensive M-Series for 2021, the MQ6. Compared to the MQ7, it costs little and lacks full-array section dimming, among different differences,  truthful I don't expect its representation prime to lucifer the MQ7 reviewed here.

David Katzmaier/CNET

Basic design, two-position stand, dependable remote

Most TVs contiguous look beauteous overmuch the aforesaid and the M-Series is nary exception. The metallic framework astir the surface is bladed and black, thicker and much of a acheronian grey metallic on the bottom, with matching acheronian grey basal legs. Those legs are acceptable a spot person to the halfway than galore TVs, which equine them much toward the corners.

To amended accommodate Vizio's fashionable soundbars, you tin set the basal legs successful 2 positions: standard, which sits precise debased connected a array oregon credenza, oregon a mates inches higher, which prevents a soundar acceptable beneath the TV from obscuring the screen. And erstwhile the TV is wall-mounted, the basal legs alteration into a bracket that tin clasp the soundbar. Neat! Unfortunately, that slick two-position basal is lone disposable successful 65-inch and larger sizes.

David Katzmaier/CNET

All-new for 2021 is Vizio's dependable remote, and it's an betterment from the company's erstwhile clickers. Gone is the numeric keypad that's next-to-useless connected a TV distant successful the streaming era, making for a simpler layout centered astir the salient dependable key. Vizio's dependable strategy worked good capable successful my tests, though don't expect the aforesaid benignant of capabilities you'll get from Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa oregon adjacent Roku's dependable system.

David Katzmaier/CNET

When I said "show maine comedies" for example, Vizio enactment up an (irrelevant, to me) app called ConTV, followed by a clump of thumbnails of movies and TV shows with small context. I preferred Roku's results to that query, which were arranged successful rows similar "Available successful 4K," "New releases," "Free," "Available with your Netflix subscription," and offered a batch much choices. Saying "Switch to PlayStation" worked the aforesaid connected some for switching inputs, but "Switch to Input 2" failed connected Vizio portion succeeding connected the Roku (Moral: sanction your inputs). 

Beyond voice, Vizio's SmartCast astute TV strategy inactive lags Roku (my favorite) and others similar Google TV and Samsung, though it's astir astir the aforesaid level arsenic LG's caller strategy successful my book. Vizio's main contented is cluttering the surface with a clump of TV shows and movies I don't attraction about. Pretending otherwise, I clicked done 1 large banner for NBC's autumn lineup, chose the archetypal enactment (a trailer for the Law & Order: SVU premiere) and was taken (after a agelong hold loading the NBC app) to a blank page. Not the champion experience. Roku's grid of apps is elemental and familiar, and if you privation your homepage to amusement much applicable programming, Google TV does a overmuch amended job. I'd urge Vizio owners link a streamer, similar a Roku Express Plus 4K oregon Chromecast with Google TV, and hide Vizio's system.

David Katzmaier/CNET

In its favor, SmartCast plays good with phones -- you tin easy formed video and photos from Android oregon Apple phones utilizing Chromecast and AirPlay, respectively -- arsenic good arsenic astute speakers similar Echo and Nest, which you tin usage to bid the TV hands-free.

Real section dimming for less

Key features

Display exertion LED backlight Resolution HDR compatible Smart TV Remote
Full array with section dimming
HDR10 and Dolby Vision

The MQ7 is the least-expensive Vizio TV, and 1 of the cheapest TVs, period, to connection my favourite picture-enhancing other for LCD-based TVs: full-array section dimming. That diagnostic improves important opposition and achromatic levels and delivers amended HDR by dividing the surface into abstracted dimming zones. The fig of zones controls however precise the dimming tin be, and portion much zones doesn't needfully mean amended representation quality, it usually helps. As you mightiness expect the MQ7 has less zones than much costly TVs similar the TCL 6-Series and Vizio P9Q. 

Like astir section dimming TVs, the portion number connected the MQ7 varies by size, but unusually Vizio besides provides a little brightness spec, which it calls UltraBright, for the smaller sizes. Here's however the differences interruption down.

Vizio MQ7 bid differences

Model M75Q7-J03 M70Q7-J03 M65Q7-J01 M58Q7-J01 M55Q7-J01 M50Q7-J01
SizeLocal dimming zonesUltraBright spec

The remainder of the M-Series specifications are the aforesaid connected each models. Quantum dots let the TV to execute amended HDR color, which was borne retired successful my measurements. 

Vizio supports some large types of HDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision, successful the M-Series. So does each different large TV shaper but Samsung, which lacks Dolby Vision support. The M-Series has a 60Hz refresh-rate sheet -- Vizio's "Clear Action 360" is bunk -- truthful it doesn't person the aforesaid question show oregon input capabilities arsenic existent 120Hz TVs. 

As a 60Hz TV, the M-Series can't judge 4K/120 FPS signals from Xbox Series X, PS5 and high-end PC gaming cards, but it is 1 of the astir affordable TVs to enactment variable refresh rate and AMD FreeSync (up to 60Hz). The MQ7's complement of inputs is besides precise bully for the price.

  • 4 HDMI (one with eARC)
  • USB port
  • Analog audio output (3.5mm)
  • Optical integer audio output
  • Antenna input
  • Ethernet port
David Katzmaier/CNET

Picture prime comparisons

In my side-by-side lineup the MQ7 competed good against a brace of more-expensive TVs. It couldn't get arsenic agleam truthful HDR didn't popular rather arsenic much, but achromatic levels and blooming weren't an issue, and colour and video processing, for movies and games, were each fantabulous for the price. 

Dim lighting: For a acheronian country examination I started with the Snyder Cut of Justice League connected modular dynamic scope Blu-ray, With brightness equalized the M kept up precise good with the 2 more-expensive TVs. In acheronian scenes similar the graveyard sojourn successful section 2 (14:00) the achromatic entity and shadows were conscionable arsenic acheronian and realistic connected the M-series arsenic the others.

Unlike astir films, the Snyder Cut has a constrictive facet ratio (1.33:1) that places achromatic bars to either broadside of the image, which besides happens to marque an fantabulous torture trial for section dimming TVs. To their credit, each 3 TVs delivered with a astir arsenic acheronian and fantabulous shadiness of black. When agleam areas approached the bars, for illustration an airplane model astatine 38:54, the M controlled stray illumination (blooming) conscionable arsenic good arsenic the different two, contempt its overmuch less section dimming zones. Yes, highly precocious opposition scenes similar the achromatic titles connected a achromatic inheritance looked a spot little impactful and much washed retired connected the M-series than the others, but for astir scenes successful the movie it looked conscionable arsenic bully with SDR.

Bright lighting: Vizio describes the 65-inch MQ7 arsenic UltraBright 700, a refreshingly wide notation to its airy output successful nits, and according to my tests, the fig is legit. In a agleam room, that airy output volition let the Vizio's representation to look amended than astir different TVs astatine this price, similar the Samsung Q60A, which maxed retired astatine 461 nits with HDR connected the 55-inch size. On the different manus the 65-inch MQ7 is inactive dimmer than the more-expensive models successful the array below.

Light output successful nits

TV Hisense 65U8G TCL 65R635 Vizio P65Q9-J01 Sony XR65X90J Vizio M65Q7-J01 LG OLED65C1 Samsung QN55Q60A
Brightest (SDR)Accurate colour (SDR)Brightest (HDR)Accurate colour (HDR)

Vizio's Calibrated representation mode delivered the most-accurate bright-room picture, which is good worthy the nonaccomplishment of nits compared to the exceedingly inaccurate Vivid mode (the brightest) successful my opinion. The M's semi-matte surface decorativeness reduced reflections amended than the TCL 6-Series but was worse astatine preserving black-level fidelity.

Color accuracy: Before my calibration for this reappraisal the most-accurate modes, Calibrated and Calibrated Dark, were rather bully if somewhat bluish. Afterward it was excellent, arsenic expected, and watching the muted palette of Justice League the M-series matched the others. Wonder Woman lasting atop the gathering (20:14) looked adjacent capable betwixt the 3 successful her tegument code and red, bluish and golden metallic costume that it was pugnacious to archer them apart.  

Video processing: The Vizio M-Series behaved similar I'd expect from a 60Hz TV successful my motion tests, meaning it didn't trim blur arsenic good arsenic higher-end sets with a 120Hz refresh rate. I'm not peculiarly delicate to question blur, but if you are, a true 120Hz TV similar the TCL 6-Series oregon Vizio's P-Series mightiness beryllium worthy a look.

The M registered due 1080p/24 cadence but exhibited question solution of conscionable 300 lines. Vizio does connection a Clear Action power that improves that fig to a respectable 900, but arsenic accustomed it introduced flicker and dimmed the image, truthful astir viewers volition privation to debar it. Unlike immoderate 60Hz TVs, and astir 120Hz models including the P-Series, there's nary enactment to crook connected smoothing, aka the Soap Opera Effect.

Uniformity: The M-Series had nary large issues successful this category, with a nicely azygous representation crossed the surface and small oregon nary saltation astatine antithetic airy levels with full-field trial patterns. From off-angle -- seats to either broadside of the saccharine spot successful beforehand of the surface -- the MQ7 maintained achromatic level and colour fidelity astir arsenic good arsenic the different two. 

Gaming: The MQ7 is simply a coagulated gaming TV contempt missing the 4K/120Hz input capableness recovered connected measurement models oregon the fancy presumption displays and other settings recovered connected competitors similar LG and Samsung, oregon adjacent thing similar TCL's THX Enhanced crippled mode. Its compatibility with adaptable refresh complaint sets it isolated from different budget-conscious TVs, however.

The MQ7 successfully registered arsenic VRR-capable according to my Xbox Series X, and playing Assassin's Creed: Valhalla saw grounds of VRR working. With the diagnostic turned connected I saw little tearing and jitter successful high-detail backgrounds arsenic I moved the camera rapidly -- and urge leaving it connected for immoderate gaming strategy that supports it.

Speaking of settings, erstwhile acceptable to Game mode with a non-VRR source, some the MQ7 and PQ7 crook connected Clear Action by default, which, arsenic mentioned above, improves question solution astatine the disbursal of dimness and immoderate flicker. When VRR is detected, Clear Action turns disconnected (it grays retired and is disabled). Vizio says an upcoming firmware update volition default Clear Action to disconnected for Game mode for each signals. In the meantime I'd urge turning it disconnected manually (in the settings paper that's Picture > Advanced Picture > Motion Control > Clear Action > Off) unless you're truly delicate to blur.

After disabling Clear Action, I hooked up each 3 TVs simultaneously to trial wide gaming representation prime successful their (otherwise) default Game Mode settings. The archetypal happening I noticed was the less-natural, much saturated colour connected the MQ7 compared to the different two, which was evident connected a realistic-looking crippled similar Valhalla but would beryllium less-so connected immoderate different games. HDR effects looked bully with bully popular successful brighter scenes but successful darker ones they dimmed rather a spot successful examination to the different two, though arsenic I saw with HDR video, the MQ7 showed precise bully achromatic levels and minimal blooming. Overall I liked the TCL champion followed by the Vizio P, but again the less-expensive M was precise good.

Input lag for gaming was fantabulous successful some 1080p and 4K HDR, and amended than past year, measuring 11ms with 1080p and 4K HDR sources successful Game mode. That's the third-best effect I've ever measured, trailing lone high-end 2021 LG OLED and Samsung Q90A QLED TVs, and besides bushed the Vizio PQ7 by a fewer milliseconds. Note that lag is input-dependent; I measured those results connected Input 4, portion Input 1 measured 17ms for some sources.

One much note: With the Xbox hooked up to HDMI 4, the MQ7 would occasionally crook off. Turning disconnected HDMI-CEC successful the Vizio's paper (System > CEC > Disabled) fixed the issue.

David Katzmaier/CNET

HDR and 4K video: The MQ7 is simply a precise bully performer with HDR video, delivering that saccharine operation of heavy achromatic levels and agleam highlights for almighty contrast. It couldn't rather lucifer the prime of the different two, but inactive came amazingly adjacent fixed its little specifications.

Watching the demo montage from Spears and Munsil's 4K HDR benchmark, for example, the M-Series showed admirable popular and precise bully colour successful the shots of nature, animals and objects, though agleam skies and highlights looked and measured somewhat dimmer side-by-side. In an aboriginal changeable of a achromatic entity supra a upland (0:23), for example, the MQ7 scored 423 nits successful my spot measurement, visibly dimmer than the TCL (644) and Vizio P-Series (606). Black levels were likewise precise deep, arsenic seen successful the achromatic inheritance down the chromatic dipper (2:47), but successful my acheronian country some of the different TVs got somewhat darker. 

The TCL and PQ9 besides controlled blooming amended with HDR, portion the MQ7 showed immoderate agleam spots particularly on the edges. Both Vizios showed agleam colors, for illustration the greenish writer of Yellowstone and the red-orange of the sunset (2:18), with a spot much saturation and extent than the TCL, but the quality was subtle and apt intolerable to discern without a side-by-side comparison.

Moving to the Snyder Cut connected 4K HDR Blu-ray revealed, arsenic usual, much differences than the SDR version. The dimmer highlights of the MQ7, for illustration the reflections and lights successful the graveyard country connected disc 2 (1:11) caused its representation to popular a spot less, but opposition was inactive precise good. In mixed scenes, for illustration arsenic Batman looks implicit the metropolis (4:26) oregon Louis Lane pads astir her flat (10:29), the M-series delivered deeper letterbox bars than the different two, but wide it looked much muted, with little of an content of opposition and HDR impact. Both Vizios besides showed somewhat brighter, less-impactful near-black shadows than the TCL, which brought retired immoderate item astatine the disbursal of perceived opposition -- possibly a effect of their less-accurate EOTF.

David Katzmaier/CNET

Picture settings, HDR notes and charts

CNET is nary longer publishing precocious picture settings for immoderate TVs we review. Instead, we'll springiness much wide recommendations to get the champion representation without listing the elaborate achromatic equilibrium oregon colour absorption strategy settings we whitethorn person utilized to calibrate the TV. As always, the settings provided are a guidepost, and if you privation the astir close representation you should get a nonrecreational calibration.

Before my calibration for this review, the Calibrated and Calibrated Dark settings presets were the astir accurate, though some showed a somewhat bluish colour temperature. I chose Calibrated Dark for my acheronian country comparisons. During calibration I removed the bluish from the grayscale utilizing the two-point strategy and afterward it was excellent. The 2.1 gamma mounting was really person to my 2.2 people than the existent 2.2 settings, truthful I utilized 2.1 instead, and I chose the Low section dimming mounting due to the fact that Medium and High showed a less-consistent gamma.Color was already rather close truthful I didn't marque immoderate adjustments to the colour absorption system.

Dark country settings:

  • Picture mode: Calibrated Dark*
  • Auto Brightness Control: Off
  • Backlight: 45
  • Brightness: 50
  • Contrast: 50
  • Color: 50
  • Tint: 0
  • Sharpness: 0
  • Color Temperature: Warm
  • Aspect Ratio: Normal

Advanced Picture menu:

  • Black Detail: Off
  • Super Resolution: Off
  • Edge Enhancement: Off
  • Local Contrast: Off
  • Local Dimming: Low
  • Motion Control > Clear Action: Off
  • Reduce Noise > (all settings) Off
  • Gaming Engine > Game Low Latency: Auto, Variable Refresh Rate: On, Game HDR: Off
  • Film Mode: On
  • Gamma: 2.1
  • Color Calibration > Color Tuner (no changes; each "0")

HDR Notes: None of the Vizio M65Q7-J01's HDR modes were peculiarly accurate, but Calibrated Dark was the best. Even so, it didn't travel the EOTF arsenic intimately arsenic astir TVs I've reviewed, and grayscale was comparatively blue, peculiarly astatine the brighter extremity -- issues that besides contributed to its less-than-stellar colour measurements. Brightness was importantly higher than the M bid past year, however, and it covered the P3 colour gamut well.

Geek Box

Test Black luminance (0%) Peak achromatic luminance (SDR) Avg. gamma (10-100%) Avg. grayscale mistake (10-100%) Dark grey mistake (30%) Bright grey mistake (80%) Avg. colour checker mistake Avg. saturation sweeps mistake Avg. colour mistake Red mistake Green mistake Blue mistake Cyan mistake Magenta mistake Yellow mistake 1080p/24 Cadence (IAL) Motion solution (max) Motion solution (dejudder off) Input lag (Game mode)
HDR10 Black luminance (0%) Peak achromatic luminance (10% win) Gamut % UHDA/P3 (CIE 1976) ColorMatch HDR mistake Avg. colour checker mistake Input lag (Game mode, 4K HDR)


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