VMware Workstation Player

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VMware Workstation Player, oregon VMware Player, is an effectual instrumentality for immoderate machine idiosyncratic who wants to tally a second, isolated operating strategy connected their PC.


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VMware is simply a well-known American unreality computing and virtualization exertion company. It released the archetypal bare-bones mentation of the Workstation Player successful 2008. A twelvemonth later, it added defining features similar a graphical idiosyncratic interface, drag-and-drop enhancements, and multiple-monitor display.

In 2014, the VMware Workstation Player stopped supporting 32-bit computers pursuing an update. In 2020, it dropped enactment for Windows 7, becoming disposable connected lone Windows 8 oregon higher (64-bit only) and the Linux operating system.

The VMware Workstation Player is simply a virtual instrumentality software (opens successful caller tab) level that is disposable for idiosyncratic usage for free. But, you'll request to wage for a licence to usage it commercially.  

VMware Workstation Player: Plans and pricing

As we’ve mentioned, you tin download the non-commercial mentation of this bundle for free. You’ll person to wage $149 per instrumentality licence for commercialized use, which is beauteous expensive. If upgrading from a erstwhile version, you’ll wage $79. 

The higher-end mentation of this tool, VMware Workstation Pro, requires payment. Unlike its free-to-use counterpart, Workstation Pro lets you make and negociate encrypted virtual machines (VMs) and make afloat operating strategy clones. It costs $199 for a caller licence for each PC oregon $99 for an upgrade. You tin besides adhd 1 twelvemonth of method enactment for a $42 fee.

VMware lets you petition a afloat refund up to 30 days aft your purchase. 

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VMware Workstation Player: Features

Virtualization is the halfway relation of the VM Workstation Player. It lets you make virtual machines connected a Windows oregon Linux PC. The virtual instrumentality functions similar a abstracted computer (opens successful caller tab) moving its ain CPU, memory, web interface, and storage. It uses a hypervisor to abstracted the virtual machine's resources from your PC's hardware truthful that you tin usage it efficiently.

Your PC is the big system, portion the virtual instrumentality you instal is the impermanent operating system. There are minimum requirements for a big system, including astatine slightest 400Mhz processing speed, 128MB memory, and 1GB escaped disk space. Most modern PCs conscionable this requirement, truthful determination should beryllium nary origin for alarm.

Virtual machines are isolated from the remainder of the big system, and a azygous big strategy tin person aggregate virtual machines. However, VMware Player lets you tally lone 1 virtual instrumentality astatine a time– you indispensable adjacent the existent virtual instrumentality earlier opening a caller one. You’ll person to wage for the Workstation Pro licence if you privation to tally aggregate VMs simultaneously.

You tin negociate your virtual machines successful respective ways with this tool. For instance, you tin alteration the magnitude of representation allocated to each virtual machine. You tin link and disconnect immoderate pre-configured devices successful a virtual machine. You tin transcript and paste files from a virtual instrumentality to the big and vice versa.

There are galore usage cases for virtual machines. You whitethorn privation to follow a caller operating strategy but are not yet definite of your decision. You tin instal that OS connected a virtual instrumentality to spot however it works and determine if it’s close for you.

VMware Workstation Player 2

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You could besides usage virtual machines to make bundle for different platforms. Let's accidental you usage a PC moving macOS but request to codification bundle for the Windows operating system. You tin instal a Windows-powered virtual instrumentality connected your Mac PC and bash conscionable that. 

If you privation to instal virtual machines for idiosyncratic use, VMware WorkStation Player lets you bash that for free. But, if you request to bash that successful commercialized settings, e.g., a schoolhouse oregon business, you’ll request to acquisition the license. 

Thanks to this software, enterprises tin supply a firm desktop representation that employees (opens successful caller tab) tin negociate connected their idiosyncratic desktop. It's similar having entree to your enactment laptop (opens successful caller tab) from anywhere, which is adjuvant successful this epoch of distant work. Likewise, schools tin usage VMware Player to supply a virtual sandbox for students to prosecute successful acquisition activities. 

The escaped VMware Workstation Player has a batch of drawbacks compared to the paid Workstation Pro version. As we mentioned, the erstwhile doesn’t fto you tally aggregate virtual machines simultaneously. It besides doesn’t fto you make a snapshot (backup) of the virtual machine, portion Workstation Pro does. Likewise, you can’t encrypt virtual machines with passwords (opens successful caller tab) with the escaped VMware player, but you tin bash that with Workstation Pro.

Workstation Player isn’t compatible with Mac computers (opens successful caller tab). But, VMware provides different instrumentality (Fusion) that lets macOS-powered PCs tally Windows oregon Linux virtual machines. 

VMware Workstation Player 3

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VMware Workstation Player: Interface and use

When researching for this review, we observed sizeable lawsuit complaints of this bundle being hard to acceptable up and configure connected a caller PC. However, the complexity seems to dwindle erstwhile you get past the archetypal setup process. Customer reviews often highlighted user-friendliness arsenic a cardinal selling point.  

VMware Workstation Player: Support

VMware provides enactment successful the signifier of upgrades and method assistance, but you'll person to wage separately for it. You tin interaction the company’s method enactment squad done unrecorded chat, telephone, and email.  

VMware Workstation Player: The competition

The champion alternate to the VMware Player that we’ll urge is VirtualBox.  It's a escaped and open-source software (opens successful caller tab) compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. You get afloat entree to VirtualBox’s features without paying, dissimilar with VMware Workstation Player.

We suggest going with VirtualBox if outgo is simply a large concern, fixed that VMware’s licenses are expensive. 

VMware Workstation Player: Final verdict

With this software, you tin easy make VMs for escaped for idiosyncratic use. It’s beauteous analyzable to acceptable up and doesn’t enactment the macOS operating system, but the VMware Workstation Player provides a batch of practicality for users.  

We've featured the champion distant desktop software.

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