Volt Equity’s ‘Bitcoin revolution’ ETF goes live on NYSE today

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Volt Equity’s ETF consults with PlanB’s Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow exemplary to set exposure.

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Volt Equity’s ‘Bitcoin revolution’ ETF goes unrecorded  connected  NYSE contiguous

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) continues listing Bitcoin (BTC)-linked exchange-traded funds (ETF), with Volt Equity becoming the latest institution to debut specified a merchandise connected the exchange.

Volt Equity’s Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF volition debut trading connected the physics securities speech NYSE Arca connected Oct. 28, the company’s CEO Tad Park told Cointelegraph. The ETF volition beryllium disposable for trading astatine marketplace opening nether the ticker awesome BTCR.

BTCR volition unfastened astatine $21, giving a motion to Bitcoin’s capped proviso of 21 cardinal Bitcoin. According to the company, the ETF is implementing a absorption attack informed by PlanB’s Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, a large quantitative exemplary intending to foretell BTC price.

“We consult the celebrated Stock-to-Flow exemplary arsenic 1 input to recognize however Bitcoin’s mining proviso daze owed to its scheduled halvings could impact Bitcoin’s terms and when. Based connected what we’re seeing, we could set our mining-related vulnerability accordingly,” Volt Equity said.

Approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) successful aboriginal October, Volt Equity’s merchandise is not a axenic Bitcoin ETF arsenic it’s based connected companies with important exposure to Bitcoin.

The ETF tracks alleged “Bitcoin Industry Revolution Companies,” including Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy, Tesla, Twitter, Square, Coinbase crypto speech arsenic good arsenic Bitcoin mining companies similar Canaan, Bitfarms and Riot Blockchain. Volt Equity volition regularly reappraisal the fund’s holdings and allocations “when appropriate” based connected research, information and models similar the S2F.

“Bitcoin is not conscionable a coin, it’s a gyration that encompasses miners, companies utilizing it connected their equilibrium sheet, and mundane HODLers who privation to clasp the archetypal integer store of worth that can’t beryllium inflated distant by a government,” Park said.

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The latest ETF motorboat comes soon aft NYSE Arca listed a Bitcoin futures-linked ETF by concern institution ProShares connected Oct. 19. As antecedently reported, ProShares’ Bitcoin Strategy ETF became the archetypal Bitcoin futures-linked ETF to motorboat successful the United States.

In mid-October, large cryptocurrency money Bitwise Asset Management besides applied with the SEC to database a axenic Bitcoin ETF connected NYSE Arca. The SEC has not yet approved an ETF that would way Bitcoin terms directly.

Major plus absorption steadfast AXS Investments filed for 2 Bitcoin futures ETFs connected Oct. 27. According to Bloomberg elder ETF expert Eric Balchunas, large crypto concern steadfast Grayscale Investments expects the SEC to o.k. its spot Bitcoin ETF by July 2022.

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