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Reviewed successful the United States connected August 21, 2020

Flavor Name: Chicken (1 lb)Verified Purchase

My canine enjoyed the flavor/color/texture but my lone query was - wherever is the chickenhearted from? It mentions USA, but does that mean the chickenhearted is from the USA oregon the packaging is from USA, oregon is it each enactment unneurotic successful the USA? Sorry, excessively galore pets being poisoned has truly led maine to marque my ain and this is the archetypal I person purchased successful implicit a year. Don't marque maine privation I hadn't and fto maine cognize wherever the ingredients are from. Thank you.

Reviewed successful the United States connected November 11, 2020

Flavor Name: Chicken (1 lb)Verified Purchase

My canine loves chickenhearted jerky. All of my dogs person ever loved chickenhearted jerky. I marque my ain whenever I can. And erstwhile I was younger, and healthier, I made it each the time. Now I person to trust connected retail chickenhearted jerky to capable the gaps betwixt my jerky. I bought this aft looking astatine the 2 ingredients and the information that it was made successful the United States. I figured it would beryllium large for the dog. First, erstwhile I opened it I didn’t similar the color. Chicken doesn’t usually person that acheronian brownish color. But it looked similar it had the close texture, truthful I took retired a piece. Like different reviewer, I recovered that the portion was precise hard. There were parts of it that I could interruption off, but determination was besides a precise heavy portion that was truthful hard determination was nary mode I was going to beryllium capable to interruption it oregon chopped it. Jerky shouldn’t beryllium that hard. Jerky shouldn’t beryllium that thick. But the pieces that I did interruption disconnected I offered to the dog. He sniffed astatine it and turned and walked away. I thought possibly helium would came backmost for it later, truthful I near immoderate pieces determination for him. It’s inactive here. He doesn’t privation it. So, erstwhile a canine who loves chickenhearted jerky, and has been eating it for the full 9 years of his life, refuses to devour it, there's decidedly thing wrong. I had this successful my subscribe and save, present it's successful the heap going to the canine shelter, and nary longer connected my subscribe and save!

Reviewed successful the United States connected January 1, 2021

Flavor Name: Chicken (1 lb)Verified Purchase

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5.0 retired of 5 stars 🐾🐾Paws down, the Best Jerky I ever fed my boys.
By David connected January 1, 2021

I was ever hesitent to effort an Amazon branded merchandise for my pups. With truthful galore prime jerky options retired there, I did not deliberation they could get adjacent to the made successful the USA, constricted ingredients that my dogos love.

I was archetypal shocked astatine the precise ample pieces of visually pleasing slices of full musculus chickenhearted bosom meat. (I wanted to sensation it myself. ( but I didn't) it is simply a beauteous colour and texture.

The odor was pleasing, and astir importantly, Bo and Murphy were brainsick astir them. These are made from lone 2 ingredients, with nary added preservatives. Just Chicken and
some rootlike glycerin to support it moist and plyable. These oven baked snacks person nary little that 55% protein, and are a truly steadfast prime for a snack immoderate canine volition love.
NO grain, corn, soy, colour oregon artificial flavors, conscionable the godd earthy worldly your canine deserves. I americium VERY picky erstwhile it comes to what I provender my dogs, and Wags by Amazon conscionable won maine implicit with these prime snacks.

Do your canine a favour and bid a container today. And also, fto your canine bask the amusive of opening the container with you erstwhile they arive, you and your furbaby volition emotion it.
"Give your dogs thing to Wag about!" 🐾🐾

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Reviewed successful the United States connected December 20, 2019

Flavor Name: Chicken & Flaxseed (1 lb)Verified Purchase

I usually don't constitute merchandise reviews but one consciousness I indispensable dispersed the words connected however large a merchandise this 1 is! I person a chihuahua premix who is rather a picky eater. I utilized to bargain a akin chickenhearted fillet from Dr Foster and Smith and present I discovered this connected Amazon. It's instant love! My pup would bash thing for it! It's made retired of constricted ingredients, made successful the US, and smelled truthful bully retired of the container adjacent if I would privation to person a wound myself, haha! Highly recommend!

Reviewed successful the United States connected September 2, 2020

Flavor Name: Chicken & Flaxseed (1 lb)Verified Purchase

The archetypal bundle I received had mold connected the pieces - upon opening, the container was precise moist/warm. I was capable to get a replacement rapidly w/ nary hassle. The container they sent was great! The chickenhearted pieces odor bully (like existent chicken), and looking astatine the ingredients, there's thing truly unhealthy astir these jerky treats. I admit that I tasted it, and it tastes what I presume chickenhearted jerky would sensation like. It's hard to find treats, including jerky, without sweetener for my dog, truthful this was a win. My canine is lone 15 lbs truthful this volition past him a agelong time. Great worth arsenic it was connected merchantability for 40% disconnected the accustomed price! Highly recommended!

Reviewed successful the United States connected January 31, 2020

Flavor Name: Chicken (1 lb)Verified Purchase

Bag was that expected but the chickenhearted strips were truly hard I could hardly chopped them with a scissors They were excessively hard for my puppy to eat

Reviewed successful the United States connected March 5, 2021

Flavor Name: Chicken (1 lb)Verified Purchase

I've looked astatine and bought a fig of brands of chickenhearted jerky treats implicit the past fewer years.

My archetypal interest for immoderate canine products is that they're domestically made, with domestically sourced ingredients - determination person been excessively galore fearfulness stories astir doctored offshore canine treats and food.

These conscionable that critieria - they're made and sourced successful the US.

The chickenhearted pieces are precise intelligibly full meat. There are a fewer bully brands of chickenhearted jerky dainty made of "bars" of crushed and processed chicken. These are, successful my opinion, amended - ample slices of dried chicken, which the canine loves to shred and teardrop into. They don't odor peculiarly beardown oregon violative either.

They are a spot much expensive, per pound, than competing products, but I deliberation it's good worthy it.

Many of the pieces are rather ample - truthful if you person a smaller dog, oregon similar giving smaller treats, you whitethorn privation to disagreement them. A brace of shears works perfectly.

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