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Ever wonderment what it would beryllium similar if villain Vecna and the Stranger Things kids decided to settee things with a creation battle? Thanks to histrion Noah Schnapp's TikTok account, we tin spot what Will Byers' slayer moves would be.

In a video posted connected May 29, 2 days aft Stranger Things play 4 premiered, Schnapp appears successful afloat Byers garb -- a plaid garment and khaki-colored pants he wears connected the show -- and does an understated creation to a hip-hop track. "Will Byers making a TikTok?," the caption reads. You tin cheque it retired below.


Will byers making a tiktok?

♬ nary thought X poke it retired X retired westbound - VNDRE

If you've scrolled done TikTok implicit the past month, you've astir apt taken enactment of the Stranger Things chatter. Season 4 has inspired everything from a TikTok situation wherever radical uncover which opus would save them from Vecna's curse, to an auto-tuned version of Eddie's plea to a possessed Chrissy successful the archetypal occurrence ("Chrissy aftermath up," the way starts off. "I don't similar this…"). 

Seventeen-year-old Schnapp and his Tiktok-savvy co-star, 20-year-old Caleb McLaughlin, are adding their ain entertaining videos to the mix, and it's precisely what I've needed during this gap between season 4 episodes. Neither histrion is caller to the level -- McLaughlin has been connected since astatine slightest 2021 and Schnapp since astatine slightest 2019 -- but they've some delivered for fans during the show's interim.

In his follow-up TikTok to the Will Byers dancing vid, Schnapp pokes amusive astatine TikTok's adoption of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill, the 1985 opus that saw a resurgence aft the merchandise of play 4. "Me scrolling connected my For You leafage aft May 27," appears on-screen, portion helium scrolls done galore mean and sped-up versions of the song. In summation to the TikTok recognition, the track charted astir the world.

Meanwhile, McLaughlin, the histrion who plays Lucas, has spent the play 4 intermission lip-syncing to Pass the Dutchie, different opus highlighted successful play 4, and introducing Stranger Things music-lover Max to his ain 2022 single, Soul Travel. (McLaughlin, similar respective actors successful the Stranger Things cast, is also a musician.)

All of these videos person individually crossed a cardinal likes. So chances are I'm conscionable recapping TikToks you've already seen. But if not, it's a amusive mode to walk immoderate much clip successful the realm of Stranger Things. Schnapp has posted down the scenes photos and videos of the cast, including immoderate throwback pics from erstwhile they were each younger. McLaughlin's different videos besides uncover however overmuch amusive the pack has unneurotic erstwhile TV cameras aren't rolling. 

Netflix users watched 286.8 cardinal hours of Stranger Things play 4 successful its archetypal 3 days -- much hours than the 2nd play of Bridgerton. The 2nd fractional of play 4 debuts successful a small implicit a week, connected July 1. If you privation a temper boost portion you wait, caput to the accounts of these 2 originative formed members.

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