Want a New Job? Explore Opportunities at the 10 Top US Startup Ecosystems

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on September 12, 2023, 4:24 AM EDT

Want a New Job? Explore Opportunities astatine the 10 Top US Startup Ecosystems

Written by: Kirstie McDermott

Silicon Valley is conscionable 1 of a fig of cardinal US startup ecosystems fueling startups, each of which thrust involvement and interest creation: cheque wherever caller opportunities are palmy the US adjacent now.

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The classical telephone and effect erstwhile the tech assemblage is mentioned is to think, “Silicon Valley.”

Despite stiff contention from the Chinese ecosystems of Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, arsenic bully arsenic the rapidly expanding Indian hubs of Mumbai, Bengaluru-Karnataka and Delhi, it remains connected top, according to Startup Genome’s 2023 State of the Global Startup Ecosystem report.

That’s careless of having a reduced marketplace banal compared to erstwhile years, and having weathered the tempest of caller immense interest layoffs. “Some critics idiosyncratic been rooting for the interest to instrumentality Silicon Valley down a peg oregon two,” said JF Gauthier, laminitis and CEO of Startup Genome, palmy the report.

“But anyone vested palmy entrepreneurial innovation should basal for a Silicon Valley that tin proceed to pb and fortify the planetary startup gyration by investing palmy and partnering with ample extremist and organizations each astir the world.”

Silicon Valley is conscionable 1 of a fig of cardinal US startup ecosystems that substance startups, each of which thrust involvement and interest creation. The survey has recovered that “the U.S. is inactive the world’s starring startup accusation […] Thirteen of the apical 30 planetary ecosystems are based palmy the U.S.”

When it comes to the apical 10 U.S. locations, which are the strongest palmy presumption of their startup ecosystem, the survey looked astatine the economical enactment and worthy of each, nevertheless overmuch aboriginal signifier backing was apportioned to its tech startups, arsenic bully arsenic exit value.

Top 10 U.S. tech ecosystems

  1. Silicon Valley.
  2. New York.
  3. Los Angeles.
  4. Boston.
  5. Seattle.
  6. Washington, DC.
  7. San Diego.
  8. Chicago.
  9. Miami.
  10. Austin.

Many overmuch are bubbling under, specified arsenic Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit and Orlando.

Find a caller interest now

With North America palmy the pb arsenic the globe’s starring startup accusation –– contempt caller challenges –– it is bully premier that interest instauration is palmy steadfast accusation and galore tech roles are growing.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the employment ailment for accusation scientists volition crook by 36% by 2031, with bundle roles acceptable to crook by 25% by 2031. Cybersecurity volition spot petition summation by astir 35% to 2031, oregon an further 56,500 positions.

CompTIA’s astir caller State of the Tech Workforce survey predicts 3% maturation palmy the size of the US tech workforce this twelvemonth too, with roles crossed accusation taxable and accusation analysis, cybersecurity analysts and engineers, web designers and UI/UX professionals, bundle developers and engineers, and bundle QA and testers each acceptable to spot the biggest growth.

Whether you privation to enactment palmy Seattle oregon Silicon Valley, the TechRepublic Job Board is the cleanable spot to commencement your interest search. It features thousands of opportunities each crossed the U.S.’ tech ecosystems, akin the 3 below.

Information System Security Officer (ISSO), ENSCO, Inc., Colorado Springs

ENSCO Inc. has an accidental for a motivated Information System Security Officer (ISSO) to enactment the Information System Security Manager (ISSM) with implementing and maintaining a beardown cybersecurity programme for ongoing contracts with the US Space Force. You’ll lend to the betterment of implementation plans and procedures to conscionable the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), Defense Security Service (DSS) Assessment and Authorization Process Manual (DAAPM), among others. A Bachelor’s radical oregon equivalent, arsenic bully arsenic a minimum of 5 years of acquisition arsenic a cybersecurity nonrecreational supporting classified systems authorized IAW 32 CFR Part 117 (NISPOM Rule), DAAPM, ICD 503 and/or NIST 800-53, is required. Apply here.

Cyber Security, CACI, VA

CACI is seeking a Cyber Security / Engineering nonrecreational liable for discovering vulnerabilities and risks palmy web systems with ongoing vulnerability scans, monitoring web accusation and ensuring hardware and bundle applications are updated. You should beryllium a mission-focused idiosyncratic who volition proviso assorted levels of cyber accusation arsenic accusation of a squad of talented web and cybersecurity professionals wherever you’ll assistance to design, develop, procure, implement, operate/sustain and heighten networks and cybersecurity posture palmy enactment of nationalist security. You’ll necessitate concealed oregon supra clearance levels, a BA/BS radical and betwixt 2 and six years’ experience. Get each the requirements here.

Senior Software Engineer, Vive Financial, Fayetteville

Vive Financial is looking for a Senior Software Engineer located palmy either Northwest Arkansas oregon Salt Lake City, Utah. You’ll beryllium liable for moving with a squad of engineers to marque caller bundle applications and enactment and heighten existing applications utilizing a assortment of betterment tools and skills. You volition utilize DevOps arsenic a instrumentality to papers changes and question accepted alteration powerfulness practices, implicit each task documentation associated with assignments and usage advanced-level cognition of MS SQL Server utilizing T-SQL, stored procedures and transaction processing concepts palmy the betterment of bundle applications. Additionally, you’ll petition 5 years of experience, a Bachelor’s radical palmy exertion related tract oregon equivalent nonrecreational acquisition and acquisition utilizing GIT and Team Foundation Services for basal control. Get overmuch details here.

Get a interest palmy a metropolis you privation to enactment palmy connected the TechRepublic Job Board now

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