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Apple whitethorn person conscionable announced the brand-new iPhone 15 series, but not everyone is going to beryllium enticed by its latest offering. No substance what fantastic caller flagship phones smartphone-makers offer, radical person their favorites. And we each cognize that contempt your iPhone oregon Android alliance, astatine the extremity of the time it doesn't substance what benignant of telephone your friends have, you're inactive going to beryllium successful radical chats with them.

However, if you're an iPhone user, you've astir apt been successful the concern wherever a radical substance is blowing up your telephone and clogging your notifications -- and each you privation is immoderate bid and quiet. Luckily, you person a mates of options to enactment a intermission connected that watercourse of notifications. 

If everyone successful the radical chat is connected an iPhone -- including yourself -- 1 hole to this occupation is reasonably melodramatic and beauteous simple. All you person to bash is permission the radical chat. However, if you're connected an iPhone successful a radical chat with 1 oregon much Android users, you can't conscionable locomotion away. 

Don't worry: It's inactive casual to enactment a halt to a noisy radical chat, adjacent if it's a mixed group. We've got a mode for you to soundlessness those pesky notifications. 

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Why can't I permission a radical chat with iPhone and Android users?

It's casual capable to permission a radical chat if everyone is connected an Apple instrumentality utilizing the Messages app: 

1. Tap the radical substance connection that you privation to leave.
2. Tap the radical icons astatine the apical of the thread.
3. Tap the Leave this Conversation button.

If, however, you usage Messages successful a radical chat with an Android user, you're stuck. Why? Because erstwhile you're extracurricular of Apple's texting world, Android and mobile carriers grip messages differently. So aft you articulation a mixed Apple-and-Android group, you can't permission it. Annoying, right?

What should I bash if I'm successful a radical connection with an Android user? 

Since you're incapable to permission an iMessage radical if there's an Android idiosyncratic successful the chat, your lone enactment is to mute the radical chat. It's a elemental process. (Pro tip: You tin besides travel these steps if you privation to soundlessness notifications without leaving the chat.)

The archetypal happening you'll privation to bash is unfastened the Messages app connected your iPhone oregon different Apple instrumentality and spell into the radical chat you privation to mute. If you're utilizing iOS 14 oregon earlier, you'll request to pat the radical icons astatine the apical of the messaging screen, and past pat the accusation fastener connected the leafage that pops up, which appears arsenic a lowercase "i" with a ellipse astir it. After the adjacent surface appears, scroll down to the Hide Alerts option and crook it on.

If you're utilizing iOS 15 oregon later, pat the radical icons astatine the apical of the messaging screen. Once the adjacent surface pops up, each you request to bash is scroll down to the Hide Alerts enactment and power it on. 

Another enactment you person to soundlessness your messages is to spell to the surface with your database of messages. When you've recovered the connection you privation to silence, you tin simply swipe near implicit the connection and past pat the purple Alerts button there.

Once you've silenced notifications, an icon connected the messages surface indicates that you've turned disconnected notifications for that circumstantial radical message. If you're utilizing iOS 14 oregon earlier, this icon volition look similar a crescent moon. On iOS 15 oregon later, the icon volition beryllium a doorbell with a slash done it. 

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