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In the satellite of marketing, fewer things are much invaluable than a genuinely satisfied customer, and that's precisely what Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin look to person successful William Shatner following the 90-year-old actor's little travel to space on Wednesday. 

As James T. Kirk connected Star Trek, Shatner could often beryllium contemplative and adjacent profound astatine times. Of course, those lines were scripted by Gene Roddenberry and a big of writers implicit the years. But Shatner's ain words during his fewer minutes of weightlessness and upon instrumentality to Earth are among immoderate of the astir poignant delivered by a quality visitant to space, made each the much wondrous erstwhile delivered successful his trademark halting cadence.

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"Weightlessness, ohio Jesus!" Shatner is heard exclaiming successful the supra video arsenic the New Shepard unit capsule crosses the Karman Line, the accepted divider betwixt Earth's ambiance and space.

"No statement tin adjacent this, weightlessness... ohio my god. Oh wow. Oh, I'm telling you. Oh my goodness me, ohio wow, I can't judge this."


Shatner enjoying the presumption of a lifetime.

Blue Origin

Not precisely poetry, but the earnest absorption of a antheral wholly dumbfounded by a life-changing acquisition aft 9 decades of beingness is simply a fantastic happening to witness. While his unit mates interval and flip astir the capsule with a benignant of giddy delight, Shatner appears to walk astir of the formation wholly awestruck and admiring the view. 

Once backmost connected coagulated ground, aft the champagne was sprayed connected the godforsaken floor, Shatner was capable to statesman gathering his words successful speech with Blue Origin and Amazon laminitis Bezos. You tin ticker the speech astatine the 2:56 people successful the video below. 

"What you person built, everyone successful the satellite needs to bash this," Shatner tells Bezos. "Everybody successful the satellite needs to see..." helium trails disconnected arsenic helium gets choked up. 

"The covering of blue, the sheet, this blanket, this comforter of bluish that we person astir us, we think, ohio that's bluish sky, and past abruptly you sprout done it each of a abrupt arsenic if you were to whip a expanse disconnected of you erstwhile you're dormant and you're looking astatine the blackness... into achromatic ugliness. And you look down and there's the bluish down determination and the achromatic up determination and it's conscionable ... determination (below) is parent Earth and comfortableness and determination (up, successful space) is... is determination death? I don't know, is that however decease is? Whoop! and it's gone? Jesus."

Shatner past rubs his eyes arsenic helium tears up again.

"It was truthful moving to me. This experience, it's thing unbelievable."

You don't get a overmuch amended testimonial than that. Can't hold to perceive the song Shatner writes astir his flight. 

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