Watch iFixit Tear Down Apple's Official Repair Tools In a New Video

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Jun 3, 2022, 11:22 americium EDT | 1 min read

A photograph  of Apple's Self Service Repair tools, specifically the surface  remover, surface  replacer, and artillery  roller.iFixit

While Apple’s Self Service Repair programme is acold from practical, the tools that are rented retired done this programme are beauteous interesting. They’re immense and expensive, but they execute elemental tasks that truly don’t necessitate peculiar equipment. So, iFixit spent a fewer 1000 dollars to bargain and teardrop down Apple’s Self Service Repair tools.

Previously, iFixit rented a clump of Self Service Repair tools to find each the pros and cons of Apple’s caller program. One of the team’s conclusions (and the statement among Review Geek writers) is that the tools are overkill and volition intimidate customers (perhaps intentionally). These tools whitethorn besides explicate wherefore Self Service Repair offers lone middling outgo savings—it’s about the aforesaid price arsenic a travel to the Apple Store.

But these tools are worthy investigating and documenting. They’re the aforesaid tools that Apple employees usage down the Genius Bar, and notably, they don’t travel with work manuals oregon different important paperwork. Oh, and of course, this worldly is conscionable amusive to look at.

In its elaborate teardown video, iFixit takes isolated 3 Apple repair tools—the show press, the artillery press, and the heated show removal fixture. These tools aren’t indispensable for an iPhone repair, but they’re rather precise.

The show press, for example, tin reconstruct IPX h2o absorption to an iPhone aft a surface replacement. And the artillery property … well, iFixit calls it a “polished suit prevention system,” which makes sense, arsenic Apple can’t precisely archer customers oregon employees to property connected batteries with their hands.

Arguably the astir happening astir these tools is the mode they’re engineered. They incorporate off-the-shelf components, including displays and processors, and there’s each kinds of mechanical goodness hiding successful each tool. Look retired for shot bearings, precise outpouring tensions, and clever information systems successful iFixit’s teardown video.

You tin presumption the iFixit teardown video supra oregon at YouTube. Just support successful caput that these tools aren’t indispensable for an iPhone surface repair. The pack astatine iFixit sells much cheaper parts for surface replacements and publishes repair guides for each iPhone.

Source: iFixit

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