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Tasked with announcing their 2022 docket this week, the Los Angeles Chargers got creative.

The NFL squad tweeted an awesome anime-inspired schedule merchandise video connected Thursday that references Naruto, One Piece, Attack connected Titan, Avatar: The Last Airbender and more. As of this writing, it's amassed much than 63,000 retweets and much than 180,000 likes.

"Should we REALLY marque our docket merchandise video an anime?" the tweet's caption says. Based connected the replies to the post, viewers are gladsome they did.

Should we REALLY marque our docket merchandise video an anime?

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— Los Angeles Chargers (@chargers) May 13, 2022

Users wrote, "this is awesome," "whoever is successful complaint of their Twitter needs a raise," and "y'all decidedly won the docket announcement race." One idiosyncratic simply replied with a meme of Adam Sandler, taken from the movie Uncut Gems. 

The NFL unveiled its afloat 2022 regular-season docket connected Thursday. Other teams tweeted astir their schedules, too, including the New England Patriots, which posted a video of erstwhile coach Ernie Adams breaking it down. The Carolina Panthers wrote their docket connected an Etch A Sketch. In a video posted by the Denver Broncos, erstwhile backmost Peyton Manning tells an "intern" (quarterback Russell Wilson) to support the docket a secret. (Spoiler: He fails).

The 2022 NFL play is scheduled to statesman connected Sept. 8.

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