We asked, you told us: You don’t hate the leaked OnePlus 10T design

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OnePlus 10T renders

OnePlus is expected to motorboat a 2nd flagship-level smartphone aboriginal this year, and it’s present believed that this could beryllium the OnePlus 10T. Leaked renders of the phone appeared online past week, but what bash readers deliberation of the design?

Well, we posted a canvass successful the quality nonfiction asking what readers thought of the evident OnePlus 10T. Here’s however you voted successful that poll.

What bash you deliberation of the leaked OnePlus 10T?


Just implicit 850 votes were counted arsenic of writing, and it turns retired that the astir fashionable enactment was “I similar it” (39.95%). For what it’s worth, the telephone seems broadly successful enactment with the OnePlus 10 Pro’s plan barroom the tweaked punch-hole cutout determination and missing alert slider.

In 2nd spot was “I’m indifferent,” accounting for 35.63% of the vote. Readers who chose this enactment apt consciousness that the plan is inoffensive oregon would similar to hold for much details earlier making up their minds.

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Finally, those who chose “I hatred it” accounted for 24.42% of the ballot and brought up the rear.  Most of the scholar comments reflected this position, pointing to the missing alert slider and questioning the level of bundle support.

Either way, those who liked the caller plan oregon were indifferent made up conscionable implicit 75% of the vote. By comparison, those who were indifferent oregon hated the plan accounted for ~60% of the vote.


  • Smart Ass: No alert slider, integrative frame, Hasselblad branding gone. OnePlus is taking a elephantine nosedive. Happy lawsuit with the 8T which luckily inactive had the aluminium framework with the slider. Also, wherefore nary Hasselblad photography connected this? The OP9 inactive had it! The institution continues to instrumentality idiotic decisions and the marque volition apt beryllium buried nether Oppo soon.
  • Abdulaziz: Why would they wantonness the alert slider? this was a immense positive for them, considering different Android telephone don’t supply it, onslaught it disconnected my list.
  • Martin Pollard: No alert slider, nary sale.
  • Juan Carlos: With however pathetic OnePlus enactment is (my 8t is inactive connected Android 11) they already look similar Motorola releasing galore compartment phones without support
  • Renato: I conscionable anticipation it features dual sim, different I volition not bargain it
  • Stanley Kubrick: I cognize immoderate volition hatred “no alert slider” and I excessively enjoyed it precise much. My existent N20 does not person 1 and truly I bash not miss it that overmuch if astatine all. I volition accidental this though that a idiosyncratic I cognize has a OnePlus 7 Pro which does person the slider and they accidentally had is enactment connected soundless for days and forgot it adjacent existed and could not fig retired what the occupation was! I conjecture the constituent os that if you are not utilized to having 1 connected each phones, (like determination should be) past you whitethorn hide you adjacent person it and it causes uneccessary angst!
  • Robert Yates: I similar it, but would miss the alert slider.

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