What Does F2P Mean? Explaining How Free-to-Play Works

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If you’re adjacent remotely funny successful gaming, you’ve travel crossed the acronym F2P oregon the word “free-to-play.” What does this mean, though? Is it truly free, oregon are determination strings attached? Let’s instrumentality a look.

What is F2P?

Free-to-play has meant antithetic things to antithetic radical astatine antithetic times. The shareware of the ’90s could beryllium described arsenic F2P. You got a crippled for free, oregon astatine slightest the archetypal portion of it—but, to get the remainder of it, you needed to pony up. It was a bully strategy for developers who needed to get their sanction retired there. Penniless gamers, including your author, got thing to play for free.

In its existent incarnation, though, F2P describes thing precise different. While determination are escaped games retired there—some of them rather good—when we accidental “free-to-play” (note the hyphens,) we usually mean games that run nether the freemium model.

The Freemium Model

At first, the freemium exemplary meant that you got entree to a crippled for free—but, to advancement successful it, you needed to pay. For example, you could tally astir successful a crippled with definite basal weapons, but to get amended ones oregon to upgrade them you needed to walk immoderate wealth done alleged microtransactions, wherever you walk a dollar oregon adjacent little to bargain 1 circumstantial in-game item.

This peculiar exemplary was ne'er precise fashionable among gamers, and determination are precise fewer examples of it existing. What astir existent freemium games bash is connection the crippled for escaped and let you to gain weapons and upgrades done playing. The microtransactions are inactive there, but alternatively of unlocking the game, they conscionable velocity up your progress—often importantly so. That said, delight enactment that this is simply a wide observation. Specific examples tin alteration a little.

Pokemon Go, for example, lets you play the game, catching Pokemon and making coins, but you tin besides springiness yourself a caput commencement and bargain a clump of coins for real-world money. Team Fortress 2, a crippled developed by Valve and disposable connected its Steam platform, lets you play for free, but you tin bargain loot boxes that incorporate immoderate fig of items, astir of them invaluable for gameplay.

Freemium is an absorbing strategy for some gamers and developers. Gamers get a escaped game, portion the game’s publishers get players. While they miss retired connected the archetypal acquisition money, which for AAA games could beryllium arsenic overmuch arsenic $60 oregon $70, they alternatively get a gross watercourse that could, potentially, wage retired much implicit time.

The Problem With F2P Games

This alternate gross stream, though, is simply a monolithic inducement for shady concern practices. While astatine archetypal glimpse the freemium exemplary is beauteous awesome, determination is simply a batch of country for maltreatment and adjacent much examples of it happening. Free-to-play games employment a fig of intelligence tricks, putting you into a virtual Skinner box.

The Skinner Box

The Skinner box—properly called an operant conditioning chamber, which is wherefore we telephone it a Skinner box—was developed by B.F Skinner, a mid-20th period scientist and behaviorist. He conducted a bid of experiments wherever helium placed rats into boxes with a lever. If the rat pushed the lever, they would get a reward, usually a nutrient pellet.

As you tin imagine, the rats would rapidly fig this retired and conscionable deed that lever similar crazy—even when, aft a while, the reward wouldn’t ever come. In a way, hitting the lever was arsenic satisfying arsenic getting the reward. If you’re interested, you tin read much astir Skinner’s experiments and what they archer america astir some rats and humans. There is besides this fantabulous presentation by psychiatrist Dr. Ryan Black that goes deeper into the science of it all.

What we should instrumentality distant from each this is that successful the lawsuit of F2P games you are the rat, and the crippled developers person enactment a immense fig of shiny levers passim their box. Instead of a nutrient pellet, you get a bully shiny upgrade for your in-game weapon oregon a glimmering trophy. In the end, you’re conscionable different rat chasing down caller levers to propulsion to get that unreserved of satisfaction.

The Skinner Box and F2P Games

It’s that consciousness of restitution and accomplishment that drives players done F2P games. To beryllium clear, though, immoderate games are a batch much manipulative than others. The worst offenders are the inexpensive mobile games that are a dime a twelve connected markets similar Android’s Google Play Store oregon Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad.

There are a batch of them, and there’s a immense churn successful their numbers—so it’s pointless to sanction immoderate peculiar examples—but you astir apt cognize the type. They often diagnostic rudimentary graphics and gameplay. Instead, they trust astir wholly connected intelligence trickery to support the subordinate engaged and hopefully entice them into buying upgrades to velocity things along.

Setting up this benignant of reward strategy good means that the gross travel you get from a hooked subordinate tin beryllium a batch higher than that of immoderate archetypal acquisition price. In fact, the concern exemplary of these games relies connected you getting addicted.

As anybody who has played 1 tin testify, games similar this are ridiculously casual to get hooked on. If you’re not cautious you’ll beryllium buying in-game currency to get immoderate doodad finished a small quicker oregon get thing unlock a small sooner. You astir apt privation to support good distant from games similar this.

However, it’s not conscionable low-rent mobile games that effort this on. For example, the loot boxes from Team Fortress 2 are beauteous overmuch a lottery arsenic their contents are randomized. Before you cognize it, you’re spending a bully magnitude of wealth successful the hopes of getting a circumstantial reward; it’s gambling by different name.

Though not each developer retired determination is mounting retired to get players addicted, the mode that humans are ever funny successful getting much of thing means that it’s precise casual to walk wealth to get unlocks, adjacent if you don’t request oregon privation them. By each means, play F2P games if you like, but ever beryllium connected defender that you’re not slipping away.

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