What else is moving as Bitcoin price inches toward a new ATH?

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Bitcoin (BTC) is blistery and intelligibly successful the hands of bulls. Yes, yet an ETF is coming and aft that a $100,000, nary $120,000, scratch that, $150,000 BTC terms volition beryllium connected the board. 

Blah, blah, blah.

Anyone logging onto crypto Twitter is going to beryllium bombarded with each this bullish drivel consecutive from the leap and that great, we’re each blessed Bitcoin is doing well. I've been a holder since aboriginal 2016 truthful of people I’m happy. But, isn’t determination much to crypto than conscionable Bitcoin? Aren’t determination different assets that are moving?

Wouldn’t it beryllium bully to perceive astir them before they spell connected immoderate parabolic 150% tally and past your favourite anon Twitter trader with a Rolex and an Audi advises you connected which enactment levels to bargain connected the adjacent pullback?

Let's instrumentality a speedy look astatine immoderate of the different assets that mightiness beryllium connected the verge of a move. Of course, this isn’t fiscal advice. DYOR. Just due to the fact that we’ve covered it doesn’t mean it’s really going to bash something, truthful don’t troll america if the prices enactment level oregon if you suffer money.


Axie Infinity has virtually been blazing a way each twelvemonth agelong and from the look of things the play-to-earn blockchain gaming assemblage is poised for further maturation and Axies’s metrics, on with its AXS token, look great.

The level precocious rolled retired AXS staking and anterior to that the squad dolled retired an perfectly monolithic airdrop connected aboriginal users.

Sadly for some, arsenic AXS went up, SLP, (the successful crippled currency utilized to wage users and bargain items wrong the game) has gone down. I mean, truly down. Down to the grade that salient and comparatively anon crypto-Twitter traders are present calling a bottom.

SLP/USDT regular chart. Source: TradingView

The regular illustration shows SLP trading beauteous overmuch astatine its extremity of May debased astatine $0.06 and for galore traders, the marketplace operation suggests the plus has reached a bottom. Last week, the terms did effort immoderate betterment up to $0.10 but past failed to clasp the momentum and yet fell backmost into the existent range.

One happening that caught my attraction is the emergence successful trading volume, which is simply a imaginable motion of accumulation.

Bag holders are hopeful that Axie Infinity volition yet redefine the usage of SLP oregon curb its ostentation successful bid to grow its inferior and thrust demand, but astatine the infinitesimal determination are nary promises.

Technical investigation lovers volition constituent retired that SLP presently meets absorption astatine the 50-day moving mean and that the altcoin has flipped the 20-day moving mean to support. One tin besides spot an ‘eventual’ convergence betwixt the 20-MA and 50-MA if buyers proceed to bid the terms higher. These traders would besides constituent retired that the MACD and RSI connected the regular clip framework each look promising.

At this stage, it appears that SLP is attempting to interruption retired of its downtrend but from a risk-to-reward constituent of view, opening a presumption inactive presents hazard fixed that the plaything debased is much than 20% distant from the existent price.

Risk-averse traders mightiness see waiting for further confirmation of a inclination reversal. Something similar a regular adjacent supra the 50-MA and a fewer higher precocious candlesticks supra the $0.10 level mightiness awesome that AXS is gaining momentum.


Alchemix is different “looks similar it mightiness person bottomed” altcoin and caller developments surrounding the task could beryllium a motion of strengthening fundamentals. At the extremity of October, the task was voted by Tokemak (TOKE) holders to beryllium 1 of the assets added to the platform’s liquidity pools called ‘reactors’.

Tokemak claims to beryllium “a protocol that enables sustainable DeFi liquidity” and they framed the existent occupation DeFi has by saying:

“Protocols person a hard clip coordinating users to excavation liquidity crossed exchanges. They tin incentivize users done precocious APY inflationary means (liquidity mining), but this is inefficient and highly expensive.”

Reactors are efficaciously single-sided liquidity pools wherever projects and users spot their tokens and TOKE holders ballot connected wherever the liquidity is directed. The purpose is to “allow protocols to clasp power implicit wherever liquidity goes, alternatively than having to incentivize users vai emission” and this single-sided staking means LPs involvement an plus and the liquidity directors involvement TOKE and stakers person TOKE rewards.

How is this applicable to ALCX?

Well, TOKE has done amazingly good since its IDO and the liquidity pools person been rather fashionable and stable. There’s precocious involvement and request for TOKE, and the information that ALCX was selected from 42 different projects to person a liquidity excavation means holders are looking guardant to staking and receiving TOKE.

Alchemix was besides selected arsenic portion of Olympus DAO’s “Olympus Pro” merchandise which bears immoderate similarities to Tokemak. The level aims to forestall the mercenary superior script by allowing “protocols to accumulate liquidity to unafraid longevity and terms stableness for everyone involved.”

Cointelegraph precocious explained however vesting bonds implicit a acceptable play of days is beneficial to the enslaved holder and the protocol. The representation beneath gives a beauteous straightforward rundown.

Olympus Pro explainer. Source: Olympus DAO Finance

On Oct. 8 the squad astatine Alchemix announced plans for an v2 upgrade of its level and besides suggested that its “self-repaying loans” would beryllium much understandable to the public. The task besides intends to unfastened up the imaginable uses for collateral truthful that users tin workout assorted “credit delegation” options, alternatively of conscionable utilizing involvement to wage the loan.

Typically, protocol upgrades and mainnet launches are bullish events for the autochthonal token but what makes ALCX’s fundamentals look juicy is the token’s cross-integration with different protocols that are performing well.

On Oct. 13 OHM terms rallied wrong a hairsbreadth of its all-time precocious and since launching Olympus Pro, integrating with Tokemak, announcing plans to motorboat connected Arbitrum, and having integration and interest kickbacks from DeFi platforms similar Wonderland Money and Abracadabra, the bullish sentiment surrounding OlympusDAO has surged.

ALCX/USD regular chart. Source: TradingView

From a method investigation constituent of view, ALCX is inactive “consolidating” and speech from the caller precocious measurement surges, it appears to beryllium successful an “accumulation phase” alternatively than a “bottoming phase”.

Like SLP, a regular adjacent with a fewer higher highs supra the $490 level would beryllium an encouraging motion of a inclination reversal. The precocious measurement nodes connected the VPVR indicator besides bespeak that determination is absorption successful the existent $400 to $480 scope and a interruption supra this level could spot the terms rapidly beforehand to $700.

Additional positives that hint astatine expanding bullish momentum see consecutive regular closes supra the 20-day and 50-day moving averages, on with impending convergence betwixt the moving averages.

ALCX’s integration with Olympus DAO, Tokemak, the upcoming v2 upgrade, the project’s bounce backmost from its caller $4 cardinal exploit and the token’s “accumulation phase” seen connected the regular illustration are besides imaginable signs that the plus could beryllium connected the verge of a inclination change.

The views and opinions expressed present are solely those of the writer and bash not needfully bespeak the views of Cointelegraph.com. Every concern and trading determination involves risk, you should behaviour your ain probe erstwhile making a decision.

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