What is Intel XeSS? Intel’s answer to Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR explained

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Intel XeSS

Intel has traditionally been a CPU maker, and has done much than its just stock of enactment connected CPU hardware, arsenic good arsenic bundle implementations that enactment to heighten the show of its hardware. It has besides had integrated graphics processors successful its CPUs, but it hasn’t been thing to constitute location about.

It present has a newfound focus connected GPUs, including a caller Xe GPU architecture, and its ain marque of representation supersampling and upscaling exertion to spell with the hardware — XeSS. Intel XeSS, abbreviated for Intel Xe Super Sampling, is Intel’s reply to Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR.

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What is Intel XeSS and however does it work?

Intel XeSS, oregon Intel Xe Super Sampling, is an representation upscaling exertion that uses some spatial and temporal data, and relies connected artificial quality to bash it. Supersampling is an anti-aliasing exertion that takes colour samples of the pixels successful an representation astatine antithetic instances. It past uses this colour information and renders the representation astatine a overmuch higher resolution.

Supersampling has an vantage implicit the accepted anti-aliasing methods, providing a overmuch amended prime high-resolution image, with less evident jagged edges and different artifacts that usually travel with upscaling an image.

Intel XeSS uses a operation of spatial and temporal data, i.e. some representation information and question data, with respect to clip to nutrient the output image. Like DLSS, it passes this information done a trained neural network, harnessing instrumentality learning and artificial quality to amended representation quality.

Intel XeSS process

Intel is making XeSS usage its caller XMX matrix mathematics units contiguous successful its caller Xe-HPG graphics processors to bash the dense lifting for the AI processing connected the hardware end. However, it besides has a mentation of XeSS successful the pipeline, which won’t trust connected these units. This mentation volition usage the 4-element vector dot merchandise (DP4a) instruction, which has wider support, making XeSS not constricted to the latest Intel hardware.

Intel XeSS show  graph

Intel’s implementation is akin to Nvidia DLSS 2.0. Both person a akin attack to supersampling. Intel XeSS uses spatial data, which is the information from the surrounding pixels, arsenic good arsenic temporal data, which is the question accusation from erstwhile frames with regards to time. It past feeds this information to a neural web trained to upscale images, rather similar Nvidia DLSS does.

Nvidia DLSS, however, requires newer Nvidia hardware to work. On the different hand, Intel XeSS has 2 versions, arsenic mentioned before. Intel is utilizing its hardware elements to marque a higher-end XeSS, but it’s not abandoning users with older hardware either. That sets it isolated from Nvidia DLSS, adjacent though the DP4a mentation of XeSS won’t execute arsenic good arsenic the XMX version.

That’s besides wherever Intel XeSS stands akin to AMD FSR. AMD FSR doesn’t necessitate you to usage AMD hardware. However, AMD FSR is besides much of a run-of-the-mill spatial upscaling technology, and doesn’t usage the hybrid attack that makes DLSS arsenic bully arsenic it is. Intel XeSS sounds similar the champion of some worlds, and a equilibrium betwixt DLSS and FSR. We’re yet to get much details astir real-world performance, but the demos bash look great.

Intel XeSS is aiming astatine wide hardware support. The XMX mentation volition enactment Intel Xe-HPG graphics processors. The DP4a mentation volition enactment the Xe-LP GPU, arsenic good arsenic the discrete GPUs from the past. The exertion is inactive new, and arsenic such, determination isn’t overmuch to spell connected astir supported games.

We got a customized Unreal Engine demo astatine the unveiling astatine Intel Architecture Day. Since then, Intel has enactment retired a demo featuring Hitman 3, and The Riftbreaker, which are the 2 games confirmed to enactment Intel XeSS truthful far. It’s apt that a clump of games volition articulation the list, adjacent though Intel is yet to denote immoderate strategical partnerships with crippled developers.

Intel XeSS SDK launched successful August 2021. XeSS itself is expected to motorboat with the Intel Arc GPUs, successful Q1 2022. We tin anticipation to spot much demos and crippled enactment announcements successful the coming weeks, arsenic Intel gears up to motorboat its GPU lineup.

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