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WhatsApp introduced Communities, a caller   organizational umbrella for schools and neighborhoods. Shown is the non-finalized idiosyncratic    interface for Communities, which has an representation  astatine  the top, participating members, and a database  of groups arsenic  sub-conversations.

WhatsApp has introduced Communities, a caller mode for schools and neighborhoods to privately signifier and stock info with their members.


WhatsApp is adding a caller mode for users to stitchery and chat with Communities, which is intended for organizations similar schools and neighborhoods to coordinate and stock media.

Communities are WhatsApp's reply to Telegram's monolithic Groups and Channels, and portion it's unclear however galore users tin articulation a Community, they won't beryllium arsenic overmuch arsenic the "hundreds of thousands of people" successful chats for different users, according to an official WhatsApp post connected Thursday. Communities volition beryllium inherently backstage and end-to-end encrypted.

WhatsApp is adding emoji connection reactions.


Alongside Communities, WhatsApp is adding modern features that person been successful rival messaging apps for awhile, similar emoji reactions and expanding dependable calls to 32 people, up from 8 participants before. Users tin stock adjacent bigger files and media now, with an expanded record size headdress of 2 GB, up from 100 MB previously. And radical admins volition present beryllium capable to region messages from everyone's chats if, say, idiosyncratic says thing problematic.

The supra features volition beryllium rolling retired to users successful the coming weeks, portion it's little wide erstwhile Communities volition beryllium added to WhatsApp -- they volition "start rolling this retired slowly," Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said successful a post Thursday. But helium besides noted that assemblage messaging (whether branded arsenic Communities oregon otherwise) volition beryllium coming to Messenger, Facebook and Instagram astatine immoderate constituent arsenic well. 

WhatsApp's Community chat and connection absorption features travel aft weeks of additions to the chat app. WhatsApp has been rolling retired a multidevice feature that lets you substance from different devices erstwhile your telephone is disconnected and improvements to its voice connection feature.

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