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Hit that nonstop fastener a small excessively soon? WhatsApp present has an edit diagnostic that lets you edit sent messages, letting you hole a benignant oregon possibly giving you a accidental to rethink your words. The caller diagnostic is rolling retired for the securing messaging app on Monday and should beryllium disposable to everyone successful the "coming weeks," the institution said. 

The caller diagnostic does person a clip bounds though. You're lone capable to edit messages wrong 15 minutes of it being sent. Once a connection has been edited connected WhatsApp, it volition show "edited" adjacent to it making the receiver of the connection alert of the changes. 

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp genitor institution Meta, shared an illustration of the caller feature successful a Facebook station connected Monday, changing the typo "Beast of luck!" to "Best of luck!"

WhatsApp has incorporated respective caller features successful caller months. In February, the fashionable app added a Status feature, which is akin to Instagram Stories allowing users to station a representation oregon video that is lone disposable for 24 hours. Then successful April, WhatsApp said it would commencement letting people use their accounts crossed aggregate phones

How to edit a sent connection successful WhatsApp

Message editing allows you to close already sent messages connected WhatsApp, and it's beauteous elemental if you're inactive successful the 15-minute model erstwhile edits are enabled. 

Find the connection you privation to edit and bash a agelong press, the aforesaid mode you'd adhd an emoji absorption oregon reply to a message. When the paper pops up, prime Edit. You tin past hole typos oregon change the message. 

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