When Should You Upgrade Your Smartwatch?

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Jun 4, 2023, 9:00 americium EDT | 3 min read

An Apple Watch and a Pixel Watch side-by-sideJosh Hendrickson

Most smartwatches volition request to beryllium replaced aft 3 years astatine the most. After 3 years, artillery beingness volition commencement deteriorating, and companies often halt providing bundle updates.

Like your smartphone, your smartwatch is simply a instrumentality you usage each day. However, it tin instrumentality adjacent much of a beating since you’re wearing it close connected your wrist, alternatively of hiding it successful your pouch oregon purse. This mightiness permission you wondering however often you request to upgrade your smartwatch.

To assistance shed immoderate airy connected this topic, we’re explaining however often you request to regenerate your Apple Watch oregon Wear OS smartwatch. You tin besides larn what factors you should see earlier taking the plunge to upgrade your device.

How Long Do Smartwatches Last?

An older Wear OS ticker  connected  a wristMichael Crider / Review Geek

You’ll find a batch of antithetic answers to this question floating astir the internet. However, successful general, astir radical upgrade their smartwatch each 2 years oregon so. The crushed relates to the artillery successful your smartwatch.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is what powers your smartwatch, tin typically clasp a afloat complaint for astir 300 to 500 complaint cycles. In theory, this translates to 2 to 3 years of having your artillery successful tip-top shape. However, successful practice, smartwatches person a tiny artillery and astir request to beryllium charged daily. This means you’re charging your ticker from 0 to 100 much often, which is hard connected the battery. As a result, you tin expect your smartwatch’s artillery to past a small little than that 2 to three-year estimate.

What astir the radical who accidental you tin get 5 oregon much years retired of your smartwatch? Well, you technically can. However, if you program to support your smartwatch this long, you’ll acquisition reduced artillery beingness arsenic good arsenic degraded show implicit time. As your artillery ages, you’ll commencement to announcement your smartwatch doesn’t clasp a complaint arsenic agelong arsenic it erstwhile did. You whitethorn adjacent person to commencement uncovering clip to complaint your ticker successful the mediate of the day.

What Are Some Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Smartwatch?

Apple Watch Ultra, left, compared to an Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm), right, connected  a tableBill Loguidice / Review Geek

Two to 3 years is simply a bully line to assistance you determine erstwhile to regenerate your smartwatch. It’s not the lone origin to see erstwhile you’re wondering if it’s clip for a caller ticker though. Here are immoderate different reasons to see getting a newer model.

  • Your smartwatch’s artillery won’t clasp a charge, careless of however aged it is.
  • Updates are nary longer disposable for your watch’s model.
  • You announcement reduced show erstwhile utilizing your smartwatch.
  • You privation to effort the features disposable connected caller smartwatch models.
  • There is carnal harm to your ticker that would beryllium costly to repair.

It’s existent that you tin regenerate your smartwatch’s battery (although it’s not needfully casual to do) and repair issues similar a cracked screen. However, you person to determine whether it’s worthy the effort and outgo to repair your existing exemplary oregon if your clip and wealth would beryllium amended spent connected an wholly caller watch. Your device’s property and however good it works different tin assistance you marque this decision.

As for issues similar nary longer receiving updates and experiencing mediocre performance, it’s hard oregon adjacent intolerable to remedy these issues. As a result, it makes consciousness to dainty yourself to a caller smartwatch successful these situations.

What Apple Watch Models Should You Consider Replacing Now?

An Apple Watch Series 8 held successful  a handJosh Hendrickson / Review Geek

Now it’s clip to speech astir circumstantial watches. If you’re devoted to the Apple Watch, you mightiness privation to cognize which models should beryllium replaced now. The reply is the Apple Watch Series 3 and erstwhile generations.

These models nary longer person bundle updates, truthful you’ll look issues similar outdated plan and mediocre performance. To debar these problems and bask the latest features, you’ll privation to upgrade to a newer exemplary successful the Apple Watch series.

What Wear OS Smartwatches Should You Think About Upgrading?

A Galaxy Watch 5 adjacent  to a Pixel Watch connected  someone's wristJoe Fedewa / Review Geek

Not everyone lives successful the Apple universe, which makes consciousness due to the fact that respective competitory Wear OS smartwatches exist. In this world, Samsung and Google are 2 of the astir fashionable brands.

Because the Google Pixel Watch is inactive comparatively new, you don’t request to upgrade yet. In fact, it’s not adjacent imaginable to upgrade close present due to the fact that a 2nd mentation isn’t disposable yet.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a antithetic story. While the Galaxy Watch 4 is inactive a bully watch, you whitethorn privation to see picking up the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 if you person the Galaxy Watch 3. Yes, you tin inactive usage the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, but it’s receiving constricted OS updates. Basically, this ticker inactive has immoderate beingness successful it, but it’s omniscient to splurge connected a newer exemplary successful 2023.

Whether you person a Wear OS smartwatch oregon an Apple Watch, upgrading astatine the close clip tin guarantee you bask the champion show and artillery life. With the tips you’ve work here, you tin present find the cleanable clip to bash it.

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