White House: COVIDTests.gov will distribute free rapid tests starting January 19th

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The White House has announced that radical volition beryllium capable to bid escaped COVID-19 tests from COVIDTests.gov starting connected Wednesday, January 19th. This follows a committedness that the authorities would beryllium mounting up a website to administer 500 cardinal tests, which President Joe Biden announced successful December.

You’ll lone person to enactment successful 2 pieces of info to get a trial shipped to you — your sanction and address. In its announcement, the White House said the tests volition vessel done the US Postal Service “within 7–12 days of ordering.” Currently, the bounds is four tests per residential address.

To bid their tests, the lone 2 things radical volition request are their sanction and residential mailing address. Tests volition typically vessel done the message wrong 7-12 days of ordering, and beryllium delivered First Class done the U.S. Postal Service.

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 14, 2022

On Wednesday of this week, a White House advisor said the tract “should beryllium online by this weekend.” Technically, the authorities has made that deadline — you tin sojourn COVIDTests.gov close now, though it’s presently showing a landing leafage letting you cognize that tests volition beryllium disposable Wednesday and that you won’t person to enactment successful a recognition paper fig to get one.

The USPS isn’t conscionable liable for getting the tests to people. It was besides tapped to make a website that volition person to woody with perchance millions of radical trying to get a trial astatine the aforesaid time, according to Protocol. The study cites a authorities authoritative who said that it’s “taking our website motorboat precise seriously” and that it “didn’t commencement from scratch” gathering the site. The US Digital Service volition besides beryllium helping to motorboat the tract and supply enactment erstwhile needed, Protocol says.

Given the government’s less-than-stellar estimation with launching healthcare websites, there’s immoderate skepticism astir whether the tract volition beryllium capable to grip the postulation — and immoderate person rightfully pointed retired that immoderate of the astir susceptible radical could person difficulties getting online and navigating a website. A statement from the White House says that you’ll besides beryllium capable to telephone a hotline to bid tests if you’re incapable to entree the website and that the authorities volition “work with nationalist and section community-based organizations to enactment the nation’s hardest-hit and highest-risk communities successful requesting tests.”

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