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Biden plans to vaccinate Americans and the world.

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The White House introduced caller actions connected Thursday aimed astatine protecting Americans against the delta and omicron variants of COVID-19 during the colder months of the year. The program includes expanding escaped at-home COVID investigating and providing much vaccines for kids to support schools open. It besides includes much entree to COVID-19 boosters for each adults, including astatine pharmacies done December. 

"We're going to combat this variant with subject and speed, not chaos and confusion," President Joe Biden said during a property gathering Thursday day astatine the National Institutes of Health.

Beyond preventative measures, the White House intends to summation the availability of COVID-19 attraction pills, if and erstwhile they're approved. Ahead of that, the White House is trying to unafraid much than 13 cardinal doses of antiviral courses, and says it volition guarantee these attraction pills are disposable successful the hardest-hit and highest-risk communities.

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The US volition summation its "surge effect teams" -- aesculapian unit successful communities dealing with outbreaks successful COVID -- from 20 to 60, and volition besides "accelerate the transportation of much vaccines to countries that request it, connected our mode to delivering 1 cardinal 200 cardinal doses to the remainder of the world," Biden said. 

All travelers arriving to the US from overseas indispensable trial wrong 1 time of their departure, Biden added.

The caller omicron variant was confirmed successful the US connected Wednesday. The idiosyncratic who tested affirmative from the strain was returning location from South Africa, wherever scientists noticed a spike successful cases. 

The World Health Organization has classified the omicron strain arsenic 1 of concern, and countries are starting to restrict question arsenic the variant has present been detected successful much than 20 countries. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the main aesculapian advisor to Biden, reiterated connected Wednesday that determination volition be more accusation astir the transmissibility and severity of the strain wrong the adjacent 3 weeks.

Multiple studies show that COVID-19 vaccines are highly effectual in preventing terrible unwellness and death from the virus. They are an important instrumentality successful bringing the pandemic nether control. Biden connected Thursday is expected to again promote Americans to get vaccinated arsenic good arsenic person a booster changeable if eligible. 

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