White Paper Published by Microsoft Describes an Ethereum-Based Tool to Combat Pirated Content

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White Paper Published by Microsoft Describes an Ethereum-Based Tool Could Combat Pirated Content

Researchers from Microsoft, Alibaba Group, and Carnegie Mellon University person published a insubstantial that claims the Ethereum web tin assistance forestall piracy. The paper, called “Argus: A Fully Transparent Incentive System for Anti-Piracy Campaigns,” describes however Argus is superior to existing solutions.

Argus: An Ethereum-Powered Anti-Piracy Tool

A survey written by Xian Zhang, Xiaobing Guo, Zixuan Zeng, Wenyan Liu, Zhongxin Guo, Yang Chen, Shuo Chen, Qiufeng Yin, and Mao Yang shows researchers person developed a caller blockchain-powered inducement strategy for anti-piracy campaigns. The authors travel from Carnegie Mellon University, Alibaba Group, and Microsoft Research Asia. Argus is simply a “fully transparent” strategy according to the Argus white paper hosted connected microsoft.com.

“The groundwork of Argus is to formulate the objectives for afloat transparent inducement mechanisms, which securely and comprehensively consolidate the antithetic interests of each roles,” the researchers write. “These objectives signifier the halfway of the Argus design, highlighted by our innovations astir a Sybil-proof inducement function, a commit-and-reveal scheme, and an oblivious transportation scheme. In the implementation, we flooded a acceptable of unavoidable obstacles to guarantee information contempt afloat transparency,” the achromatic paper’s authors add.

The achromatic insubstantial continues:

Moreover, we efficaciously optimize respective cryptographic operations truthful that the outgo for piracy reporting is reduced to an equivalent outgo of sending astir 14 ETH-transfer transactions to tally connected the nationalist Ethereum network, which would different correspond to thousands of transactions.

Researchers Believe the Blockchain Tool Is Superior to Existing Solutions

The determination by Microsoft to make an Ethereum-fueled anti-piracy strategy follows the company’s decentralized individuality solution that leverages the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. Microsoft launched the ION Decentralized Identifier (DID) network connected the Bitcoin mainnet connected March 25, 2021. The developers of Argus are concentrating connected warring pirated contented and the researchers anticipation “real-world anti-piracy campaigns volition beryllium genuinely effectual by shifting to a afloat transparent inducement mechanism.” The authors from Alibaba, Carnegie Mellon, and Microsoft say:

Argus exemplifies the result of this disciplined approach. It is superior to existing solutions successful presumption of the spot presumption and the assured properties.

What bash you deliberation astir the anti-piracy blockchain tool’s achromatic insubstantial hosted connected microsoft.com? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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