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You mightiness person heard that constitution has a support life, but bash you really travel these guidelines? If you're similar galore different cosmetics users, astir apt not. In fact, astir 98% of participants successful 1 survey said that they've worn constitution past its expiration date. 

While immoderate radical whitethorn usage expired constitution to prevention wealth oregon debar waste, others simply don't recognize that their products should beryllium thrown distant aft a definite point. Either way, determination are imaginable wellness risks of utilizing cosmetics aft they've deed their expiration date. Not lone does it summation your hazard of oculus and tegument irritation, but it tin besides marque you much apt to make an infection.

To debar these complications, it's important to signifier bully constitution hygiene. Here's however to bash that.

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When does oculus constitution expire?

Most oculus constitution has a shorter support beingness than different types of cosmetics, similar blush and foundation. That's due to the fact that utilizing liquid-based products (like mascara and liquid eyeliner) astir your eyes makes it easier to spread bacteria, which tin pb to oculus infections, per Mayo Clinic.

Here's however agelong antithetic kinds of oculus constitution typically last: 

  • Mascara: Three months
  • Liquid eyeliner: Three months
  • Pencil eyeliner: One to 2 years
  • Powder eyeshadow: Two years
  • Cream eyeshadow: One year

In the US, cosmetics aren't required to person expiration dates printed connected their labels, but galore do. Here's however to find them.

Examples of the Period After Opening symbol
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First, look astatine the statement connected your product. If you spot an unfastened jar icon (known arsenic the Period After Opening, oregon PAO, symbol) with a fig printed inside, that volition assistance you find the support beingness of the cosmetic. For example, if there's a 12 listed, the merchandise is harmless to usage for a twelvemonth aft you've opened it. If there's a 24, the constitution is bully for up to 2 years.

If you don't spot the PAO symbol, you tin usage the recommendations supra to find however agelong you tin usage the merchandise earlier it expires.

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3 risks of wearing aged oculus makeup

Whether it's mascara, eyeliner oregon eyeshadow, wearing aged oculus constitution comes with definite risks. Here are immoderate of the imaginable dangers of utilizing expired constitution products.


Once constitution passes its expiration date, respective things tin happen. For one, the ingredients tin commencement to spell bad. If this happens and you support utilizing the makeup, these spoiled ingredients could get into your oculus and origin redness oregon irritation.

Over time, constitution products and tools tin besides commencement to harbor bacteria and fungi, which they prime up from your eyelashes, eyelids oregon fingers. If you proceed utilizing these contaminated cosmetics, you could extremity up with tegument irritation oregon breakouts.


By wearing out-of-date oculus makeup, you besides rise your hazard of processing definite infections, immoderate of which tin beryllium serious. In fact, according to the Food and Drug Administration, radical person been temporarily oregon permanently blinded aft getting an corruption from their oculus makeup.

Sharing constitution with others besides increases your accidental of processing an oculus infection, similar conjunctivitis (also known arsenic pinkish eye). So if you get your friend's mascara, and they unknowingly person an infection, they could walk it connected to you. Signs of an oculus corruption see pain, redness, discharge, swelling and inflammation. If you person immoderate of these symptoms, scope retired to your doctor.


When you're putting connected makeup, there's ever the anticipation of accidentally bumping oregon scratching your eye, particularly if you're rushing oregon applying constitution connected the autobus oregon successful the car. It mightiness not look similar a large woody successful the moment, but this tin person superior consequences if the constitution is expired and has bacteria buildup.

Whether it's with a mascara wand, eyeliner pencil oregon your finger, scratching your oculus portion putting connected constitution tin pb to a corneal abrasion and, potentially, an infection, according to the UIC College of Medicine. These are achy injuries that tin compromise your imaginativeness and necessitate aesculapian attention.

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How to signifier bully oculus constitution hygiene

With due oculus constitution hygiene, you tin trim your hazard of irritation, corruption and different wellness issues. Here are immoderate tips to support your eyes steadfast erstwhile applying makeup.

  • Throw distant spoiled oregon expired makeup. It whitethorn beryllium tempting to bent onto your favourite liquid eyeliner until it runs out, but erstwhile it expires, it's clip to get escaped of it. If not, you're putting your oculus wellness connected the line. You should besides flip immoderate constitution that's changed colour oregon smell.
  • Don't effort to revive dried-out products. If you person a dried-out conduit of mascara, don't adhd h2o oregon saliva to effort to rehydrate it. Doing this tin present bacteria into the container, which tin transportation onto your eyes erstwhile you usage the product, Ohio State University reports.
  • Wash your hands earlier applying makeup. When your hands are clean, you're little apt to transportation bacteria from your fingers to your face.
  • Store constitution properly. Cosmetics tin break down faster erstwhile exposed to precocious vigor and moisture. To widen their support life, it's champion to permission your constitution products successful a cool, acheronian area.
  • Remove constitution thoroughly. Going to slumber with constitution connected tin clog your pores, marque you interruption out, and worsen immoderate tegument conditions you already have. If you don't cleanse your oculus area, you could besides extremity up with eyelid dermatitis oregon a sty, arsenic Everyday Health reported.
  • Avoid "tester" products astatine cosmetics stores. As we've mentioned, sharing oculus constitution tin dispersed bacteria and infections from idiosyncratic to person. Just similar you shouldn't stock cosmetics with your friends, you should besides debar utilizing testers oregon illustration products successful constitution stores.
  • Take precautions during and aft an oculus infection. If your eyes go infected, halt wearing constitution successful your oculus area. You should besides propulsion retired immoderate cosmetics that you'd been utilizing erstwhile you got the infection.
  • Don't usage different types of constitution astir your eyes. You mightiness person seen radical utilizing articulator liner arsenic eyeliner, but determination are bully reasons not to bash this. For one, you could present bacteria from your rima into your eyes. But also, articulator products mightiness incorporate additives that aren't approved for usage astir your eyes.

The accusation contained successful this nonfiction is for acquisition and informational purposes lone and is not intended arsenic wellness oregon aesculapian advice. Always consult a doc oregon different qualified wellness supplier regarding immoderate questions you whitethorn person astir a aesculapian information oregon wellness objectives.

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