Why You Should Replace Old Surge Protectors

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Jul 22, 2022, 4:24 p.m. EDT | 5 min read

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There’s thing amended than knowing that your invaluable electronics are safe. And surge protectors springiness you that bid of caput for a precise debased price—but lone if you regenerate them each fewer years. While the aged surge protectors successful your location whitethorn look to relation normally, they apt connection zero extortion for your electronics.

How Do Surge Protectors Work?

Most radical usage the presumption “power strip” and “surge protector” interchangeably. But a powerfulness portion is conscionable a large integrative happening that gives you other outlets. Surge protectors are overmuch much useful—not lone bash they springiness you other outlets, but they modulate the magnitude of powerfulness that your physics devices receive.

Think of surge protectors similar a pressure-release valves. When the incoming voltage is excessively high, they nonstop it to crushed alternatively of letting it deed your electronics. And if the voltage is excessively low, your surge protector increases absorption to support electronics functioning normally.

So, portion a surge protector tin support electronics online during a “voltage sag,” they’re astir utile during powerfulness surges. As the sanction implies, a powerfulness surge sends an excess of voltage done your location wiring. This spike successful voltage can  destruct oregon harm physics devices, and unfortunately, damaged electronics are a communal root of location fires.

Surge protectors are an indispensable point successful immoderate home, and astatine the precise least, you should usage them to support invaluable electronics from powerfulness surges. But you can’t conscionable usage the aforesaid surge protectors for the remainder of your life; they request to beryllium replaced each fewer years.

Surge Protection Wears Out Over Time

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When surge protectors person an excessive load of electricity, they divert oregon “shunt” the other powerfulness to crushed utilizing a metal oxide varistor (MOV). But successful the process of diverting this power, the MOV exposes itself to the excess voltage. And implicit time, it wears out.

Every surge protector has a standing that describes however overmuch excess voltage the MOV tin handle. This standing is successful joules—most powerfulness strips are equipped for 800 oregon 1,000 joules, portion much costly models tin grip respective times that amount.

But this standing is cumulative; it’s similar wellness points successful a video game. If a surge protector that’s rated for 1,000 joules is deed by 100 joules during a thunderstorm, past it tin lone grip different 900 joules.

Once a surge protector’s “health points” autumn to zero, it nary longer offers surge protection. It becomes a elemental powerfulness portion that won’t support your electronics oregon your home.

Old Surge Protectors Are a Fire Hazard

The worst messiness  of surge protectors and particulate  you've ever   seen.I gasped erstwhile my exertion showed maine this picture. Josh Hendrickson

Once a surge protector is “used up” it becomes progressively delicate to debased voltages. And that’s a problem, due to the fact that it volition inactive effort to soak up excess voltage and nonstop powerfulness to ground. If it’s deed by a ample powerfulness surge, it whitethorn go damaged, which creates a occurrence hazard. It could besides overheat and instantly drawback fire.

Plus, an aged surge protector offers small extortion for your physics devices. These devices whitethorn go damaged owed to the deficiency of surge protection, and that harm leads to its ain occurrence risks.

And adjacent if we disregard surge extortion altogether, surge protectors thin to beryllium crammed down furnishings and appliances. They’re successful the nastiest parts of your home, and they cod dust, crumbs, hair, and dormant bugs—flammable worldly that dilatory builds up implicit the years.

These are not theoretical risks. As the Consumer Safety Guide explains, functional surge protectors little the hazard of a location fire. But aged oregon breached surge protectors are often the origin of fires. So, delight regenerate your aged surge protectors.

When Should You Replace a Surge Protector?

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Unfortunately, you can’t truly archer erstwhile a surge protector needs replacing. Experts mostly hold that you should regenerate surge protectors each 2 oregon 3 years, which is simply a bully (though somewhat costly) regularisation of thumb.

And portion you mightiness deliberation that a fancy surge protector volition “last longer” than 1 that’s lone rated for 200 joules, that isn’t necessarily the case. A ample powerfulness surge tin transcend 1,000 joules and instantaneously deterioration retired the much costly surge protectors successful your home. A precocious joule standing simply provides other bid of mind, particularly for invaluable oregon delicate electronics.

Now, you whitethorn announcement that immoderate powerfulness strips person a “surge protection” LED. This airy volition crook disconnected (or crook on) to archer you that surge extortion is nary longer functioning properly. It’s a utile feature, particularly erstwhile paired with delicate electronics, but it isn’t 100% reliable.

When you bargain a caller surge protector, I suggest penning the day connected its backside. That way, you’ll cognize to regenerate it erstwhile it’s 2 oregon 3 years old.

Tripp Lite Isobar 6-Outlet Surge Protector (3,330 Joules)

Protect invaluable devices and trim awesome sound with this premium Tripp Lite surge protector. Perfect for computers, speakers, and guitar amplifiers, it features 3,330 joules of surge protection, a built-in circuit breaker, EMI/RFI sound filtering, and isolated filter banks to chopped interior awesome interference.

How to Recycle Old Surge Protectors

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Unless you unrecorded successful a portion with strict e-waste laws, there’s thing stopping you from throwing aged surge protectors successful the trash. But that’s beauteous wasteful. Surge protectors incorporate respective recyclable components, including copper, which whitethorn beryllium reused for caller electronics oregon location wiring.

But each metropolis has its ain recycling process. If determination aren’t immoderate dedicated e-waste facilities successful your area, you whitethorn request to telephone your city’s discarded section for recycling instructions. Or, you could usage a website similar call2recycle, earth911, oregon Greener Gadgets to find a recycling determination adjacent you.

My proposition is comparatively simple—go to Best Buy for electronics recycling. All Best Buy locations offer e-waste recycling and whitethorn springiness you a acquisition paper if you recycle thing of value.

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