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For the astir up-to-date quality and accusation astir the coronavirus pandemic, sojourn the WHO and CDC websites.

As the omicron variant continues to scourge its mode done cities, causing breakthrough infections successful the fully vaccinated and immoderate reinfections successful immoderate who've already had it, it whitethorn commencement to consciousness arsenic if everyone's getting sick.

If you've been spared a bout of COVID-19 this acold portion others you cognize person tested positive, possibly you've wondered: Should I conscionable exposure myself and get it implicit with?

No, says Dr. Chris Beyrer, an epidemiologist astatine Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

"There are respective problems with this enactment of thinking," Beyrer tells CNET. First, helium said, though your hazard of terrible COVID-19 is present uncommon if you're vaccinated and boosted, immoderate vaccinated radical person had terrible cases of COVID-19. And if you aren't vaccinated, that hazard is much higher. So wherefore hazard it connected purpose?  

Secondly, vaccinated radical tin inactive dispersed the virus, helium said, which puts others astatine hazard who didn't take to beryllium sick. Elderly adults, radical who are immunocompromised oregon children nether 5 years of property would beryllium peculiarly astatine hazard if you tally into them successful your flat gathering arsenic you're isolating, oregon astatine the market store earlier you recognize you're sick, for example.

Third, helium says, there's the hazard of long COVID, which develops successful astir 15% to 20% of radical with a confirmed COVID-19 corruption -- including radical who had comparatively mild cases. These symptoms tin scope from bothersome to debilitating and disruptive to regular life. 

Is catching the microorganism that's causing a planetary pandemic inevitable? With the omicron variant, immoderate experts person said, maybe. But choosing to get sick conscionable to get it implicit with has consequences beyond you, adjacent if you'll ne'er cognize it. 

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Getting sick together: Like a chickenpox party? 

"Pox parties" oregon parents intentionally exposing their children to chickenpox truthful they would get immunity young were large earlier determination was a vaccine for chickenpox, Beyrer said, adding that the procreation that got chickenpox is present susceptible to shingles. But there's nary country for that mentality erstwhile it comes to COVID-19.

"COVID is present a importantly preventable disease," helium said. 

As a scenario, we projected this to Beyrer: Five afloat vaccinated young adults successful their 20s, who consciousness they are mostly steadfast and volition apt get a mild lawsuit of COVID-19, determine to get COVID-19 unneurotic successful bid to beryllium done with it. What could happen? 

While the likelihood are debased for anyone successful this radical getting truly sick, Beyrer said, connected mean 1 of them volition develop long COVID. And for neighbors of the radical isolating together, including radical who are immunocompromised, aged oregon nether the property of 5, the clump successful the radical could pb to terrible disease.

"With a microorganism arsenic infectious arsenic omicron, these infections tin propagate widely," Beyrer said. "And these 5 young radical would apt ne'er cognize who they mightiness person harmed." 

Another happening to enactment is that COVID-19 is not a "one and done" illness for everyone, and galore radical are battling it a 2nd clip aft getting sick earlier successful the pandemic. As the Cleveland Clinic notes, natural immunity wanes implicit time, similar nonboosted vaccine immunity.


Even though the pandemic whitethorn consciousness similar it'll ne'er easiness up, trying to get infected puts you astatine unnecessary hazard and strains our depleted wellness attraction system.

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Just due to the fact that omicron is causing little terrible illness doesn't mean it's not serious 

Omicron is starring to fewer hospitalizations and deaths than delta, Beyrer said. But it's besides mode much contagious, which is causing the fig of cases to skyrocket. And conscionable due to the fact that it's causing little terrible illness for the mean idiosyncratic doesn't mean it volition for everyone.

"When you person truthful galore millions of cases, deaths volition besides increase," Beyrer said. "As we [are] present seeing successful the USA."

The request to "flatten the curve" of radical getting sick with COVID-19 successful bid to sphere infirmary capableness for those who bash extremity up precise sick is conscionable arsenic beardown present arsenic it was successful outpouring of 2020. 

"We are already seeing the outgo to the wellness attraction strategy and to wellness workers," Beyrer said. Hospital beds successful 24 states were adjacent to capacity, The New York Times reported Friday. But successful summation to an summation of COVID-19 patients, much radical getting sick means much wellness attraction workers who are sick. When hospitals don't person capable unit to attraction for patients, they person to "close a bed," arsenic the Wall Street Journal highlighted.

Will everyone yet get COVID-19 anyway? When volition COVID-19 go endemic?

Some wellness experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden's main aesculapian advisor, and Dr. Janet Woodcock, the commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, made caller comments saying, basically, everyone volition beryllium exposed to oregon get sick with COVID-19. But bash they mean that volition hap this wintertime erstwhile the microorganism is expected to highest again, oregon aft COVID-19 becomes endemic and much similar a seasonal disease? 

"The world is that the unvaccinated person a precise precocious likelihood of becoming infected -- successful South Africa this was implicit 80% of each persons sampled," Beyrer said. The vaccinated (and immoderate of the boosted) are besides apt to person exposures fixed the sheer contagiousness of the omicron variant, "but are overmuch much apt to person either asymptomatic oregon mild infections, galore of which volition spell unnoticed unless the idiosyncratic is tested for immoderate reason."

The World Health Organization has warned that 50% of Europe could beryllium infected with omicron successful the coming weeks, which immoderate experts deliberation could foreshadow the US' path. But precocious numbers of COVID-19 infections don't needfully bespeak the extremity of a pandemic, due to the fact that successful bid for thing to go endemic, the microorganism needs immoderate predictability, Catherine Smallwood, a WHO officer, told The New York Times. And COVID-19 is thing but unchangeable close now. 

Many modelers foretell that COVID-19 rates volition commencement declining rapidly astir precocious January, Beyrer said, and we whitethorn spot overmuch little numbers of cases by March. But whether COVID-19 volition halt being a pandemic depends connected a fewer factors, including whether vaccine and boosting rates spell up, a vaccine for children nether property 5 is recovered and omicron is the past variant of concern, helium said.

"That assumes nary different variants look arsenic omicron is declining," Beyrer said. "An presumption which proved incorrect with delta variant, arsenic we cognize each excessively painfully."

Byrer acknowledged the fatigue of experiencing a pandemic, and the feeling that it volition ne'er end. But, "We're each fatigued," helium said. Actively trying to get sick present reasoning it volition springiness you immunity aboriginal is harmful to the idiosyncratic and harmful to the community, helium said, and it volition besides "maintain chains of transmission and prolong the pain." 

Instead, radical should absorption connected their intelligence health, Beyrer said. People should spot household and friends "with arsenic overmuch attraction and information arsenic they can."

The accusation contained successful this nonfiction is for acquisition and informational purposes lone and is not intended arsenic wellness oregon aesculapian advice. Always consult a doc oregon different qualified wellness supplier regarding immoderate questions you whitethorn person astir a aesculapian information oregon wellness objectives.

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