Windows 11 Has a God Mode, Too---Here's How to Activate It

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Nov 25, 2021, 10:24 americium EST | 1 min read

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Tired of digging done your Settings and Control Panel conscionable to scope your backup tools oregon alteration your system’s clock? Like erstwhile Windows releases, the Windows 11 operating strategy features a concealed “God Mode” that gives you a desktop shortcut to implicit 260 absorption settings.

The Windows God Mode, officially referred to arsenic a “Master Control Panel,” made its debut with Windows 7. While God Mode doesn’t adhd immoderate caller controls to your PC, it gives you instant entree to absorption settings, each of which are organized successful straightforward categories and accompanied by a hunt function.

How to Enable God Mode connected Windows 11

Activating God Mode connected Windows 11 is easy. In fact, How-To Geek‘s detailed God Mode guide volition assistance you acceptable it up connected immoderate mentation of windows (minus Vista and earlier releases). But for those who don’t consciousness similar speechmaking a elaborate guide, here’s however to acceptable up God Mode bully and quick.

Using an relationship with administrator privileges, close click your desktop, hover implicit “New Item,” and prime “Folder.” An bare folder icon should look connected your desktop.

Right click this folder, click “Rename,” and paste this drawstring of brainsick nonsense into the highlighted substance field.


Hit participate aft renaming the bare folder. It should alteration into a Control Panel icon with the sanction God Mode. Double-click this icon to bring up the “Master Control Panel” and commencement tweaking your PC settings 1 by one.

If you privation your God Mode icon to person a antithetic name, transcript the supra codification and marque a caller folder connected your desktop. Rename the folder, paste successful the supra code, and edit the portion that says “GodMode” with a caller name, similar “Review Geek Mode.” (Leave the play earlier the “{” oregon this wont work.)

While God Mode is amusive and all, beryllium definite to debar immoderate settings that you don’t understand. You should besides effort searching for settings from the Start paper if you don’t consciousness similar looking done the monolithic God Mode list.

Source: How-To Geek

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