Windows 11 Phone Link Update Makes Your Text Messages Easier to Manage

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Jun 23, 2022, 2:10 p.m. EDT | 1 min read

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Microsoft’s precocious rebranded Phone Link app (previously called Your Phone) could beryllium getting immoderate highly-requested improvements successful a aboriginal release. The update could let Windows 11 greater power of smartphones, with a hunt barroom for the messages app and more.

It looks similar Microsoft is yet acceptable to adhd caller features to its Phone Link app aft the redesign and sanction change. Spotted by 1 user connected Twitter and Neowin, Microsoft is investigating an updated Phone Link app with an included hunt bar.

With the caller hunt bar, Windows 10 and 11 users tin rapidly hunt for and find messages from their mobile instrumentality close connected a PC. No much endless scrolling done chats.

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You’ll besides beryllium capable to categorize messages, making texting adjacent easier from a computer. In the change, we spot an enactment to signifier substance messages successful Windows 11 into 2 lists, either received oregon hidden, astir apt for viewed messages.

It looks similar Microsoft volition besides adhd a due “clear all” fastener and tweak the icon notifications for messages and the Phone Link app.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed these changes yet, nor are they disposable connected Windows Insider builds. However, we could spot them get successful a aboriginal update. And who knows, possibly this is the groundwork for an adjacent much important update making Android phones play nicer with Windows.

Still, Phone Link is an fantabulous enactment for Android telephone owners moving Windows 11.

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