Windows 11’s Narrator Is Getting Better Voices

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Microsoft is has been engaged with Windows 11. It seems similar each different day, the institution has a caller physique with immoderate absorbing features. The latest Dev transmission physique adds much natural-sounding voices to the Narrator.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22543 to the Dev Channel is disposable now, and the astir important alteration is the improvements to Narrator. If you trust connected it to assistance you navigate astir the operating system, the more earthy voices volition beryllium helpful.

“Natural Narrator voices usage modern, on-device substance to code and erstwhile downloaded are supported without an net connection,” said Microsoft successful a blog post.

The archetypal 2 voices are called “Jenny” and “Aria,” and they’re disposable for the motorboat of the feature. When prompted, you’ll request to instal the caller voices, and the process is speedy and painless.

Further improving Narrator are caller keyboard commands. It’ll be easier to power betwixt voices to amended enactment mundane tasks.

Also successful this update are immoderate ocular tweaks, including an update to the media controls which look connected the Lock screen erstwhile playing euphony successful a supported app. It besides changes however resizing app windows successful drawback layouts works by overlaying the applicable app icon connected apical of the acrylic background.

The different changes with this physique are small, but if you’re a Windows 11 user, you’ll decidedly admit them erstwhile they travel to the last Windows 11 release.

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