Windows 11 Will Help You Block Unimportant App Notifications

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Computer with Windows Lock ScreenHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Push notifications tin get annoying, and immoderate apps truly privation to spam them. Windows has plentifulness of controls that guarantee you tin disable/enable notifications from immoderate app astatine immoderate time. Soon, Windows 11 volition punctual you to usage those controls.

If you haven’t interacted with notifications for an app for immoderate time, and it’s wide you’re conscionable ignoring them, Windows volition inquire if you privation to crook disconnected notifications for that app. The diagnostic is called notification suggestions. The mounting volition lone halt the toast notification from appearing connected your screen, but it won’t halt the notifications from showing up successful the notification center.


Certain notifications tin beryllium a ocular distraction, particularly successful the lawsuit of those apps that often spam notifications for nary wide crushed successful an effort to punctual you to usage them. While it would beryllium amended for users to beryllium allowed to crook them disconnected completely, this volition guarantee that they, astatine least, don’t fuss you.

This diagnostic is rolling retired to immoderate PCs successful the Windows Insider program close now, and if determination are nary important problems, it could rotation retired to everyone connected Windows 11 wrong the adjacent fewer months.

Source: Microsoft

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