Winegard FlatWave Amped Pro TH-3000

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With its quality to beryllium easy hidden, Winegard’s FlatWave Amped Pro is simply a bully prime for viewers who don’t privation to spot their antenna portion reaping its benefits. In this case, that volition mean bully reception from stations up to 60 miles away, and Winegard’s app-based setup lets you optimize antenna positioning anterior to last installation.


  • +

    Good range

  • +

    Perfectly level membrane plan minimizes ocular impact

  • +

    Clever and effectual appvaids setup


  • -

    Needs to beryllium perfectly level for champion performance

  • -

    Amplifier is mounted down the cable

  • -

    Less costly but bulkier options connection akin performance

30-second review

Winegard’s TH-3000 Flatwave Amped Pro antenna offers bully performance, and uses an effectual app for archetypal setup that shows you real-world reception imaginable anterior to installation. 

The TH-3000’s afloat flat, zero-footprint, on-window/on-wall plan volition entreaty to the decor-conscious, and it tin beryllium relied upon to propulsion successful integer TV stations from arsenic acold disconnected arsenic 60 miles. You tin find antennas offering akin show for less, but they are apt to beryllium bulkier and little easy hidden from sight.


The TH-3000 is simply a perfectly flat, flexible membrane – matte achromatic connected 1 side, matte achromatic connected the different to suit decor and determination –  that’s lone astir a half-millimeter thick. It’s meant to beryllium mounted connected a model oregon partition with the supplied adhesive tabs (though the tiny fixture wherever the down-lead connects is simply a bully woody thicker). A awesome amplifier occupying a pod astir the size of a jumbo battalion of gum is located astir two-thirds of the mode down the 15-foot lead, which is an capable magnitude for astir setups. 

The amp module features a bluish LED that signals power-on and flashes erstwhile pairing with the app. It besides has a mini-USB larboard to get power, either from a USB larboard successful the TV oregon from the tiny plug-in charger supplied with the antenna.

To acceptable up the Winegard you archetypal download the “Connected” app (iOS/Android) via a QR codification connected the amp module. The app past walks you done the siting process, showing the fig of strong, moderate, and anemic stations you tin expect. It tin besides amusement a representation pinpointing these comparative to your determination – a perchance adjuvant aid. (Most antenna-makers’ websites, arsenic good arsenic the FCC’s, supply akin maps erstwhile you participate your location.) 

Each scan by the app takes 10 to 15 seconds, truthful it’s casual to effort assorted locations for the antenna sheet to optimize reception. You tin bash the aforesaid with immoderate antenna via consecutive channel-scans by the TV, but Winegard’s app is simply a decidedly faster and much convenient solution.

Once you’ve identified the champion location, you simply instrumentality the membrane to the model oregon wall, way and link the down-lead, and past tally a channel-scan connected the TV. Two items for attention: First, and unsurprisingly, a model volition usually supply amended reception than a partition (though operation variabilities are vast); second, I recovered that the antenna intelligibly worked champion erstwhile it was perfectly flat, truthful if your model has divided lights oregon different encumbrances, show whitethorn beryllium reduced.

Winegard TH-3000 antenna with accessories against achromatic  backgroiund

(Image credit: Winegard)


Winegard claims a 60-mile scope for the Flatwave Amped Pro, which was reasonably successful enactment with my results. My semi-rural, hilltop trial determination enjoys a bully elevation astir 360-degree line-of-sight to transmitters ranging from astir 15 to astir 70 miles, distributed successful each directions. With the TH-3000 sheet mounted successful a south-facing window, my Sony acceptable tuned 9 main carriers for astir 33 full stations (digital sub-channels), the astir distant being a beardown awesome a spot much than 70 miles distant and located astir owed south. 

One bearer was borderline, coming successful intelligibly erstwhile upwind conditions were perfect but blocking and pixelating astatine different times. While Winegard specs the Flatwave Amped Pro arsenic multidirectional, similar virtually each akin indoor designs immoderate directionality indispensable beryllium expected: 1 medium-power bearer to the eastbound of my trial determination lone came successful erstwhile the sheet was relocated to an eastbound window, wherever it mislaid respective of the astir distant, much southerly signals. 

Other, larger indoor antennas person performed a spot amended astatine the aforesaid determination – though immoderate day-to-day atmospheric variance indispensable beryllium factored in. And to supply immoderate perspective, my home’s attic-mounted rooftop-type antenna tunes a full of 15 oregon 16 carriers, and up to 70 full stations. 

I’m ever cautious to repetition successful reviews that each determination volition beryllium very different, and the astir important adaptable volition ever beryllium elevation. So similar each different antenna the Winegard should beryllium sited arsenic precocious arsenic possible. 

Should you bargain the Mohu Arc? 

winegard FlatWave Amped Pro antenna connected  brownish  carpet background

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

You unrecorded successful an municipality determination oregon a suburban fringe 1
With an quality to propulsion successful signals up to 60 miles, this Winegard should beryllium each the antenna you need.

You don’t privation to spot an antenna successful your room
The FlatWave Amped Pro was designed truthful that it tin beryllium easy hidden from sight.

Don't bargain it if...

You can’t instal an antenna reasonably precocious up successful the country
The FlatWave Amped Pro performs champion erstwhile perfectly level (a model installation is best). 

You request to propulsion successful stations from a longer region than 60-70 miles
If you’re surviving successful a agrarian oregon semi-rural country that’s acold from broadcast TV stations, you’ll bash amended with a higher-mounted, bulkier indoor antenna, oregon an outdoor design.

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