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Woot is 1 of our favourite places to find large prices connected refurbished tech. But you tin occasionally find bargains connected caller items arsenic well, and close present it's offering immoderate superior savings connected new TVs from Samsung an LG, with immoderate models discounted by arsenic overmuch arsenic 47%. This merchantability is acceptable to tally done Sept. 30, but Woot typically has a constricted proviso available, and we expect immoderate models to merchantability retired good earlier then. We'd urge getting your bid successful sooner alternatively than aboriginal if you don't privation to miss retired connected these savings.  

There are rather a fewer antithetic TVs to take from astatine this sale, including immoderate of our favourite models connected the marketplace close now. We named the Samsung QN90B the best high-end non-OLED TV of 2023, and close present you tin snag it for 31% off. It features a stunning 4K QLED show with mini-LED backlighting, supports Dolby Atmos for immersive audio and close present you tin prime up the 43-inch model for $830, which saves you $368 compared to the accustomed price. 

Or, if a monolithic surface is your apical priority, you tin prime up this gargantuan 85-inch Samsung Q80C QLED TV for $1,950 close now, which is simply a whopping $1,348 disconnected the accustomed price. It features nonstop afloat array backlighting for crisp opposition with affluent blacks and dazzling whites, and adjacent comes equipped with an precocious AI processor that automatically upscales the look of each your non-4K shows and movies.

And if you privation a earnestly stunning TV, you tin prime up a exemplary from Samsung's S95B Series. It's 1 of the fewer TVs astatine this merchantability that features vibrant OLED display, and besides boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate, quantum HDR enactment and a sleek ultra-thin design. You tin snag the 55-inch exemplary for $1,350, $1,148 off, oregon drawback the larger 65-inch exemplary for $1,590, which saves you $1,408 compared to the accustomed price. 

There are plentifulness of different fantabulous models connected sale, truthful beryllium definite to store the entire selection. And you tin cheque retired our afloat roundup of each the best TV deals for adjacent much bargains. 

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