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An fantabulous table with a tiny footprint and galore plan options, cleanable for those without a dedicated location bureau abstraction oregon who perpetually alteration their setup.


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    Small successful size

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    Folds distant erstwhile not successful use

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    No tools necessary

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    Disassembly is needed for adjustments

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    Smaller workspace

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    Not arsenic casual arsenic others to power betwixt sitting and standing

The WFH Desk from Work From Home Desks is 1 of the much unsocial standing desks we person seen. The purpose of this table is to beryllium compact and customizable, achieved by having a toolless assembly, rearrangeable accessories and a minimal footprint. 

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

(Image credit: Future)


Most unboxings impact wrestling with a ample information of cardboard and different packing materials, which are past instantly discarded. However, with Work From Home Desks, astir of the interior cardboard is enactment to bully use, featuring adjuvant diagrams that show however to conception the desk. The added accessories came successful a azygous abstracted box, with akin diagrams connected the packaging.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Instructions connected the cardboard packaging (Image credit: Future)

First Impressions

We were instantly impressed with this table strategy owed to the packaging and wide setup instructions. Upon assembling, the accessories gave a consciousness of state to customize the table to our liking and the modular plan besides made disassembly a breeze. 

The desk's easiness of setup and tear-down makes it beauteous unique. Those without a dedicated location bureau successful request of a workspace tin acceptable this table up during the time and past interruption it down and store it nether a sofa oregon successful a closet erstwhile it’s not successful use.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Storing the table nether a sofa (Image credit: Future)


Desk framework size: 35" Wide x 23.5" Deep x 47.25" High

Desktop height: 25.5" - 45"

Weight: 48 lbs

Immediately aft mounting this table up, we were wary of the stableness since this was a no-tool construction. But to our surprise, this table was reasonably unchangeable and secure. There was nary excessive wobbling oregon immoderate portion of the table that we felt would autumn disconnected oregon travel undone.

Design and Build Quality

The plan of this table is minimalistic but functional. Every constituent of the table is built from premium EPA Certified Birchwood Ply, adding to the spot and structure.

According to Work From Home Desks, "the lasting table is cleanable if you privation to enactment standing, usage a screen, keyboard & mouse, request a workstation with a tiny footprint, oregon request hooks for items specified arsenic headphones."

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Movable hook (Image credit: Future)

While this table intentionally has nary "right" mode to physique it owed to its galore add-ons and modular nature, suggestions tin beryllium recovered connected the company website (opens successful caller tab). The modular extensions scope from footrests to table extensions, hooks, shelves, and adjacent laptop stands. These idiosyncratic elements tin beryllium added to make a genuinely customizable workspace.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Modular and customizable plan (Image credit: Future)

In Use

While utilizing this desk, we enactment it done respective scenarios. The accessories we chose were the laptop lifter wing, apical shelf, 2 hooks, and show stand. We tried antithetic arrangements for each portion to find what worked astir efficiently and recovered that these pieces were invaluable and easy interchangeable. 

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Laptop riser connected an other helping (Image credit: Future)

We built lasting tallness and sitting variations to find if 1 was easier to usage than the other. The lasting tallness configuration proved to beryllium the astir effectual enactment owed to the quality to entree the apical shelf, wide legroom, and cable management below. However, it is versatile capable to beryllium a sitting table if needed. 

One downside to this plan is that if you privation to alteration the desktop oregon support heights, you indispensable disassemble a ample information of the frame. While that is not a immense deal, if you privation to instrumentality a interruption from lasting successful the mediate of the moving day, you'll find yourself taking astir things disconnected your desk, disassembling portion of the frame, making the adjustment, and past putting your items back.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Adjustable desktop mat with customized acceptable table mat (Image credit: Future)

We besides chose to spot however agelong it would instrumentality america to acceptable up from commencement to decorativeness if we decided to store it nether our sofa per its design. The mean setup clip for this table was 5 minutes, 2 minutes for the main desk, and 3 minutes for added accessories. 

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

"Keys" utilized to fastener pieces into presumption without tools (Image credit: Future)

Final Verdict

This lasting table would beryllium a viable enactment for individuals moving from location who bash not person a dedicated workspace. The game-changing quality to acceptable up, teardrop down, and store compactly makes this table unique. In addition, the customizable setup allows for modifications oregon additions whenever desired.

This table would besides beryllium a bully enactment for those with a smaller dedicated abstraction oregon 1 that often needs to alteration and accommodate to a task oregon job.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Under-desk cablegram absorption (Image credit: Future)

One highly desirable diagnostic missing from this desk, recovered successful different fashionable lasting desks, is the quality to set the moving tallness without disassembling oregon removing items from the desk. But nonetheless, we enjoyed our clip with this table and recovered it to capable a niche that tin assistance galore distant workers.

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