Xbox Patent Could Let You Play Discs on a Disc-less Console

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May 14, 2022, 1:13 p.m. EDT | 1 min read

A photograph  of the Xbox Series SMicrosoft

While it’s surely a bargain, the Xbox Series S’ inability to play discs tin origin a batch of frustration, particularly if you ain a clump of aged games. But a caller patent from Microsoft shows that the “digital only” console could summation disc-playing abilities, benignant of.

As discovered by Game Rant, a Microsoft patent describes however gamers could play discs connected the Xbox Series S oregon Xbox One S. It’s a wonky plan, but it makes sense—use an outer disc thrust (an Xbox One successful this example) to verify that you ain a carnal game. The Xbox servers past fto your disc-less console download and play the game.

A patent showing however  an outer  console oregon  disc thrust  could verify carnal   games connected  an Xbox Series S.Game Rant

Obviously, Microsoft should conscionable merchantability an add-on disc thrust for its consoles. But the strategy described successful this patent is amended than nothing. It would surely marque the Xbox Series S acquisition a spot easier to swallow, truthful agelong arsenic you person an Xbox One oregon different disc-enabled instrumentality laying around.

There’s conscionable 1 large problem; what’s stopping maine from buying a carnal game, moving it done this service, and returning oregon reselling it? Presumably, Microsoft volition lone springiness your Xbox Series S impermanent entree to immoderate carnal crippled you own. And if that’s the case, you whitethorn request to support an Xbox One connected standby to re-scan your discs.

Bear successful caput that this is conscionable a patent. It whitethorn ne'er go a existent service, and judging by its complexity, I uncertainty that Microsoft volition spell done with it. But it’s absorbing to spot Microsoft attack the Xbox Series X’s biggest problem—wait, conscionable merchantability an add-on disc drive! It’s not that hard!

Source: Game Rant

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