Xgimi Aura 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

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The Xgimi Aura delivers a highly competitory enactment for those successful request of an ultra-short propulsion projector. Its laser projection strategy is agleam and it makes for a large representation alongside almighty speakers and on-board Android TV. But those who tin acceptable a modular projector tin basal to prevention a ton of money.


  • Monumental image
  • Powerful sound
  • Easy setup


  • Slow Android TV
  • Expensive
  • Needs space

The Xgimi Aura delivers a highly competitory enactment for those successful request of an ultra-short propulsion projector. Its laser projection strategy is agleam and it makes for a large representation alongside almighty speakers and on-board Android TV. But those who tin acceptable a modular projector tin basal to prevention a ton of money.


  • + Monumental image
  • + Powerful sound
  • + Easy setup


  • - Slow Android TV
  • - Expensive
  • - Needs space

Two-minute review

The Xgimi Aura is simply a premium 4K, ultra-short propulsion laser projector that puts everything you request for a location theatre into a tiny box. 'Small' is comparative here, arsenic this is Xgimi’s biggest projector astatine 606 x 401 x 139.5 mm and 32.9 pounds, nevertheless it takes up little abstraction than adjacent a 50-inch TV portion providing a overmuch bigger representation and audio that tin vie with soundbars.

The Xgimi Aura easy provides a monolithic representation that’s agleam capable for casual viewing during the day, though champion enjoyed successful a darker room. A batch of shadiness item volition beryllium mislaid successful a brighter room, but you'll summation that backmost successful a light-controlled room. The projector doesn’t get excessively fancy with the image, though, offering lone HDR10 and not featuring things you mightiness instrumentality for granted connected $2,000+ TVs, similar precocious and adaptable refresh rates, AI upscaling, and granular settings to tailor the representation precisely to your liking. That said, you won’t find a batch of 150-inch TVs for this price. 

How does it basal up to the competition? 

At $2,499 / £2,149 (around AU$3,550), the Aura isn't cheap, but it’s priced competitively against different short-throw laser projectors successful the tract similar the Samsung LSP7T, Vava 4K, and Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500. With a agleam and colour 4K picture, it’s besides competitory from an representation standpoint, the Epson’s offering is brighter (and 60% much expensive). Though there’s nary shortage of agleam 4K projectors that tin connection a competitory representation astatine a little price, similar the Optoma UHD38, albeit without the ultra-short propulsion ratio.

The Aura offers a reasonably implicit bundle arsenic good with almighty speakers that tin readily capable a country and built-in Android TV. The Android TV show leaves a small to beryllium desired, but a fig of HDMI ports connected the backmost of the Aura permission country for alternate video sources.

This projector is astir compelling for its simplicity. It provides a stunning representation that volition capable a country arsenic agelong arsenic you’ve got the abstraction for it, and it doesn’t travel with the aforesaid other setup steps of longer-throw projectors. It’s further bolstered by the 25,000-hour lifespan of its laser airy source. You tin get a comparable oregon amended representation from a cheaper TV oregon projector, but the TV won’t lucifer the Aura’s size and the cheaper projector won’t lucifer its unthinkable simplicity.

Price and availability 

The Xgimi Aura is disposable present for $2,499 successful the US and £2,149 successful the UK connected Xgimi.com and Amazon.

Xgimi Aura 4K Projector successful  a home

(Image credit: Mark Knapp)

Design and features 

  • Elegant, all-in-one unit
  • Massive show made easy
  • Still nary Netflix

The Xgimi Aura continues with the stylish plan recovered crossed astir of Xgimi’s merchandise line. This is the brand’s biggest merchandise currently, truthful there’s much country for stylish accents. The portion looks astir similar a blimp-shaped soundbar, and successful immoderate ways it is precisely that. The combo of metallic and achromatic are classy, and the plan doesn’t look similar an overly method portion of instrumentality sitting successful the surviving room.

The Aura includes an other premium distant power that’s functionally akin to the integrative ones that travel with its different projectors, but this 1 has a heftier plan and metallic operation that simply looks and feels great. As the Aura comes moving Google’s Android TV operating system, the distant provides the controls needed for that interface and a Google Assistant fastener for dependable control. The OS is precise useful, and makes the Aura a existent all-in-one device, though Xgimi inactive hasn’t managed to get Netflix to enactment its hardware, truthful a workaround oregon outer root is required to ticker Netflix connected the Aura.

The hardware moving the Android TV operating strategy could basal to beryllium much powerful. It’s not ever perfectly responsive, takes a spot of clip to commencement listening to dependable commands, and it tin stall retired majorly erstwhile scrolling done video timelines. Trying to skip to the past fractional of Dune, the playback simply wouldn’t commencement up until we shifted it astir a fractional twelve times, and erstwhile it did, the audio and video wouldn’t sync up.

Xgimi Aura 4K Projector successful  a home

(Image credit: Mark Knapp)

Though the Aura doesn’t request immoderate different connections beyond power, it has ports connected the backmost for antithetic setups. There are 3 HDMI 2.0 ports for outer sources. An Ethernet larboard volition fto you tally a wired net transportation to the projector, though it tin link to 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi arsenic well. You tin powerfulness a streaming dongle with immoderate of 3 USB 2.0 ports. The portion besides has a 3.5mm and optical jack for audio output. Of course, the built-in acceptable of 4 15W Harmon Kardon speakers volition fto you hide astir outer speakers.

The Aura uses ultra-short propulsion DLP projection with a laser airy root and 0.47-inch DMD. It provides a max brightness of 2,400 ANSI Lumens and a 4K image. The projector doesn’t necessitate immoderate manual focusing, but depending connected your setup, whitethorn necessitate manual keystone adjusting utilizing its 8-point keystone correction — a instrumentality that tin really assistance accommodate for curvature arsenic good arsenic off-angle projection. The projector doesn’t supply a means of reframing the representation to acceptable a definite space, thing the Xgimi Elfin featured, but owners should truly program connected dedicating a abstraction with either a wide partition oregon a projection surface for this projector. 

Given the powerfulness of the laser airy root and information of nonstop oculus exposure, Xgimi has built an assertive IR sensor onto the apical of the projector that tin observe erstwhile thing comes adjacent and automatically dim the display. It doesn’t ever activate arsenic soon arsenic the projector is blocked, though, truthful caution is advisable. 

The projector’s positioning is going to beryllium precise important for immoderate setup. The Aura has a 0.233:1 facet ratio, truthful it’s beaming retired astatine a precise wide angle. Having immoderate objects nearby, similar a plant, oregon decorations connected the partition tin easy get successful the mode of the projection. At conscionable a fewer inches distant from the wall, the Aura volition beryllium casting an 80-inch diagonal projection. Bump that up to a ft (11.7 inches to beryllium precise) distant from the partition and you’ll person a 120-inch picture.

Xgimi Aura 4K Projector successful  a home

About however acold distant the projector volition request to beryllium from your wall. (Image credit: Mark Knapp)

Picture quality

  • Bright, monolithic picture
  • Sharp, in-focus 4K 
  • Limited power implicit image

One of the cardinal assets of the Xgimi Aura is its quality to supply a monolithic representation with ease. It’s acceptable to spell arsenic a location theatre projector, and its colorful representation and crisp 4K visuals marque for an appealing image.

There’s nary denying the projector musters plentifulness of brightness. Even during the daytime successful a well-lit room, we’re capable to ticker brighter contented with ease. Cartoons similar Bob’s Burgers are arsenic casual to spot arsenic ever portion being that overmuch larger done projection. TV shows and movies that tin skew a small darker from clip to clip inactive look decent if the country lights are disconnected and immoderate shades are drawn, adjacent if the country isn’t wholly blacked out.

The achromatic levels aren’t stunning, though. There’s truly nary winning with the achromatic levels, arsenic turning retired each the lights to marque shadiness item easier to spot makes it wide conscionable however agleam “black” really is, and leaving the country agleam makes it hard to spot shadiness detail. Game of Thrones’ infamous The Long Night occurrence was conscionable arsenic unwatchable arsenic ever due to the fact that of however intolerable the acheronian scenes were to spot successful a semi-bright room. Thankfully, the bright, monolithic representation is truthful casual to get mislaid in, the acheronian grey of letterboxes and the tiny borderline astir the full projected representation tin go easier to overlook. Though Xgimi is utilizing DLP projection connected the Aura, it hasn’t tally into the aforesaid dithering issues we saw connected the Halo and Elfin — possibly acknowledgment to the different, 0.47-inch DMD show spot used.

Xgimi Aura 4K Projector successful  a home

(Image credit: Mark Knapp)

Dune is simply a stunning showcase of the Aura’s capabilities. The dessert shines, characters’ bluish eyes glow, and the affluent details passim are casual to spot. Blown up to capable an full partition successful our surviving room, the acquisition is wonderfully theater-like. The nighttime onslaught by the Harkonnen connected Arrakis looks stunning contempt having a ton of dark-armored soldiers squaring disconnected against each other. Details stay comparatively disposable successful darker areas portion the projector manages to marque the explosions truly flare up.

Sound is besides exceptional from the Aura. It’s 4 speakers tin pump retired a load of dependable and are good balanced. Even astatine 50% volume, the speakers roar truthful overmuch done enactment scenes that we interest astir our neighbors trying to sleep. They bash a bully occupation drowning retired the fans, though determination is simply a high-pitch whine that sometimes sneaks through.

The projector offers a question compensation diagnostic that mostly manages to marque the visuals worse. Animation looks genuinely awful, and unrecorded enactment video gets immoderate question smoothed retired portion different movements go incredibly stuttery. Action is mostly creaseless capable with this diagnostic turned off, thankfully. 

This isn’t rather the projector for those that similar to tinker and get the cleanable picture, though. The settings are a spot limited. Brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness tin each beryllium controlled, but there’s nary dialing successful RGB colour values. Home theatre aficionados whitethorn beryllium disappointed, but those who simply privation a large representation they tin bask consecutive retired of the container without fiddling volition beryllium pleased.

You’ll privation to instrumentality to higher explanation contented to marque the astir of the Aura. There’s nary fancy AI upscaling enactment happening to amended the representation prime of lower-resolution contented arsenic you’ll find connected galore TVs. Watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air looks overmuch similar watching it connected an aged CRT TV backmost successful the ‘90s, lone present it’s bigger. 

Should you bargain the Xgimi Aura 4K UST Projector?

Xgimi Aura 4K Projector successful  a home

(Image credit: Mark Knapp)

Buy it if...

 You privation a no-fuss location theater
A bare partition oregon ample projector surface are the lone things you request to marque a coagulated location theatre with the Xgimi Aura. It’s got a large image, almighty speakers, and Android TV built-in. 

You can’t basal a tiny picture
You can’t get a tiny representation with the Aura. Even conscionable a fewer inches from the wall, and the Aura volition task an representation bigger than astir immoderate TV you’ll find astatine the shop. You’ll ne'er person to settee for a tiny surface again.

You program to task a lot
The Aura uses a laser arsenic a airy source, which offers a sizeable lifespan vantage implicit lamp and adjacent LED airy sources. It tin tally for up to 25,000 hours, truthful you won’t person to interest astir burning retired the bulb by accidentally leaving it moving present and then.

Don't bargain it if...

You privation immoderate flexibility successful your setup
The Aura is built to unrecorded successful 1 spot and formed a immense image. It’s larger and heftier than emblematic projectors, truthful won’t beryllium arsenic casual to determination from country to room, and you won’t truly get the enactment to occasionally person a tiny image. 

You can’t darken the room
This projector is bully and bright, but if you can’t get the country precise dark, you’ll ever beryllium losing a batch of item successful darker scenes. 

You don’t person a wide wall
You’re going to request a sizable abstraction for the Aura’s projection. Anything to the broadside of the projector tin easy get successful the way, and you won’t privation to person to instrumentality down hangings from the partition each the clip if you don’t person a large capable abstraction for the 80-150-inch picture.

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