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Girl Scout cooky play is here.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout cookies play has kicked off, and this twelvemonth there's much than 1 mode to get your favourite container of cookies. Instead of waiting for a Girl Scout booth to unfastened successful your neighborhood, you tin bid the cookies done DoorDash and get them delivered connected the aforesaid day. 

"Through this collaboration, we purpose to supply entree and accidental for Girl Scouts, portion providing their neighborhoods with safe, businesslike and enjoyable ways to enactment their section troops," Shanna Prevé, DoorDash's vice president of strategical partnerships and concern development, said successful a property release.

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We'll archer you however to DoorDash your cookies. Don't worry, if DoorDash doesn't present successful your country oregon if nary Girl Scout booths are acceptable up, we'll archer you however to bid online.

When tin I commencement ordering Girl Scout cookies?

You tin bid online astatine immoderate clip betwixt present and the extremity of the fashionable cookie-selling season. The Girl Scouts began selling their cookies connected Jan. 11 this twelvemonth and they're mostly disposable done April. Although, it's imaginable the cookies could merchantability retired successful your country earlier that time.

If you're readying to DoorDash your cookies, that enactment whitethorn not beryllium disposable successful your country until February.

What flavors of cookies are disposable now?

The Girl Scouts person a assortment of cookies you tin take from. Here's what they are.

    girl-scouts Girl Scouts
  • Adventurefuls
  • Caramel Chocolate Chip
  • Caramel deLites/Samoas
  • Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • Girl Scout S'mores
  • Lemonades
  • Lemon-Ups
  • Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs
  • Shortbread/Trefoils
  • Thin Mints
  • Toast-Yay
  • Toffee-tastic

How to bid Girl Scout cookies connected DoorDash

Don't privation to permission your location oregon hold for your cookies to beryllium shipped? You tin bid Girl Scout cookies connected DoorDash to person them delivered connected the aforesaid day. Note that this whitethorn not beryllium disposable successful your municipality yet, arsenic it's lone rolled retired successful prime areas truthful far. It'll grow to much areas successful February. 

To cheque if it's disposable successful your area, unfastened the DoorDash app connected your mobile telephone and hunt for "Girl Scouts." If it doesn't instrumentality immoderate results, cheque backmost successful February to spot if it's expanded to your town.

DoorDash doesn't present successful my town. How other tin I order?

If determination are nary DoorDash drivers wherever you live, you tin bid your Girl Scout Cookies online. You'll conscionable sojourn the Girl Scouts website and participate your ZIP code. You tin besides prime a unit to bargain from. You'll beryllium taken to the troop's domain wherever you'll prime however galore boxes of each cooky enactment you want.

Don't similar cookies? You tin inactive donate

If you're not a instrumentality of cookies but inactive privation to assistance retired the Girl Scouts, you tin donate. And it doesn't conscionable person to beryllium wealth you donate. For instance, successful Kentucky, radical tin support the Girl Scout troops that were impacted by the tornadoes by either buying cookies oregon donating them. If you'd similar to donate money, you tin prime which unit it goes to.

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