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Find My iPhone is simply a utile feature, but you'll request to crook it disconnected successful definite situations.

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If you got a shiny caller Apple instrumentality implicit the holidays and astir instantly misplaced it, I'm not judging. Apple isn't either. Your iPhone has a convenient diagnostic called the Find My network, which helps you way down your telephone if it goes missing. The Find My diagnostic besides lets you keep tabs connected different devices successful and retired of the Apple ecosystem, which makes it a bully acquisition for those of america with a fewer excessively galore things to support way of.

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However, determination are immoderate situations wherever you should crook disconnected Find My iPhone. The astir communal script is erstwhile you're selling, trading successful oregon different saying goodbye to your iPhone -- which you mightiness bash if you've conscionable gotten a caller phone. Doing truthful removes the telephone from the database of devices associated with your relationship and prevents caller owners from being capable to entree accusation astir you. 

You should besides crook the diagnostic disconnected if you request to nonstop your iPhone successful for service, according to Apple's enactment page

Fortunately, Apple makes it casual to crook disconnected Find My iPhone. The steps alteration depending connected the operating strategy you're using, but you lone request a fewer steps to flip that switch. Here's what you request to know.

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How bash I crook disconnected Find My iPhone (on iOS 13 oregon later)?

1. Open up the Settings menu.

2. Select your sanction astatine the apical of the menu. Then prime the Find My option.

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3. At the apical of the adjacent page, Tap Find My iPhone, and toggle the Find My iPhone mounting off. You tin besides toggle disconnected the Find My network, and the Send Last Location enactment (which automatically sends the determination of your telephone to Apple erstwhile the artillery is critically low).

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4. Enter your Apple ID password. and prime Turn Off.

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How bash I crook disconnected Find My iPhone (on iOS 12 oregon earlier)?

1. Go to the Settings menu. 

2. At the apical of the menu, pat connected your name. 

3. Navigate to the iCloud menu, and participate your password. 

4. Choose Turn Off to disable Find my iPhone. 

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