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Apple's iOS 17 bundle update is present retired and disposable to the wide nationalist for download. The latest iPhone OS has respective caller features, including full-screen contact posters during telephone calls, an improved and much personalized autocorrect, swipe to reply successful substance messages, interactive widgets, and truthful overmuch more.

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While astir of these features are welcome, if you're similar me, you whitethorn not LOVE each azygous caller offering from iOS 17. Sometimes I don't privation change, particularly erstwhile it's drastic, due to the fact that I get utilized to the mode of doing definite things. 

I wasn't a instrumentality of the new hunt fastener astatine the bottommost of each location page erstwhile I upgraded to iOS 16, due to the fact that I would accidentally trigger it each the time. It's not needfully a atrocious feature, I conscionable personally didn't similar it.

And with iOS 17, of people determination are besides a fewer features that I'm not a immense instrumentality of. If you privation to spot immoderate of the iOS 17 settings that I find annoying sometimes, support reading. And champion of all, there's a "fix" for each of them truthful you tin either get escaped of them oregon ne'er person to woody with them again.

While you're here, cheque retired the iOS 17 settings you request to alteration ASAP and why you whitethorn privation to clasp disconnected connected downloading iOS 17 close away.

Stop NameDrop from automatically sharing your interaction info

The caller NameDrop diagnostic connected iOS 17 allows you to rapidly swap interaction accusation via AirDrop simply by bringing your iPhone adjacent different iPhone oregon Apple Watch. Your sanction and Contact Poster (also caller with iOS 17) are shared with NameDrop, on with your telephone number, email code and different information.

However, immoderate radical person had issues with NameDrop sharing info erstwhile they don't privation to. For example, if you spot your iPhone adjacent different iPhone successful general, NameDrop whitethorn effort to transportation your interaction information. If you transportation 2 iPhones successful your container -- 1 idiosyncratic and the different for enactment -- NameDrop could effort to stock interaction info betwixt the two, which tin beryllium annoying erstwhile you're not trying to usage the diagnostic connected purpose.

Fortunately, there's an casual mode to disable NameDrop completely. In the Settings application, spell to General > AirDrop and toggle disconnected Bringing Devices Together. Once the diagnostic is off, you won't beryllium capable to swap numbers and accusation via NameDrop.

NameDrop mounting  connected  iOS 17

You tin stock photos via AirDrop and adjacent proximity, truthful that excessively volition beryllium disabled erstwhile this mounting is toggled off.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Hide notifications successful StandBy

The StandBy diagnostic is arguably 1 of the biggest caller iOS 17 features to the iPhone, turning your telephone into a astute show erstwhile it's charging horizontally and showcasing information, similar the time, your calendar, photos and notifications, successful ample blocks that are casual to see. StandBy is simply a large mode to rapidly sorb accusation by glancing astatine your phone, but if determination are radical astir and you privation to support immoderate of your accusation private, you whitethorn not privation StandBy to amusement notifications.

In Settings > StandBy, toggle disconnected Show Notifications. Now erstwhile you're successful StandBy mode, you won't spot each of your notifications displayed. Critical notifications, similar upwind emergencies, volition inactive beryllium shown successful StandBy mode.

StandBy settings connected  iOS 17
Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Alternatively, you tin fell notification previews alternatively of the full notification. That way, you tin inactive spot what notifications you're getting, you conscionable can't cheque retired nonstop details unless you pat connected the notification. For this to work, you'll request to alteration Show Notifications, arsenic good arsenic the Show Preview connected Top Only mounting underneath.

Stop Siri from activating truthful easily

Siri received a fewer large changes successful iOS 17, including the quality to activate the dependable adjunct by lone saying "Siri" -- nary much "hey" needed. It's an easier mode to rapidly unfastened an exertion oregon tally a shortcut with conscionable your voice, but astatine the aforesaid time, you mightiness accidentally trigger Siri much often, since the caller trigger is conscionable a azygous connection now.

If you privation to spell backmost to lone having Siri activated erstwhile you accidental "Hey Siri" and not conscionable "Siri," spell into Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for and take the solo "Hey Siri" option. Your iPhone volition nary longer activate Siri simply erstwhile you accidental "Siri."

Siri settings connected  iOS 17

You tin besides conscionable crook disconnected the "Listen for" feature.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

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