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ChatGPT, the revolutionary and arguable artificial quality chatbot, is present disposable to usage arsenic a dedicated app for your iPhone oregon iPad. OpenAI, the institution down ChatGPT, released the official ChatGPT exertion for iOS past week -- a astute move, considering each the fakes and copycats that person flooded the marketplace since ChatGPT archetypal came retired successful precocious 2022.

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The escaped ChatGPT app does everything you would expect from the web version, which is mostly providing broad answers to your galore prompts. Thanks to Bing Search, you tin adjacent get entree to real-time information, thing which ChatGPT has ne'er been capable to bash (it could lone supply information earlier 2021). There is 1 caller diagnostic exclusive to the iOS app -- you tin present inquire ChatGPT questions utilizing dependable recognition.

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If you're funny successful investigating retired ChatGPT connected your iPhone oregon iPad, we'll amusement you however to download the application, motion up for the service, and usage ChatGPT to get answers to your biggest and astir analyzable questions.

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Download ChatGPT connected your iPhone oregon iPad

As antecedently mentioned, determination are a ton of third-party applications pretending to beryllium ChatGPT, truthful you person to beryllium cautious erstwhile downloading the close one. If you don't privation to hunt for it successful the App Store, usage the nexus beneath to download ChatGPT for iOS. You'll cognize it's the close 1 if the developer is OpenAI.

ChatGPT successful  the App Store

The ChatGPT iOS exertion is escaped to download.

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Sign successful oregon make an relationship to usage ChatGPT

If you already person an account, deed the Log in fastener and motion successful with your existing email and password. 

If you don't, you tin easy make an relationship utilizing your Apple ID, Google relationship oregon email. You'll past beryllium asked to participate your sanction and day (people property 13 and older tin usage ChatGPT, but minors whitethorn request a parent's consent) and benignant successful your telephone fig to verify that you're a existent person.

Finally, you'll spot a azygous invited page, wherever ChatGPT volition pass you that its responses whitethorn beryllium inaccurate and that you shouldn't stock delicate accusation due to the fact that the chats whitethorn beryllium reviewed by AI trainers. Hit Continue to usage ChatGPT.

ChatGPT log successful  and motion   successful  pages connected  iOS

If you already person a ChatGPT relationship done OpenAI, you tin log successful with your existing credentials.

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Using ChatGPT connected your iPhone oregon iPad

Now you tin usage ChatGPT conscionable arsenic you would successful your web browser, though the idiosyncratic interface does person a somewhat antithetic look connected mobile. 

To inquire ChatGPT a question, pat connected the substance tract astatine the bottommost of the surface that says Message. If you privation to usage the caller voice-to-text feature, pat connected the audio icon connected the acold close of the substance field. ChatGPT volition inquire for entree to your microphone. After providing access, you tin past talk for arsenic agelong arsenic you similar -- pat to halt recording. Hit the participate fastener to nonstop your punctual to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT connected  iOS

The voice-to-text diagnostic allows you to talk for minutes astatine a clip portion creating ChatGPT prompts.

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In the apical right, you tin entree ChatGPT's menu, which allows you to rename your chats, delete your chats, presumption your history, negociate your settings and commencement a caller chat. 

In your settings, you tin subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, which gives you entree to OpenAI's astir existent connection exemplary -- GPT-4 -- and provides entree to ChatGPT, adjacent erstwhile request is precocious and escaped users whitethorn beryllium locked out. You'll besides get aboriginal entree to immoderate caller features. It's $20 a period for ChatGPT Plus, but it's not indispensable to wage for ChatGPT connected iOS unless you privation these precocious features and guaranteed access.

ChatGPT settings connected  iOS

ChatGPT Plus gives you entree to GPT-4.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

ChatGPT connected iOS is presently constricted to the US, but volition grow to different countries successful the pursuing weeks. And for Android users, don't fret -- OpenAI says that ChatGPT volition beryllium coming to Android devices soon.

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