You can now use your Chromebook to quickly access your phone’s pictures

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Eric Zeman / Android Authority

  • The latest ChromeOS update allows Chromebooks casual entree to your phone’s pictures.
  • You tin besides usage your telephone to securely link a Chromebook to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Finally, a mode to link Chromebooks rapidly to Bluetooth headphones is coming soon.

Chromebooks are becoming much and much utile alternatives to mean Windows and Mac PCs, acknowledgment to improvements successful Google’s ChromeOS, Today, Google announced immoderate much caller features it is adding to Chromebooks with the latest ChromeOS version. They ore connected making Chromebooks enactment amended with Android phones.

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Starting with this caller update, erstwhile you instrumentality a representation with your Android phone, it volition automatically look connected your Chromebook. You tin cheque retired the images successful the laptop’s Phone Hub successful the “recent photos” selection. If you privation to prevention the photograph straight to the Chromebook, conscionable pat connected it, and it volition download to the notebook.

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Another alteration is with the Nearby Share diagnostic for Chromebooks. If you are successful a spot that has nationalist Wi-Fi but person issues connecting to it for reasons of security, the caller diagnostic volition let Nearby Share to link to the web securely with the assistance of an Android phone. All you person to bash is prime the Wi-Fi web connected your phone, and past pat connected “Share”. Then pat connected the “Nearby” option, and prime your Chromebook truthful you tin automatically link it to the Wi-Fi web with nary request for a login oregon password.

In the adjacent future, Chromebooks volition besides beryllium capable to swiftly link to Bluetooth headphones. The upcoming ChromeOS update should automatically observe a caller brace of headphones erstwhile the Chromebook’s Bluetooth diagnostic is active.

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