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iOS 17 is present acceptable to download connected your iPhone, assuming you person an iPhone that's supported. The latest upgrade to iOS brings immoderate large changes to the iPhone's functionality, 1 of which is the upgrade to the iPhone's interaction paper -- what your friends and household spot erstwhile you call. 

That means you tin make personalized interaction posters utilizing photos, Memoji and monograms. You tin besides take the font and colour of the typography. Once created, these volition amusement up connected the receiver's surface erstwhile you telephone someone.

Here's however you tin acceptable up your personalized interaction posters connected your iPhone today. For more, here's a archetypal look astatine the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus

Setting up your personalized interaction poster connected your iPhone

Here are the steps you request to travel to acceptable up a personalized interaction poster connected your iPhone.

1. Open the Phone app connected your iPhone and prime Contacts

2. Tap your sanction astatine the apical (it'll accidental My Card beneath your name). 

3. Select the Contact Photo & Poster button. 

4. You'll past beryllium taken to a surface that displays what the interaction poster volition look like. Here, you tin prime from 4 options: Camera, Photos, Memoji and Monogram

5. When you marque your enactment -- for instance, Memoji -- you tin alteration the sanction astatine the apical and take which Memoji you privation to use. You tin either prime a preselected Memoji oregon customize your own. For the Memoji option, you tin crook disconnected the extent effect to let the Memoji to look down the text.

For photos, you tin either prime the photograph you privation from your camera rotation oregon instrumentality a caller photo. 

If you're utilizing a monogram, you'll participate the initials you privation to look connected your interaction paper -- you'll request to usage astatine slightest 2 letters. 

6. Once you've finished customizing, you'll spot a preview of what the interaction poster volition look like. When you're ready, deed Continue.

7. Next, you'll get the enactment to set the interaction photograph -- this is the photograph that appears successful the Messages app erstwhile texting. Whatever you've chosen for the poster tin beryllium cropped to acceptable into your interaction photo. 

8. When you're finished, pat Done astatine the apical close of your surface and your interaction poster volition beryllium saved.

Can you acceptable up a interaction poster for your friends?

Yes, if you'd similar to make a personalized interaction poster for erstwhile your friends and household call, you tin bash so. Just prime the sanction of the idiosyncratic you privation to make a interaction poster for and travel each of the steps above.

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