You told us: Here’s what OS your next smartwatch will run

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 6 lying connected  a array  showing the all-apps page.

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Left to right: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch Series 6

There are a wealthiness of smartwatches to take from with each packing a database of strengths and weaknesses. Some consumers mightiness basal their buying determination connected hardware, portion others whitethorn see the OS that the ticker runs. We focused connected the second successful a recent poll, asking users which OS their adjacent smartwatch volition run. Read connected for the results below.

What OS volition your adjacent smartwatch run?


We tallied implicit 2,500 votes connected this canvass since it went unrecorded connected October 15. Despite the abundance of choices connected the market, our readers gravitated towards the large two. Leading the battalion with 49.4% of the ballot is Wear OS 3. Google’s caller wearable OS, co-developed with Samsung for the Galaxy Watch 4 series, is lone acceptable to motorboat connected different companies’ products successful 2022. Either these readers are waiting a twelvemonth to acquisition a caller smartwatch oregon they are consenting to put successful Samsung’s latest wearable line.

Coming successful second, unsurprisingly, is Apple’s watchOS. Notably, claiming 16.4% of the ballot connected an Android-focused website is nary mean feat. We inactive judge the Apple Watch is the champion smartwatch you tin buy, and it seems that respective readers agree.

So which OS leads the rest? Well, it mightiness travel arsenic a surprise. Zepp OS, arriving with the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro and others, garnered 7.4% of the vote, beating the likes of Fitbit, Garmin, Tizen, and Huawei’s Lite OS.

Finally, it’s nary daze that Wear OS 2 languishes down the contention with conscionable 2.8% of the vote. Although respective caller smartwatches, including the Fossil Gen 6, precocious launched moving the platform, fewer are guaranteed upgrades to Wear OS 3. As a result, the bulk of Wear OS 2 watches are nary longer a definite investment.

Your comments

  • roaduardo: Apple WatchOS has conscionable been the astir accordant for maine during my use. I tried Sammy’s Watch 4 Classic for a mates of weeks and that’s fixed maine immoderate caller anticipation that smartwatches connected Android won’t beryllium shite but past again it’s truly lone a large enactment if you’re utilizing a Samsung phone. Someone connected Android needs to astatine slightest lucifer Apple’s acceptable and finish, some successful presumption of hardware and bundle reliability.
  • Techngro: I saw an ESP32-based smartwatch devkit connected Banggood (Lilygo T-Watch v3). Looks similar my adjacent smartwatch OS volition beryllium 1 of my ain making.
  • Kenneth McConkie: Probably Wear OS 2, astatine slightest astatine first. Wear OS 3 is presently exclusive to Samsung watches, which I garbage to buy. I don’t request my acquisition bogged down by Samsung apps I’m ne'er gonna use, and I despise One UI. My adjacent ticker volition astir apt beryllium a Fossil Gen 6, (unless a Pixel Watch is announced successful the future,) and that ticker is promised Wear OS 3 successful precocious 2022.
  • Painfully_Candid: I’m a scuba diver, truthful I ever deterioration my dive watch. I person nary usage for smartwatches. My dive ticker ne'er needs a recharge oregon artillery replacement (the look is besides a PV converter) and it automatically syncs its clip with the built-in modular clip multi-band vigor antenna, successful summation to emblematic diving functions. If idiosyncratic comes up with a smartwatch that does each that, past I volition see switching. For now, they are each useless to me.
  • Nick V: As a existent Samsung GAW2 with an OP phone, I americium waiting for the merchandise of WearOS 3 connected non-Samsung watches. I anticipation that a caller SoC is connected its way, but we volition see.

That’s it for this smartwatch OS poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. If you missed retired connected casting your vote, oregon are funny successful adding to the conversation, beryllium definite to driblet a remark below.

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