You, too, can have a Jack Dorsey-like block profile picture

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Following the quality that Square is changing its sanction to Block, radical started noticing (read: making amusive of) the company’s caller leadership and board of directors pages. While Block is inactive the aforesaid fiscal institution that operates Cash App and Tidal and inactive has Jack Dorsey arsenic its CEO, the enactment pages present diagnostic each person’s representation projected onto cubes. Now, Twitter idiosyncratic @tarngerine has pushed this processing meme adjacent further by creating a instrumentality that lets you make your ain blockhead image.

Using Blockify Yourself is beauteous elemental — you prime an uncomfortably close-up representation of your look (or immoderate image, I suppose, but if you’re looking for the champion results...), and the tract volition crook it into a cube. You tin besides messiness astir with the colors utilized to tint each broadside if you privation to marque the nightmare look juuuust right.

When you’re done with your cubist masterpiece, you tin usage the Save fastener to get it arsenic a PNG. (Cubism is the 1 wherever artists conscionable instrumentality random images connected cubes, right? I’m beauteous definite that’s right.) I’m not definite there’s thing liable you tin bash with that record but look astatine it successful despair, wondering what you’ve wrought upon the world. Oh, who americium I kidding — conscionable marque it your Twitter illustration picture, and alteration your show sanction to immoderate geometry-shaped pun. People volition wonderment what the heck you’re doing, and you whitethorn drawback a artifact oregon two, but it’ll beryllium comic for those who get it. Or conscionable usage it to marque hilarious jokes. Either way, Block itself seems into it.

Oh, and PS — Square tweeted that the sanction Block is partially inspired by blockchains (something Jack Dorsey is simply a instrumentality of), arsenic good arsenic the tungsten cubes that became a fad amongst crypto fans. That’s letting maine ideate that Jack has a tungsten cube with his representation laser-engraved connected it, which is simply a acquisition successful and of itself.

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