Your iPhone can now restore your Apple TV if the streaming box has problems

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It’s uncommon that I ever brushwood immoderate bugs oregon bundle problems with the Apple TV 4K that halt maine successful my tracks. But successful the lawsuit you do person trouble, restoring Apple’s streaming container has ever been thing of a hassle. With the older Apple TV HD, you’ve got to plug it into a Mac via the rear USB port. But this isn’t adjacent an enactment for the 4K model, leaving customers small prime but to interaction Apple for servicing. That hassle is yet changing with the merchandise of iOS 17 and tvOS 17, which tin present usage your iPhone to reconstruct an Apple TV and reset its software.

As noted by MacRumors, Apple has outlined this caller troubleshooting measurement successful a enactment document. “If your Apple TV HD oregon aboriginal with tvOS 17 oregon aboriginal is experiencing problems, an representation of an iPhone adjacent to an Apple TV whitethorn look connected your TV screen,” the leafage reads.

After unlocking your telephone and holding it adjacent the Apple TV device, you’ll spot a punctual look connected screen. Follow the fixed steps, and an “Apple TV is recovering” confirmation connection volition popular up soon after. Once it does, you tin spell astir utilizing your iPhone usually portion the set-top container resets.

tvOS 17 is 1 of the much important updates for Apple’s streaming container successful rather immoderate time. Among different features, it brings FaceTime to the TV screen, includes a redesigned Control Center, a caller “enhanced dialog” mode, and the useful quality to find a misplaced Siri Remote with your iPhone. Both tvOS 17 and iOS 17 are present available.

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