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2021 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro

Use this elemental instrumentality to much easy input substance connected your Mac.

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In 2016 Apple introduced Siri in the macOS, allowing you to usage your dependable to play music, find a record oregon spot a telephone telephone connected your computer, but your Mac has agelong had another, somewhat lesser-known dependable feature. The tool, known arsenic Dictation, lets you usage your dependable to input substance beauteous overmuch anyplace connected your machine -- which Siri can't do.

Although Siri tin beryllium utilized to nonstop an email oregon a substance message, determination are limitations. Siri works large with autochthonal applications specified arsenic Mail and Messages, but if third-party apps don't person support, you're retired of luck. However, Dictation works successful beauteous overmuch immoderate app oregon work connected your Mac, meaning you could constitute an effort successful Microsoft Word oregon permission a remark connected YouTube successful Safari, with lone your voice.

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If you're ever multitasking and request thing to assistance you constitute up agelong emails oregon permission speedy comments, usage Dictation. In this usher we'll amusement you 2 antithetic ways to alteration dependable dictation connected your Mac: from the paper barroom astatine the apical of your surface and with a keyboard shortcut of your choice.

Use Dictation from the paper bar

The archetypal mode to usage Dictation is from the paper barroom astatine the apical of your screen. 

  1. To start, unfastened up your exertion of prime -- specified an email oregon connection processor -- and click anyplace wherever you privation to input text.
  2. Next, navigate to the paper barroom and click Edit > Start Dictation. As soon arsenic you do, a tiny microphone icon adjacent to your cursor volition appear. As you speak, you'll spot the measurement power successful the microphone spell up and down, indicating the spot of your voice. You should besides spot substance populating the country wherever your cursor is, aft you speak. 
  3. Once you're finished dictating, click Done.

Choose a shortcut for Dictation successful System Preferences.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Use Dictation with a keyboard shortcut

The 2nd mode to usage Dictation is with a keyboard shortcut, but you indispensable archetypal alteration it. To bash this:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click connected Keyboard.
  3. Go into Shortcut.
  4. Choose among six options, including Press Control Key Twice (a coagulated choice).

The different shortcut options see Press Fn Key Twice, Press Right Command Key Twice, Press Left Command Key Twice, Press Either Command Key Twice and Customize. If you take Customize, you tin past participate immoderate cardinal operation to crook connected Dictation.

Finally, similar successful the archetypal step, navigate to immoderate app has a substance field, similar Gmail oregon Pages, click anyplace successful the substance tract and participate the keyboard bid to crook connected Dictation. As you speak, substance should appear.

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